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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4697915  Vogel, Oliver; Otto, Ann-Kathrin; Zimmel, Hanna; Hinrichs, Timo; Giannouli, Eleftheria; Wollesen, Bettina 2023 Definition and Contextual Factors of Nursing Home Residents' Mobility in a Holistic View: A Delphi Study. Innovation in aging
4479568  Vogl, T. J.; Hinrichs, T.; Jacobi, V.; Böhme, A.; Hoelzer, D. 2000 Computertomographisches Erscheinungsbild der pulmonalen Mukormykose RöFo : Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin
4515766  Wagner, Jonathan; Knaier, Raphael; Infanger, Denis; Arbeev, Konstantin; Briel, Matthias; Dieterle, Thomas; Hanssen, Henner; Faude, Oliver; Roth, Ralf; Hinrichs, Timo; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2019 Functional aging in health and heart failure: the COmPLETE Study BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
4606158  Wagner, Jonathan; Knaier, Raphael; Infanger, Denis; Königstein, Karsten; Klenk, Christopher; Carrard, Justin; Hanssen, Henner; Hinrichs, Timo; Seals, Douglas; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno 2021 Novel CPET Reference Values in Healthy Adults: Associations with Physical Activity Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
4621746  Wagner, Jonathan; Niemeyer, Max; Infanger, Denis; Hinrichs, Timo; Guerra, Clement; Klenk, Christopher; Königstein, Karsten; Cajochen, Christian; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Knaier, Raphael 2021 Verification-phase tests show low reliability and add little value in determining VO2max in young trained adults PLoS ONE
4606154  Wagner, Jonathan; Niemeyer, Max; Infanger, Denis; Hinrichs, Timo; Streese, Lukas; Hanssen, Henner; Myers, Jonathan; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Knaier, Raphael 2020 New Data-based Cutoffs for Maximal Exercise Criteria across the Lifespan Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
4479554  Winzen, M.; Voigt, H.-F.; Hinrichs, T.; Platen, P. 2011 Beschwerden des Bewegungsapparats bei deutschen Hochleistungsruderern Sportverletzung Sportschaden
4621231  de Bruin, Eling D.; Baur, Heiner; Brülhart, Yvonne; Luijckx, Eefje; Hinrichs, Timo; Rogan, Slavko 2020 Combining Stochastic Resonance Vibration With Exergaming for Motor-Cognitive Training in Long-Term Care; A Sham-Control Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial Frontiers in Medicine
3698243  von Bonsdorff, Monika E.; Rantanen, Taina; Törmäkangas, Timo; Kulmala, Jenni; Hinrichs, Timo; Seitsamo, Jorma; Nygård, Clas-Håkan; Ilmarinen, Juhani; von Bonsdorff, Mikaela B. 2016 Midlife work ability and mobility limitation in old age among non-disability and disability retirees--a prospective study BMC Public Health

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4697913  Brach, Michael; de Bruin, Eling D; Levin, Oron; Hinrichs, Timo; Zijlstra, Wiebren; Netz, Yael 2023 Evidence-based yet still challenging! Research on physical activity in old age. European review of aging and physical activity : official journal of the European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity
4479540  Fuchs, Judith; Scheidt-Nave, Christa; Hinrichs, Timo; Mergenthaler, Andreas; Stein, Janine; Riedel-Heller, Steffi G.; Grill, Eva 2013 Indicators for healthy ageing - a debate International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
4479561  Hinrichs, Timo; Superti-Furga, Andrea; Scheiderer, Wolf-Dieter; Bonafé, Luisa; Brenner, Rolf E.; Mattes, Thomas 2010 Recessive multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (rMED) with homozygosity for C653S mutation in the DTDST gene -phenotype, molecular diagnosis and surgical treatment of habitual dislocation of multilayered patella: case report BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
4522348  Twiss, Michiel; Hilfiker, Roger; Hinrichs, Timo; de Bruin, Eling D.; Rogan, Slavko 2019 Effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions to prevent falls and fall-related fractures in older people living in residential aged care facilities - a systematic review and network meta-analysis protocol Physical Therapy Reviews
Showing records 101 - 113 (of 113)

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