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Publication: Discussion paper / Internet publication

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4480784  Kuhlmey, Florian; Minke, Matthias 2018 Estimating Survival Times Using Swiss Hospital Data WWZ
4496265  Kuhlmey, Florian; Hintermann, Beat 2018 The Welfare Costs of Tiebout Sorting with True Public Goods WWZ
4266051  Kuhlmey, Florian 2017 Income vs. property tax competition: A normative comparison WWZ, University of Basel
4266052  Kuhlmey, Florian 2017 Local income tax competition with progressive taxes and a fiscal equalization scheme WWZ, University of Basel

Publication: Thesis (Dissertationen, Habilitationen)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4074459  Kuhlmey, Florian 2017 Three Papers in Public Economics. On Local Income Tax Competition and on the Estimation of Disease-Specific Survival Times Universität Basel
Showing records 1 - 5 (of 5)

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