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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4652213  Martani, Andrea; De Clercq, Eva; De Geyter, Christian; Pennings, Guido; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice Simone 2022 Deconstructing age(s): an analysis of the different conceptions of age as a legal criterion for access to assisted reproductive technologies Journal of Law and the Biosciences
4526920  Muggli, Mirella; De Geyter, Christian; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2019 Shall parent / patient wishes be fulfilled in any case? A series of 32 ethics consultations: from reproductive medicine to neonatology BMC Medical Ethics
4378796  De Geyter, C.; M'Rabet, N.; De Geyter, J.; Zhang, H.; Heinimann, K. 2016 Response to Sierra-Delgado et al Genetics in Medicine
3707001  Diesch, Tamara; von der Weid, Nicolas Xavier; Szinnai, Gabor; Schaedelin, Sabine; De Geyter, Christian; Rovó, Alicia; Swiss Pediatric Oncology Group Spog, 2016 Fertility preservation in pediatric and adolescent cancer patients in Switzerland: A qualitative cross-sectional survey Cancer Epidemiology
4378793  European, I. V. F. Monitoring Consortium; European Society of Human, Reproduction; Embryology,; Kupka, M. S.; D'Hooghe, T.; Ferraretti, A. P.; de Mouzon, J.; Erb, K.; Castilla, J. A.; Calhaz-Jorge, C.; De Geyter, Ch; Goossens, V. 2016 Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2011: results generated from European registers by ESHRE Human Reproduction
4378794  European, I. V. F. Monitoring Consortium for the European Society of Human; Embryology,; Calhaz-Jorge, C.; de Geyter, C.; Kupka, M. S.; de Mouzon, J.; Erb, K.; Mocanu, E.; Motrenko, T.; Scaravelli, G.; Wyns, C.; Goossens, V. 2016 Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2012: results generated from European registers by ESHRE Human Reproduction
4378792  Polyzos, N. P.; Davis, S. R.; Drakopoulos, P.; Humaidan, P.; De Geyter, C.; Vega, A. G.; Martinez, F.; Evangelou, E.; van de Vijver, A.; Smitz, J.; Tournaye, H.; Barri, P.; Transport Investigators Group, T. 2016 Testosterone for Poor Ovarian Responders: Lessons From Ovarian Physiology Reproductive Sciences
4378797  De Geyter, Christian; Fehr, Peter; Moffat, Rebecca; Gruber, Isabel M.; von Wolff, Michael 2015 Twenty years' experience with the Swiss data registry for assisted reproductive medicine: outcomes, key trends and recommendations for improved practice Swiss Medical Weekly
4378801  Jia, Zanhui; Gao, Shuping; M'Rabet, Nadira; De Geyter, Christian; Zhang, Hong 2014 Sp1 is necessary for gene activation of Adamts17 by estrogen Journal of cellular biochemistry
4378798  Moffat, Rebecca; Bergsma, Nathalie; Sartorius, Gideon; Raggi, Anna; Güth, Uwe; De Geyter, Christian 2014 Does prior hysteroscopy affect pregnancy outcome in primigravid infertile women? American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
2833374  De Geyter, Christian; M'Rabet, Nadira; De Geyter, Julie; Zürcher, Stephan; Moffat, Rebecca; Bösch, Nemya; Zhang, Hong; Heinimann, Karl 2014 Similar prevalence of expanded CGG repeat lengths in the fragile X mental retardation I gene among infertile women and among women with proven fertility : a prospective study Genetics in medicine
4378799  Manegold-Brauer, Gwendolin; Kang Bellin, Anjeung; Hahn, Sinuhe; De Geyter, Christian; Buechel, Johanna; Hoesli, Irene M.; Lapaire, Olav 2014 A new era in prenatal care: non-invasive prenatal testing in Switzerland Swiss Medical Weekly
4378800  Kupka, Markus S.; Ferraretti, Anna Pia; de Mouzon, Jacques; Erb, Karin; D'Hooghe, Thomas; Castilla, J. A.; Calhaz-Jorge, C.; De Geyter, Christian; Goossens, Veerle; European Ivf-Monitoring Consortium for the European Society of H,; Embryology ESHRE, 2014 Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2010: results generated from European registers by ESHRE Human Reproduction
2833373  Bächler, M; Menshykau, D; De Geyter, Ch; Iber, D 2014 Species-specific differences in follicular antral sizes result from diffusion-based limitations on the thickness of the granulosa cell layer MHR
2833376  Ribeiro, Sofia C; Sartorius, Gideon; Pletscher, Flurina; de Geyter, Maria; Zhang, Hong; de Geyter, Christian 2013 Isolation of spermatozoa with low levels of fragmented DNA with the use of flow cytometry and sorting Fertility and sterility
2833375  De Geyter, Christian; Sterthaus, Oliver; Miny, Peter; Wenzel, Friedel; Lapaire, Olav; De Geyter, Maria; Sartorius, Gideon 2013 First successful pregnancy in Switzerland after prospective sex determination of the embryo through the separation of X-chromosome bearing spermatozoa Swiss medical weekly
1194601  Moffat, Rebecca Elizabeth; Eichholzer, Monika; Myrick, Mary Elizabeth; Schmid, Seraina Margaretha; Raggi, Anna; de Geyter, Christian; Schötzau, Andreas; Güth, Uwe 2011 Menopausal state in breast cancer : how reliable is the data? Clinical breast cancer
1194763  Sieuwerts, Anieta M; De Napoli, Giuseppina; van Galen, Anne; Kloosterboer, Helenius J; de Weerd, Vanja; Zhang, Hong; Martens, John W M; Foekens, John A; De Geyter, Christian 2011 Hormone replacement therapy dependent changes in breast cancer-related gene expression in breast tissue of healthy postmenopausal women Molecular oncology
1195411  Hadziselimovic, N. O.; de Geyter, Ch; Demougin, P.; Oakeley, E. J.; Hadziselimovic, Faruk 2010 Decreased expression of FGFR1, SOS1, RAF1 genes in cryptorchidism Urologia Internationalis
1196495  De Geyter, Christian; Boehler, Brigitta; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2010 Differences and similarities in the attitudes of paediatricians, gynaecologists and experienced parents to criteria delineating potential risks for the welfare of children to be conceived with assisted reproduction Swiss medical weekly
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 36)

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