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Publication: Edited Book (Herausgeber eines eigenständigen Buches)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3008936  Zinsstag, J.; Schelling, E.; Waltner-Toews, D.; Whittaker, M.; Tanner, M. 2015 One health : the theory and practice of integrated health approaches CABI

Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4066198  Tediosi, F.; Lengeler, C.; Castro, M.; Shretta, R.; Levin, C.; Wells, T.; Tanner, M. 2017 Malaria control World Bank
2996573  Bonfoh, B.; Béchir, M.; Schelling, E.; Ouattara, K.; Cailleau, A.; Haydon, D.; Cleaveland, S.; Zinsstag, J.; Tanner, M. 2015 Individual and institutional capacity building in global health research in Africa CABI
2996575  Nguyen-Viet, H.; Nguyen, V.; Pham-Duc, P.; Vu Anh, L.; Dac Cam, P.; Tanner, M.; Grace, D.; Zurbrügg, C.; Tuyet Hanh, T. T.; Vu-Van, T.; Quoc Toan, L.; Xuan Sinh, D.; Huong Giang, P. T.; Zinsstag, J. 2015 Institutional research capacity development for integrated approaches in developing countries : an example from Vietnam CABI
3008264  Nguyen-Viet, H.; Pham-Duc, P.; Nguyen, V.; Tanner, M.; Odermatt, P.; Vu-Van, T.; Van Minh, H.; Zurbrügg, C.; Schelling, E.; Zinsstag, J. 2015 A one health perspective for integrated human and animal sanitation and nutrient recycling CABI
2996922  Schelling, E.; Béchir, M.; Zinsstag, J.; Tanner, M. 2015 Integrated one health services CABI
2996566  Zinsstag, J.; Tanner, M. 2015 Summary and outlook for practical use of one health CABI
3012724  Zinsstag, J.; Walton, C.; Tanner, M. 2015 Theoretical issues of one health CABI
2570692  Cissé, G.; Touray, S.; Koné, B.; Ba, H.; Traore, D.; Sy, I.; Tanner, M.; Utzinger, J. 2014 What historical climate time series tell us and what their future impacts may be likely on sanitation and water quality in Kaédi, Mauritania International Water Association
2290333  Bechir, M.; Zinsstag, J.; Tidjani, A.; Schelling, E.; Ibrahim, A.; Bonfoh, B.; Tanner, M. 2013 Food security and resilience among mobile pastoral and settled community around lake Chad in Sahel : an overview Science and Education Development Institute
1777806  Krieger, G.; Singer, B.; Winkler, M.; Divall, M.; Tanner, M.; Überbacher, R. 2013 Health impact assessment in developing countries Oxford University Press
1806387  Koudou, B. G.; Tanner, M.; Utzinger, J. 2012 Effects of irrigated rice fields and seasonality on Plasmodium transmission in West Africa, particularly in central Côte d'Ivoire InTech
1014670  Low, Nicola; Fenner, Lukas; Tanner, Marcel 2011 Internationale Gesundheit Huber
1021966  Zinsstag, J.; Bonfoh, B.; Cissé, G.; Nguyen-Viet, H.; Silué, B.; N'Guessan, S.; Weibel, D.; Schertenleib, R.; Obrist, B.; Tanner, M. 2011 Towards equity effectiveness in health interventions Geographica Bernensia
1021991  Zinsstag, J.; Tanner, M.; Nguyen-Viet, H.; Obrist, B.; Cissé, G.; Bonfoh, B.; Schertenleib, R.; Zurbrügg, C.; Yitaferu, B.; Bantider, A.; Hurni, H. 2011 Interdisciplinary approches in research for sustainable development Geographica Bernensia
1016821  Dongus, Stefan; Mwakalinga, Victoria; Kannady, Khadija; Tanner, Marcel; Killeen, Gerry 2011 Participatory mapping as a component of operational malaria vector control in Tanzania Springer
1014583  Cissé, Guéladio; Koné, Brama; Bâ, Hampaté; Mbaye, Ibrahim; Koba, Koffa; Utzinger, Jürg; Tanner, Marcel 2011 Ecohealth and climate change : adaptation to flooding events in riverside secondary cities, West Africa Springer
2117850  Bonfoh, B.; Schwabenbauer, K.; Wallinga, D.; Hartung, J.; Schelling, E.; Zinsstag, J.; Meslin, F. -X.; Tschopp, R.; Ayayi Akakpo, J.; Tanner, M. 2010 Human health hazards associated with livestock production Island Press
2121951  Sy, I.; Schwärzler, P.; Kouadio, A. S.; Kablan, C.; Granado, S.; Obrist, B.; Tanner, M.; Cissé, G. 2010 An interdisciplinary vulnerability and resilience approach to health risks in underprivileged urban contexts in West Africa NCCR North-South

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4646220  Nchama, Vunn; Said, A.H.; Mtoro, A.; Bidjimi, G.O.; Owono, M.A.; Maye, E.R.M.; Mangue, M.E.O.; Okomo, G.N.N.; Pasialo, B.E.N.; Ondo, D.M.; Lopez, M.A.; Mochomuemue, F.L.; Obono, M.O.; Besaha, J.C.M.; Chuquiyauri, R.; Jongo, S.A.; Kamaka, K.; Kibondo, U.A.; Athuman, T.; Falla, C.C.; Eyono, J.N.M.; Smith, J.M.; Garcia, G.A.; Raso, J.; Nyakarungu, E.; Mpina, M.; Schindler, T.; Daubenberger, C.; Lemiale, L.; Billingsley, P.F.; Sim, B.K.L.; Richie, T.L.; Church, L.W.P.; Olotu, A.; Tanner, M.; Hoffman, S.L.; Abdulla, S. 2021 Incidence of Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection in 6-month to 45-year-olds on selected areas of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea Malar J
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