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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2364273  Diodato, N.; Bellocchi, G.; Meusburger, Katrin; Buttafuoco, G. 2014 Modelling long-term storm erosivity time-series: : a case study in the Western Swiss plateau Springer
997039  Meusburger, Katrin; Schaub, M.; Konz, N.; Alewell, Christine; Mabit, Lionel 2013 The combined use of 137Cs and stable isotopes to evaluate soil redistribution in mountainous grasslands, Switzerland International Atomic Energy Agency

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4220758  Mabit, Lionel; Gibbs, Max; Mbaye, Modou; Meusburger, Katrin; Toloza, Arsenio; Resch, Christian; Klik, Andreas; Swales, Andrew; Alewell, Christine 2018 Novel application of a Compound Specific Stable Isotope (CSSI) technique to investigate on-site sediment origins across arable fields. Geoderma
4221007  Arata, Laura; Meusburger, Katrin; Frenkel, Elena; A'Campo-Neuen, Annette; Iurian, Andra-Rada; Ketterer, Michael E.; Mabit, Lionel; Alewell, Christine 2017 Unique Conversion Model for Assessing Soil Redistribution Magnitudes from Fallout Radionuclides Inventories: MODERN Soils Newsletter
4220995  Meusburger, Karin; Mabit, Lionel; Ketterer, Michael; Park, Ji-Hyung; Tarjan, Sandor; Porto, Paolo; Alewell, Christine 2017 239+240Pu to 137Cs activity ratio: a proxy for comparing vertical and lateral radionuclide mobility Soils Newsletter
4215903  Borrelli, Pasquale; Robinson, David A.; Fleischer, Larissa R.; Lugato, Emanuele; Ballabio, Cristiano; Alewell, Christine; Meusburger, Katrin; Modugno, Sirio; Schütt, Brigitta; Ferro, Vito; Bagarello, Vincenzo; Van Oost, Kristof; Montanarella, Luca; Panagos, Panos 2017 An assessment of the global impact of 21st century land use change on soil erosion Nature Communications
3703915  Ballabio, Cristiano; Borrelli, Pasquale; Spinoni, Jonathan; Meusburger, Katrin; Michaelides, Silas; Beguería, Santiago; Klik, Andreas; Petan, Sašo; Janeček, Miloslav; Olsen, Preben; Aalto, Juha; Lakatos, Mónika; Rymszewicz, Anna; Dumitrescu, Alexandru; Tadić, Melita Perčec; Diodato, Nazzareno; Kostalova, Julia; Rousseva, Svetla; Banasik, Kazimierz; Alewell, Christine; Panagos, Panos 2017 Mapping monthly rainfall erosivity in Europe Science of the Total Environment
4215800  Borrelli, Pasquale; Van Oost, Kristof; Di Bella, Katrin; Alewell, Christine; Lugato, Emanuele; Panagos, Panos 2017 A step towards a holistic assessment of soil degradation in Europe: Coupling on-site erosion with sediment transfer and carbon fluxes Environmental Research
4215967  Panagos, Panos; Borrelli, Pasquale; Meusburger, Katrin; Yu, Bofu; Klik, Andreas; [et al.], 2017 Global rainfall erosivity assessment based on high-temporal resolution rainfall records Scientific Reports
4215901  Panagos, Panos; Ballabio, Cristiano; Meusburger, Katrin; Spinoni, Jonathan; Alewell, Christine; Borrelli, Pasquale 2017 Towards estimates of future rainfall erosivity in Europe based on REDES and WorldClim datasets Journal of Hydrology
3648241  Schmidt, Simon; Meusburger, Katrin; de Figueiredo, Tomás; Alewell, Christine 2017 Modelling Hot Spots of Soil Loss by Wind Erosion (SOLOWIND) in Western Saxony, Germany Land Degradation & Development
3629810  Panagos, P.; Borrelli, P.; Spinoni, J.; Ballabio, C.; Meusburger, K.; Begueria, S.; Klik, A.; Michaelides, S.; Petan, S.; Hrabalikova, M.; Olsen, P.; Aalto, J.; Lakatos, M.; Rymszewicz, A.; Dumitrescu, A.; Tadic, M. P.; Diodato, N.; Kostalova, J.; Rousseva, S.; Banasik, K.; Alewell, C. 2016 Monthly Rainfall Erosivity: Conversion Factors for Different Time Resolutions and Regional Assessments Water
3629805  Alewell, C.; Birkholz, A.; Meusburger, K.; Wildhaber, Y. S.; Mabit, L. 2016 Quantitative sediment source attribution with compound-specific isotope analysis in a C3 plant-dominated catchment (central Switzerland) Biogeosciences
3629754  Meusburger, K.; Mabit, L.; Ketterer, M.; Park, J. H.; Sandor, T.; Porto, P.; Alewell, C. 2016 A multi-radionuclide approach to evaluate the suitability of Pu239+240 as soil erosion tracer The Science of the Total Environment
3629772  Panagos, P.; Imeson, A.; Meusburger, K.; Borrelli, P.; Poesen, J.; Alewell, C. 2016 Soil Conservation in Europe: Wish or Reality? Land Degradation & Development
3648232  Schmidt, Simon; Alewell, Christine; Panagos, Panos; Meusburger, Katrin 2016 Regionalization of monthly rainfall erosivity patterns in Switzerland Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
3135211  Panagos, Panos; Ballabio, Cristiano; Borrelli, Pasquale; Meusburger, Katrin 2016 Spatio-temporal analysis of rainfall erosivity and erosivity density in Greece Catena
3641309  Arata, L.; Alewell, C.; Frenkel, E.; A’Campo-Neuen, A.; Iurian, A. -R.; Ketterer, M. E.; Mabit, L.; Meusburger, K. 2016 Modelling Deposition and Erosion rates with RadioNuclides (MODERN) – Part 2: A comparison of different models to convert 239+240Pu inventories into soil redistribution rates at unploughed sites Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
3641300  Arata, L.; Meusburger, K.; Frenkel, E.; A’Campo-Neuen, A.; Iurian, A. -R.; Ketterer, M. E.; Mabit, L.; Alewell, C. 2016 Modelling Deposition and Erosion rates with RadioNuclides (MODERN) – Part 1: A new conversion model to derive soil redistribution rates from inventories of fallout radionuclides. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
3394336  Panagos, Panos; Borrelli, Pasquale; Poesen, Jean; Meusburger, Katrin; Ballabio, Cristiano; Lugato, Emanuele; Montanarella, Luca; Alewell, Christine 2016 Reply to the comment on “The new assessment of soil loss by water erosion in Europe” by Fiener & Auerswald Environmental science & policy
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 71)

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