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4607436  Hinrichs, Timo; Zanda, Adriana; Fillekes, Michelle P.; Bereuter, Pia; Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Zeller, Andreas W.; Weibel, Robert 2020 Map-based assessment of older adults' life space: validity and reliability European Review of Aging and Physical Activity
4606153  Königstein, Karsten; Infanger, Denis; Klenk, Christopher; Carrard, Justin; Hinrichs, Timo; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2020 Physical activity is favorably associated with arterial stiffness in patients with obesity and elevated metabolic risk The international journal of clinical practice
4621231  de Bruin, Eling D.; Baur, Heiner; Brülhart, Yvonne; Luijckx, Eefje; Hinrichs, Timo; Rogan, Slavko 2020 Combining Stochastic Resonance Vibration With Exergaming for Motor-Cognitive Training in Long-Term Care; A Sham-Control Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial Frontiers in Medicine
4606151  Rössler, Roland; Bridenbaugh, Stephanie A.; Engelter, Stefan T.; Weibel, Robert; Infanger, Denis; Giannouli, Eleftheria; Sofios, Alexandros; Iendra, L.; Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, T.; Streese, Lukas; Hanssen, Henner; Roth, R.; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Peters, Nils; Hinrichs, Timo 2020 Recovery of mobility function and life-space mobility after ischemic stroke: the MOBITEC-Stroke study protocol BMC neurology
4606154  Wagner, Jonathan; Niemeyer, Max; Infanger, Denis; Hinrichs, Timo; Streese, Lukas; Hanssen, Henner; Myers, Jonathan; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Knaier, Raphael 2020 New Data-based Cutoffs for Maximal Exercise Criteria across the Lifespan Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
4499934  Lichtenstein, Eric; Faude, Oliver; Zubler, Aline; Roth, Ralf; Zahner, Lukas; Rössler, Roland; Hinrichs, Timo; van Dieën, Jaap H.; Donath, Lars 2019 Validity and Reliability of a Novel Integrative Motor Performance Testing Course for Seniors: The "Agility Challenge for the Elderly (ACE)" Frontiers in Physiology
4499933  Allahbakhshi, Hoda; Hinrichs, Timo; Huang, Haosheng; Weibel, Robert 2019 The Key Factors in Physical Activity Type Detection Using Real-Life Data: A Systematic Review Frontiers in physiology
4515766  Wagner, Jonathan; Knaier, Raphael; Infanger, Denis; Arbeev, Konstantin; Briel, Matthias; Dieterle, Thomas; Hanssen, Henner; Faude, Oliver; Roth, Ralf; Hinrichs, Timo; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2019 Functional aging in health and heart failure: the COmPLETE Study BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
4597135  Münch, Mareike; Weibel, Robert; Sofios, Alexandros; Huang, Haosheng; Infanger, Denis; Portegijs, Erja; Giannouli, Eleftheria; Mundwiler, Jonas; Conrow, Lindsey; Rantanen, Taina; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Zeller, Andreas; Hinrichs, Timo 2019 MOBIlity assessment with modern TEChnology in older patients' real-life by the General Practitioner: the MOBITEC-GP study protocol BMC Public Health
4519895  Königstein, Karsten; Klenk, Christopher; Appenzeller-Herzog, Christian; Hinrichs, Timo; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2019 Impact of sedentary behavior on large artery structure and function in children and adolescents: a systematic review European Journal of Pediatrics
4500022  Knaier, Raphael; Niemeyer, Max; Wagner, Jonathan; Infanger, Denis; Hinrichs, Timo; Klenk, Christopher; Frutig, Sabrina; Cajochen, Christian; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2019 Which Cut-offs for Secondary V'O2max Criteria Are Robust to Diurnal Variations? Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
4499935  Hinrichs, Timo; Keskinen, Kirsi E.; Pavelka, Béla; Eronen, Johanna; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Rantanen, Taina; Portegijs, Erja 2019 Perception of parks and trails as mobility facilitators and transportation walking in older adults: a study using digital geographical maps Aging clinical and experimental research
4515767  Prakash, K. C.; Neupane, Subas; Leino-Arjas, Päivi; Härmä, Mikko; von Bonsdorff, Mikaela B.; Rantanen, Taina; von Bonsdorff, Monika E.; Hinrichs, Timo; Seitsamo, Jorma; Ilmarinen, Juhani; Nygård, Clas-Håkan 2019 Trajectories of mobility limitations over 24 years and their characterization by shift work and leisure-time physical activity in midlife European Journal of Public Health
4499932  Knaier, Raphael; Höchsmann, Christoph; Infanger, Denis; Hinrichs, Timo; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2019 Validation of automatic wear-time detection algorithms in a free-living setting of wrist-worn and hip-worn ActiGraph GT3X BMC public health
4479524  Königstein, Karsten; Klenk, Christopher; Rossmeissl, Anja; Baumann, Sandra; Infanger, Denis; Hafner, Benjamin; Hinrichs, Timo; Hanssen, Henner; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2018 The Obesity Factor: How Cardiorespiratory Fitness is Estimated More Accurately in People with Obesity Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.)
4479522  Königstein, Karsten; Infanger, Denis; Klenk, Christopher; Hinrichs, Timo; Rossmeissl, Anja; Baumann, Sandra; Hafner, Benjamin; Hanssen, Henner; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2018 Does obesity attenuate the beneficial cardiovascular effects of cardiorespiratory fitness? Atherosclerosis
4479523  Knaier, Raphael; Klenk, Christopher; Königstein, Karsten; Hinrichs, Timo; Rossmeissl, Anja; Infanger, Denis; Cajochen, Christian; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2018 Morning bright light exposure has no influence on self-chosen exercise intensity and mood in overweight individuals - A randomized controlled trial Chronobiology international
4479521  Rantanen, Taina; Saajanaho, Milla; Karavirta, Laura; Siltanen, Sini; Rantakokko, Merja; Viljanen, Anne; Rantalainen, Timo; Pynnönen, Katja; Karvonen, Anu; Lisko, Inna; Palmberg, Lotta; Eronen, Johanna; Palonen, Eeva-Maija; Hinrichs, Timo; Kauppinen, Markku; Kokko, Katja; Portegijs, Erja 2018 Active aging - resilience and external support as modifiers of the disablement outcome: AGNES cohort study protocol BMC public health
4479527  Bossuyt, Fransiska M.; Arnet, Ursina; Brinkhof, Martin W. G.; Eriks-Hoogland, Inge; Lay, Veronika; Müller, Rachel; Sunnåker, Mikael; Hinrichs, Timo 2018 Shoulder pain in the Swiss spinal cord injury community: prevalence and associated factors Disability and Rehabilitation
4479526  Hertig-Godeschalk, Anneke; Gemperli, Armin; Arnet, Ursina; Hinrichs, Timo 2018 Availability and need of home adaptations for personal mobility among individuals with spinal cord injury The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine
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