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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4612183  Joss, Daniel; Vogel, Raphael; Zimmermann, Kaspar; Häussinger, Daniel 2021 Application of Paramagnetic Lanthanoid Chelating Tags in NMR Spectroscopy and Their Use for the Localization of Ligands Within Biomacromolecules Elsevier

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4642617  Stiller, John B.; Otten, Renee; Häussinger, Daniel; Rieder, Pascal S.; Theobald, Douglas L.; Kern, Dorothee 2022 Structure determination of high-energy states in a dynamic protein ensemble Nature
4652842  Wu, Feng-Jie; Rieder, Pascal S.; Abiko, Layara Akemi; Rössler, Philip; Gossert, Alvar D.; Häussinger, Daniel; Grzesiek, Stephan 2022 Nanobody GPS by PCS: An Efficient New NMR Analysis Method for G Protein Coupled Receptors and Other Large Proteins Journal of the American Chemical Society
4658361  D'Addio, Adriano; Malinčik, Juraj; Fuhr, Olaf; Fenske, Dieter; Häussinger, Daniel; Mayor, Marcel 2022 Geländer Molecules with Orthogonal Joints: Synthesis of Macrocyclic Dimers Chemistry - A European Journal
4638140  Müntener, Thomas; Joss, Daniel; Häussinger, Daniel; Hiller, Sebastian 2022 Pseudocontact Shifts in Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy Chemical Reviews
4645215  Ossinger, Sascha; Prescimone, Alessandro; Häussinger, Daniel; Wenger, Oliver S. 2022 Manganese(I) Complex with Monodentate Arylisocyanide Ligands Shows Photodissociation Instead of Luminescence Inorganic Chemistry
4659239  Campbell, Steven J.; Wolfer, Kate; Gallimore, Peter J.; Giorio, Chiara; Häussinger, Daniel; Boillat, Marc-Aurèle; Kalberer, Markus 2022 Characterization and Quantification of Particle-Bound Criegee Intermediates in Secondary Organic Aerosol Environmental Science and Technology
4645420  Rumo, Corentin; Stein, Alina; Klehr, Juliane; Tachibana, Ryo; Prescimone, Alessandro; Haussinger, Daniel; Ward, Thomas R. 2022 An Artificial Metalloenzyme Based on a Copper Heteroscorpionate Enables sp³ C-H Functionalization via Intramolecular Carbene Insertion Journal of the American Chemical Society
4659241  Čavlović, Daniel; Häussinger, Daniel; Blacque, Olivier; Ravat, Prince; Juríček, Michal 2022 Nonacethrene Unchained: A Cascade to Chiral Contorted Conjugated Hydrocarbon with Two sp³-Defects JACS Au
4659237  Malinčík, Juraj; Gaikwad, Sudhakar; Mora-Fuentes, Juan P.; Boillat, Marc-Aurèle; Prescimone, Alessandro; Häussinger, Daniel; Campaña, Araceli G. 2022 Circularly Polarized Luminescence in a Möbius Helicene Carbon Nanohoop Angewandte Chemie International Edition
4634318  Dekkiche, Hervé; Malincik, Juraj; Prescimone, Alessandro; Häussinger, Daniel; Mayor, Marcel 2021 An Ortho-Tetraphenylene-Based "Geländer" Architecture Consisting Exclusively of 52 sp2-Hybridized C Atoms Chemistry - A European Journal
4634996  Wu, Xingxing; Witzig, Reto; Beaud, Rodolphe; Fischer, Christian; Häussinger, Daniel; Sparr, Christof 2021 Catalyst control over sixfold stereogenicity Nature Catalysis
4631596  Consonni, Michela; Garavaglia, Claudio; Grilli, Andrea; de Lalla, Claudia; Mancino, Alessandra; Mori, Lucia; De Libero, Gennaro; Montagna, Daniela; Casucci, Monica; Serafini, Marta; Bonini, Chiara; Haussinger, Daniel; Ciceri, Fabio; Bernardi, Massimo; Mastaglio, Sara; Bicciato, Silvio; Dellabona, Paolo; Casorati, Giulia 2021 Human T cells engineered with a leukemia lipid-specific TCR enables donor-unrestricted recognition of CD1c-expressing leukemia Nature Communications
4634302  Xu, Liang; Valasek, Michal; Hennrich, Frank; Sedghamiz, Elaheh; Penaloza-Amion, Montserrat; Häussinger, Daniel; Wenzel, Wolfgang; Kappes, Manfred M.; Mayor, Marcel 2021 Enantiomeric Separation of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Acid Cleavable Chiral Polyfluorene ACS Nano
4617703  Einfalt, Tomaz; Detampel, Pascal; Häussinger, Daniel; Casper, Jens; Meier, Christoph; Puchkov, Maxim; Huwyler, Jörg 2021 Hydroxychloroquine immediate release tablets: Formulation and evaluation of a solid dosage form ChemRxiv Preprint
4623777  Herr, Patrick; Kerzig, Christoph; Larsen, Christopher B.; Häussinger, Daniel; Wenger, Oliver S. 2021 Manganese(I) complexes with metal-to-ligand charge transfer luminescence and photoreactivity Nature Chemistry
4631600  Vogel, Raphael; Müntener, Thomas; Häussinger, Daniel 2021 Intrinsic anisotropy parameters of a series of lanthanoid complexes deliver new insights into the structure-magnetism relationship Chem
4634294  Bannwart, Linda Maria; Müntener, Thomas; Rickhaus, Michel; Jundt, Lukas; Häussinger, Daniel; Mayor, Marcel 2021 Bicyclic Phenyl-Ethynyl Architectures: Synthesis of a 1,4-Bis(phenylbuta-1,3-diyn-1-yl) Benzene Banister Chemistry - A European Journal
4634304  Mannancherry, Rajesh; Solomek, Tomas; Cavalli, Diana; Malincik, Juraj; Häussinger, Daniel; Prescimone, Alessandro; Mayor, Marcel 2021 Sulfone "Geländer" Helices: Revealing Unexpected Parameters Controlling the Enantiomerization Process Journal of Organic Chemistry
4626129  Wegeberg, Christina; Häussinger, Daniel; Wenger, Oliver S. 2021 Pyrene-Decoration of a Chromium(0) Tris(diisocyanide) Enhances Excited State Delocalization: A Strategy to Improve the Photoluminescence of 3d6 Metal Complexes Journal of the American Chemical Society
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