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2520454  Stadlmayr, W; Bielinski-Blattmann, D; Lemola, Sakari; von Klitzing, K; Simoni, H; Amsler, F; Surbek, D; Bitzer, Johannes 2014 The psychosomatic concept of 'intranatal inward orientation' (IIO) as a background mode of experience in the birthing process: a scale development study with 73 first-time mothers OALib journal
1193770  Bitzer, Johannes; Gemzell-Danielsson, Kristina; Roumen, Frans; Marintcheva-Petrova, Maya; van Bakel, Bas; Oddens, Björn J 2011 The CHOICE study : effect of counselling on the selection of combined hormonal contraceptive methods in 11 countries The European journal of contraception & reproductive health care
1195397  Radpour, Ramin; Barekati, Zeinab; Kohler, Corina; Lv, Qing; Bürki, Nicole; Diesch, Claude; Bitzer, Johannes; Zheng, Hong; Schmid, Seraina; Zhong, Xiao Yan 2011 Hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes involved in critical regulatory pathways for developing a blood-based test in breast cancer PLoS ONE
1193868  Alder, Judith; Fink, Nadine; Urech, Corinne; Hösli, Irene; Bitzer, Johannes 2011 Identification of antenatal depression in obstetric care Archives of gynecology and obstetrics
1193771  Wirz-Justice, Anna; Bader, Anja; Frisch, Ulrike; Stieglitz, Rolf-Dieter; Alder, Judith; Bitzer, Johannes; Hoesli, Irene; Jazbec, Sandra; Benedetti, Francesco; Terman, Michael; Wisner, Katherine L.; Riecher-Roessler, Anita 2011 A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Light Therapy for Antepartum Depression Journal of clinical psychiatry
1193099  Alder, Judith; Urech, Corinne; Fink, Nadine; Bitzer, Johannes; Hoesli, Irene 2011 Response to induced relaxation during pregnancy : comparison of women with high versus low levels of anxiety Journal of clinical psychology in medical settings
1195155  Alder, Judith; Breitinger, Gertrud; Granado, Cristina; Fornaro, Isabel; Bitzer, Johannes; Hösli, Irene; Urech, Corinne 2011 Antenatal psychobiological predictors of psychological response to childbirth Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association
1195708  Alder, Judith; Bitzer, Johannes 2011 [Gynecological cancer and sexuality] Therapeutische Umschau
1194436  Fink, N. S.; Urech, C.; Fornaro, I. b; Meyer, A. H.; Hoesli, I.; Bitzer, J.; Alder, J. 2011 Fetal response to abbreviated relaxation techniques : a randomized controlled study Early human development
1004331  Radpour, R.; Barekati, Z.; Kohler, C.; Schumacher, M. M.; Grussenmeyer, T.; Jenoe, P.; Hartmann, N.; Moes, S.; Letzkus, M.; Bitzer, J.; Lefkovits, I.; Staedtler, F.; Zhong, X. Y. 2011 Integrated epigenetics of human breast cancer : synoptic investigation of targeted genes, microRNAs and proteins upon demethylation treatment PLoS ONE
1194610  Bitzer, Johannes; Parke, Susanne; Roemer, Thomas; Serrani, Marco 2011 Endometrial safety of an oral contraceptive containing estradiol valerate and dienogest International journal of women's health
1193201  Bitzer, J 2011 Pharmacological profile of estrogens in oral contraception Minerva ginecologica
1197914  Bitzer,J; Groth,K 2010 Oral contraceptives and sexual desire : experience with the antiandrogenic oral contraceptive (0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol and 2 mg chlormadione acetate) Journal of applied therapeutic research
1196677  Bitzer, Johannes 2010 Efficacy and safety of a novel oral contraceptive based on oestradiol (oestradiol valerate/dienogest) : a Phase III trial European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology
1193529  Frey Tirri, B.; Bitzer, J.; Geudelin, B.; Drewe, J. 2010 Safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of intravaginal pentamycin Chemotherapy
1194928  Bellido, Maria Luz; Radpour, Ramin; Lapaire, Olav; De Bie, Isabelle; Hösli, Irene; Bitzer, Johannes; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Zhong, Xiao Yan; Holzgreve, Wolfgang 2010 MALDI-TOF mass array analysis of RASSF1A and SERPINB5 methylation patterns in human placenta and plasma Biology of reproduction
1196676  Wallwiener, Christian W; Wallwiener, Lisa-Maria; Seeger, Harald; Mück, Alfred O; Bitzer, Johannes; Wallwiener, Markus 2010 Prevalence of sexual dysfunction and impact of contraception in female German medical students Journal of sexual medicine
1192777  Brotto, Lori A; Bitzer, Johannes; Laan, Ellen; Leiblum, Sandra; Luria, Mijal 2010 Women's sexual desire and arousal disorders Journal of sexual medicine
1196648  Fink, Nadine Stephanie; Urech, Corinne; Berger, Christoph Tobias; Hoesli, Irene; Holzgreve, Wolfgang; Bitzer, Johannes; Alder, Judith 2010 Maternal laboratory stress influences fetal neurobehavior : cortisol does not provide all answers The journal of maternal fetal & neonatal medicine
1195522  Urech, Corinne; Fink, Nadine S; Hoesli, Irène; Wilhelm, Frank H; Bitzer, Johannes; Alder, Judith 2010 Effects of relaxation on psychobiological wellbeing during pregnancy : a randomized controlled trial Psychoneuroendocrinology
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