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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4664497  Iyyakkunnel, Santhosh; Schäper, Jessica; Bieri, Oliver 2021 Configuration-based electrical properties tomography Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
4665168  Afshari, Roya; Santini, Francesco; Heule, Rahel; Meyer, Craig H.; Pfeuffer, Josef; Bieri, Oliver 2020 One-minute whole-brain magnetization transfer ratio imaging with intrinsic B1-correction Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
4683821  Heule, Rahel; Pfeuffer, Josef; Meyer, Craig H.; Bieri, Oliver 2019 Simultaneous B1 and T1 mapping using spiral multislice variable flip angle acquisitions for whole-brain coverage in less than one minute Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
4683296  Pusterla, Orso; Sommer, Gregor; Santini, Francesco; Wiese, Mark; Lardinois, Didier; Tamm, Michael; Bremerich, Jens; Bauman, Grzegorz; Bieri, Oliver 2018 Signal enhancement ratio imaging of the lung parenchyma with ultra-fast steady-state free precession MRI at 1.5T Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (JMRI)
4683824  Heule, Rahel; Celicanin, Zarko; Kozerke, Sebastian; Bieri, Oliver 2018 Simultaneous multislice triple-echo steady-state (SMS-TESS): T1, T2, PD, and off-resonance mapping in the human brain Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
3188901  Celicanin, Zarko; Bieri, Oliver; Preiswerk, Frank; Cattin, Philippe; Scheffler, Klaus; Santini, Francesco 2015 Simultaneous acquisition of image and navigator slices using CAIPIRINHA for 4D MRI Magnetic resonance in medicine
1195286  Garcia, M; Gloor, M; Radue, E-W; Stippich, Ch; Wetzel, S G; Scheffler, K; Bieri, O 2012 Fast high-resolution brain imaging with balanced SSFP: Interpretation of quantitative magnetization transfer towards simple MTR NeuroImage
1193929  Bieri, Oliver 2011 An analytical description of balanced steady-state free precession with finite radio-frequency excitation Magnetic resonance in medicine
1196914  Bieri, Oliver; Scheffler, Klaus; Welsch, Goetz H; Trattnig, S; Mamisch, Tallal C; Ganter, Carl 2011 Quantitative mapping of T2 using partial spoiling Magnetic resonance in medicine
1195418  Garcia, Meritxell; Gloor, Monika; Bieri, Oliver; Wetzel, Stephan G; Radue, Ernst-Wilhelm; Scheffler, Klaus 2011 MTR variations in normal adult brain structures using balanced steady-state free precession Neuroradiology
1194082  Crooijmans, H J A; Scheffler, K; Bieri, O 2011 Finite RF pulse correction on DESPOT2 Magnetic resonance in medicine
1195683  Fischmann, Arne; Gloor, Monika; Fasler, Susanne; Haas, Tanja; Rodoni Wetzel, Rachele; Bieri, Oliver; Wetzel, Stephan; Heinimann, Karl; Scheffler, Klaus; Fischer, Dirk 2011 Muscular involvement assessed by MRI correlates to motor function measurement values in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy Journal of neurology
1192688  Gloor, M; Scheffler, K; Bieri, O 2011 Intrascanner and interscanner variability of magnetization transfer-sensitized balanced steady-state free precession imaging Magnetic resonance in medicine
1194984  Crooijmans,Hendrikus J A; Gloor,Monika; Bieri,Oliver; Scheffler,Klaus 2011 Influence of MT effects on T(2) quantification with 3D balanced steady-state free precession imaging. MAGN RESON MED
1194609  Bieri, Oliver; Ganter, Carl; Scheffler, Klaus 2011 Quantitative in vivo diffusion imaging of cartilage using double echo steady-state free precession Magnetic resonance in medicine
1193200  Bieri, Oliver 2011 Superbalanced steady state free precession Magnetic resonance in medicine
1194608  Welsch, Goetz H; Apprich, Sebastian; Zbyn, Stefan; Mamisch, Tallal C; Mlynarik, Vladimir; Scheffler, Klaus; Bieri, Oliver; Trattnig, Siegfried 2011 Biochemical (T2, T2* and magnetisation transfer ratio) MRI of knee cartilage : feasibility at ultra-high field (7T) compared with high field (3T) strength European radiology
1192681  Gloor, Monika; Fasler, Susanne; Fischmann, Arne; Haas, Tanja; Bieri, Oliver; Heinimann, Karl; Wetzel, Stephan G; Scheffler, Klaus; Fischer, Dirk 2011 Quantification of fat infiltration in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy : comparison of three MR imaging methods Journal of magnetic resonance imaging

Publication: ConferencePaper (Artikel, die in Tagungsbänden erschienen sind)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4611881  Giger, Alina; Jud, Christoph; Nguyen, Damien; Krieger, Miriam; Zhang, Ye; Lomax, Antony J.; Bieri, Oliver; Salomir, Rares; Cattin, Philippe C. 2019 Inter-fractional Respiratory Motion Modelling from Abdominal Ultrasound: A Feasibility Study Predictive Intelligence in Medicine
Showing records 1 - 19 (of 19)

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