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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4612183  Joss, Daniel; Vogel, Raphael; Zimmermann, Kaspar; Häussinger, Daniel 2020 Application of Paramagnetic Lanthanoid Chelating Tags in NMR Spectroscopy and Their Use for the Localization of Ligands Within Biomacromolecules Elsevier

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4617703  Einfalt, Tomaz; Detampel, Pascal; Häussinger, Daniel; Casper, Jens; Meier, Christoph; Puchkov, Maxim; Huwyler, Jörg 2021 Hydroxychloroquine immediate release tablets: Formulation and evaluation of a solid dosage form ChemRxiv Preprint
4612189  Brandl, Thomas; Johannsen, Sven; Häussinger, Daniel; Suryadevara, Nithin; Prescimone, Alessandro; Bernhard, Stefan; Gruber, Manuel; Ruben, Mario; Berndt, Richard; Mayor, Marcel 2020 Iron in a Cage: Fixation of a Fe(II)tpy2 Complex by Fourfold Interlinking Angewandte Chemie International Edition
4613473  Wu, Xingxing; Witzig, Reto M.; Beaud, Rodolphe; Fischer, Christian; Häussinger, Daniel; Sparr, Christof 2020 Catalyst-Control over Sixfold Stereogenicity ChemRxiv
4604870  Joss, Daniel; Winter, Florine; Häussinger, Daniel 2020 A novel, rationally designed lanthanoid chelating tag delivers large paramagnetic structural restraints for biomolecular NMR Chemical Communications
4606086  Grob, Nathalie M.; Häussinger, Daniel; Deupi, Xavier; Schibli, Roger; Behe, Martin; Mindt, Thomas L. 2020 Triazolo-Peptidomimetics: Novel Radiolabeled Minigastrin Analogs for Improved Tumor Targeting Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
4606084  Müntener, Thomas; Böhm, Raphael; Atz, Kenneth; Häussinger, Daniel; Hiller, Sebastian 2020 NMR pseudocontact shifts in a symmetric protein homotrimer Journal of Biomolecular NMR
4613472  Raps, Felix C.; Fäseke, Vincent C.; Häussinger, Daniel; Sparr, Christof 2020 Catalyst-Controlled Transannular Polyketide Cyclization Cascades: Selective Folding of Macrocyclic Polyketides Angewandte Chemie International Edition
4612185  Zwick, Patrick; Weiland, Kevin J.; Malincik, Juraj; Stefani, Davide; Häussinger, Daniel; van der Zant, Herre S. J.; Dulic, Diana; Mayor, Marcel 2020 Mechanical Fixation by Porphyrin Connection: Synthesis and Transport Studies of a Bicyclic Dimer Journal of Organic Chemistry
4605143  Thesmar, Pierre; Coomar, Seemon; Prescimone, Alessandro; Häussinger, Daniel; Gillingham, Dennis; Baudoin, Olivier 2020 Divergent Synthesis of Bioactive Dithiodiketopiperazine Natural Products Based on a Double C(sp3)−H Activation Strategy Chemistry - A European Journal
4599481  Davis, Holly Jane; Häussinger, Daniel; Ward, Thomas R.; Okamoto, Yasunori 2020 A visible-light promoted amine oxidation catalyzed by a Cp*Ir complex ChemCatChem
4606082  Tosato, Marianna; Asti, Mattia; Dalla Tiezza, Marco; Orian, Laura; Häussinger, Daniel; Vogel, Raphael; Köster, Ulli; Jensen, Mikael; Andrighetto, Alberto; Pastore, Paolo; Marco, Valerio Di 2020 Highly Stable Silver(I) Complexes with Cyclen-Based Ligands Bearing Sulfide Arms: A Step Toward Silver-111 Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals Inorganic Chemistry
4529460  Mannancherry, Rajesh; Devereux, Mike; Haeussinger, Daniel; Mayor, Marcel 2019 Molecular Ansa-Basket: Synthesis of Inherently Chiral All-Carbon [12](1,6)Pyrenophane Journal of Organic Chemistry
4529448  Weiland, Kevin J.; Muench, Nathalia; Gschwind, Wanja; Haeussinger, Daniel; Mayor, Marcel 2019 A Chiral Macrocyclic Oligothiophene with Broken Conjugation âEuro" Rapid Racemization through Internal Rotation Helvetica Chimica Acta
4500870  Müntener, Thomas; Thommen, Fabienne; Joss, Daniel; Kottelat, Jérémy; Prescimone, Alessandro; Häussinger, Daniel 2019 Synthesis of chiral nine and twelve-membered cyclic polyamines from natural building blocks Chemical Communications
4500727  Nohara, Isaak; Prescimone, Alessandro; Häussinger, Daniel; Housecroft, Catherine E.; Constable, Edwin C. 2019 [Cu(POP)(N^S)][PF6] and [Cu(xantphos)(N^S)][PF6] compounds with 2-(thiophen-2-yl)pyridines RSC advances
4524563  Joss, Daniel; Bertrams, Maria-Sophie; Häussinger, Daniel 2019 A Sterically Overcrowded, Isopropyl-Substituted, Lanthanide-Chelating Tag for Protein Pseudocontact Shift NMR Spectroscopy: Synthesis of its Macrocyclic Scaffold and Benchmarking on Ubiquitin S57 C and hCA II S166 C Chemistry - A European Journal
4527814  Köster, Jesper; Häussinger, Daniel; Tiefenbacher, Konrad K. 2019 Activation of primary and secondary benzylic and tertiary alkyl (sp3)C-F bonds inside a self-assembled molecular container Frontiers in Chemistry
4515297  Joss, Daniel; Haussinger, Daniel 2019 P4T-DOTA - a lanthanide chelating tag combining a sterically highly overcrowded backbone with a reductively stable linker Chemical Communications
4525237  Joss, Daniel; Häussinger, Daniel 2019 Design and applications of lanthanide chelating tags for pseudocontact shift NMR spectroscopy with biomacromolecules Progress in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
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