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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4612929  Prudat, Brice; Bloemertz, Lena; Graefe, Olivier; Kuhn, Nikolaus 2020 Soil classifications. Between material facts and socio-ecological narratives Transcript
4487544  Krenz, Juliane; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2018 Chapter 8 - Assessing Badland Sediment Sources Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Elsevier
3402078  Kuhn, Nikolaus J.; Greenwood, Philip; Fister, Wolfgang 2015 Use of Field Experiments in Soil Erosion Research Elsevier
2826824  Kuhn, Nikolaus J.; Greenwood, Philip; Fister, Wolfgang 2014 Use of Field Experiments in Soil Erosion Research Elsevier
2137458  Hu, Y.; Fister, W.; Rüegg, H. -P.; Kinnell, P. I. A.; Kuhn, N. J. 2013 Section 1.1.1: The use of equivalent quarz size and settling tube apparatus to fractionate soil aggregates by settling velocity British Society for Geomorphology

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4658438  Vos, Heleen C.; Karst, Isabel G.; Eckardt, Frank D.; Fister, Wolfgang; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2022 Influence of Crop and Land Management onWind Erosion from Sandy Soils in Dryland Agriculture Agronomy
4658437  Prudat, Brice; Fister, Wolfgang; Bloemertz, Lena; Krenz, Juliane; Kuhn, Niklaus J. 2022 The potential of fragipans in sustaining pearl millet during drought periods in north-central Namibia Geographica Helvetica
4662407  Nyathi, Nesisa Analisa; Musakwa, Walter; Delzeit, Ruth; Kuhn, Nikolaus 2022 Ecosystem Services in Southern Africa: Current and Emerging Trends-A Bibliometric Review Diversity
4624645  Bloemertz, Lena; Nghitevelekwa, Romie; Prudat, Brice; Weidmann, Laura; Dobler, Gregor; Graefe, Olivier; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2021 Social meaning and material constraints of land scarcity in Northern Namibia Integrated Land Management Institute (ILMI) Working Paper
4640554  Bontognali, Tomaso; Meister, Yardena; Kuhn, Brigitte; Josset, Jean-Luc; Hofmann, Beda A.; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2021 Identifying optimal working conditions for close-up imagining during the ExoMars rover mission Planetary and Space Science
4640542  Salawu-Rotimi, Adeola; Lebre, Pedro H.; Vos, Heleen Cornelia; Fister, Wolfgang; Kuhn, Nikolaus J.; Eckard, Frank D.; Cowan, Don A. 2021 Gone with the Wind: Microbial Communities Associated with Dust from Emissive Farmlands Microbial Ecology
4640367  Van Leeuwen, C. C. E.; Fister, Wolfgang; Vos, Heleen Cornelia; Cammeraat, L. H.; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2021 A cross-comparison of threshold friction velocities for PM10 emissions between a traditional portable straight-line wind tunnel and PI-SWERL Aeolian Research
4619060  Krenz, Juliane; Greenwood, Philip; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2021 Anthropogenic erosion-induced small-scale soil heterogeneity in South African rangelands Anthropocene
4640551  Hu , Yaxian; Schneider , Vincent; Kuhn, Brigitte; Guo , Shengli; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2021 Capturing the Scale Dependency of Erosion-Induced Variation in CO2 Emissions on Terraced Slopes Frontiers of Environmental Science
4640541  Vos, Heleen; Fister, Wolfgang; von Holdt, Johanna; Eckardt, Frank; Palmer, Anthony; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2021 Assessing the PM10 emission potential of sandy, dryland soils in South Africa using the PI-SWERL Aeolian Research
4640538  Liangang Xiao, Nikolaus J. Kuhn; Rongqin Zhao, Lianhai Cao 2021 Net effects of conservation agriculture principles on sustainable land use: A synthesis Global Change Biology
4599782  Hu, Yaxian; Fister, Wolfgang; He, Yao; Kuhn, Nikolaus J. 2020 Assessment of crusting effects on interrill erosion by laser scanning PeerJ
4614247  Eckardt, F. D.; Bekiswa, S.; von Hold, J. R.; Jack, C.; Kuhn, N. J.; Mogane, F.; Murray, J. E.; Ndara, N.; Palmer, A. R. 2020 South Africa's agricultural dust sources and events from MSG SEVIRI Aeolian Research
4613961  Collins, Courtney G.; Spasojevic, Marko J.; Alados, Concepción L.; Aronson, Emma L.; Benavides, Juan C.; Cannone, Nicoletta; Caviezel, Chatrina; Grau, Oriol; Guo, Hui; Kudo, Gaku; Kuhn, Nikolas J.; Müllerová, Jana; Phillips, Michala L.; Pombubpa, Nuttapon; Reverchon, Frédérique; Shulman, Hannah B.; Stajich, Jason E.; Stokes, Alexia; Weber, Sören E.; Diez, Jeffrey M. 2020 Belowground impacts of alpine woody encroachment are determined by plant traits, local climate, and soil conditions Global Change Biology
4613958  Quijano, Laura; Kuhn, Nikolaus J.; Navas, Ana 2020 Effects of interrill erosion on the distribution of soil organic and inorganic carbon in different sized particles of Mediterranean Calcisols Soil & Tillage Research
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