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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4526310  Lörch, Niels; Zhang, Yaxing; Bruder, Christoph; Dykman, M. I. 2019 Quantum state preparation for coupled period tripling oscillators Physical Review Research
4526312  Kennes, Dante M.; Müller, Niclas; Pletyukhov, Mikhail; Weber, Clara; Bruder, Christoph; Hassler, Fabian; Klinovaja, Jelena; Loss, Daniel; Schoeller, Herbert 2019 Chiral one-dimensional Floquet topological insulators beyond the rotating wave approximation Physical Review B
4493571  Koppenhöfer, Martin; Bruder, Christoph; Lörch, Niels 2018 Unraveling nonclassicality in the optomechanical instability Physical Review A
4493572  Amitai, Ehud; Koppenhöfer, Martin; Lörch, Niels; Bruder, Christoph 2018 Quantum effects in amplitude death of coupled anharmonic self-oscillators Physical Review E
4493573  Bülte, Johannes; Bednorz, Adam; Bruder, Christoph; Belzig, Wolfgang 2018 Noninvasive Quantum Measurement of Arbitrary Operator Order by Engineered Non-Markovian Detectors Physical Review Letters
4493566  Sekera, Tibor; Bruder, Christoph; Tiwari, Rakesh P. 2018 Spin transport in a graphene normal-superconductor junction in the quantum Hall regime Physical review B: Condensed matter and materials physics
4493570  Lörch, Niels; Bruder, Christoph; Brunner, Nicolas; Hofer, Patrick P. 2018 Optimal work extraction from quantum states by photo-assisted Cooper pair tunneling Quantum Science and Technology
4493567  Averin, Dmitri V.; Bruder, Christoph 2018 Indistinguishability of quantum states and rotation counting Physical Review B
4493569  Roulet, Alexandre; Bruder, Christoph 2018 Synchronizing the Smallest Possible System Physical Review Letters
4493565  Dykman, I.; Bruder, Christoph; Lörch, Niels; Zhang, Yaxing 2018 Interaction-induced time-symmetry breaking in driven quantum oscillators Physical review B: Condensed matter and materials physics
4493568  Roulet, Alexandre; Bruder, Christoph 2018 Quantum Synchronization and Entanglement Generation Physical Review Letters
4493556  Lörch, Niels; Nigg, Simon E.; Nunnenkamp, Andreas; Tiwari, Rakesh P.; Bruder, Christoph 2017 Quantum Synchronization Blockade: Energy Quantization Hinders Synchronization of Identical Oscillators Physical Review Letters
4493557  Sekera, T.; Bruder, C.; Mele, E. J.; Tiwari, R. P. 2017 Switchable valley filter based on a graphene p−n junction in a magnetic field Physical Review B
4493559  Amitai, E.; Lörch, N.; Nunnenkamp, A.; Walter, S.; Bruder, C. 2017 Synchronization of an optomechanical system to an external drive Physical Review A
4493561  Lode, A. U. J.; Bruder, C. 2017 Fragmented Superradiance of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in an Optical Cavity Physical Review Letters
3696578  Sekera, Tibor; Bruder, Christoph; Belzig, Wolfgang 2016 Thermoelectricity in a junction between interacting cold atomic Fermi gases Phys. Rev. A
3696582  Orth, Christoph P.; Sekera, Tibor; Bruder, Christoph; Schmidt, Thomas L. 2016 The topological Anderson insulator phase in the Kane-Mele model Scientific Reports
3696581  Lode, Axel U. J.; Bruder, Christoph 2016 Dynamics of Hubbard Hamiltonians with the multiconfigurational time-dependent Hartree method for indistinguishable particles Phys. Rev. A
3696580  Grimm, Manuel; Bruder, Christoph; Lorch, Niels 2016 Optomechanical self-oscillations in an anharmonic potential: engineering a nonclassical steady state Journal of Optics
3696579  Lörch, Niels; Amitai, Ehud; Nunnenkamp, Andreas; Bruder, Christoph 2016 Genuine Quantum Signatures in Synchronization of Anharmonic Self-Oscillators Physical Review Letters
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