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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4479758  Hinrichs, T.; Kronenberg, C.; Platen, P. 2008 Stärkung von Gesundheitsressourcen durch ein präventives Rückenschulkonzept in der Betrieblichen Gesundheitsförderung Orthopädische Praxis
4479759  Hinrichs, T.; Rehberger, T.; Bodenburg, W.; Scheiderer, W. D. 2003 Belastungsmessungen mittels Druckmessplatte bei Hüft- und Knieendoprothesen in der postoperativen Teilbelastungsphase - Differenz zwischen Vorgabe und Wirklichkeit Orthopädische Praxis
4479556  Hinrichs, Timo; Brach, Michael 2012 The general practitioner's role in promoting physical activity to older adults: a review based on program theory Current Aging Science
4479566  Hinrichs, Timo; Bucchi, Claudio; Brach, Michael; Wilm, Stefan; Endres, Heinz G.; Burghaus, Ina; Trampisch, Hans-Joachim; Platen, Petra 2009 Feasibility of a multidimensional home-based exercise programme for the elderly with structured support given by the general practitioner's surgery: study protocol of a single arm trial preparing an RCT [ISRCTN58562962] BMC Geriatrics
3698239  Hinrichs, Timo; Bücker, Bettina; Klaaßen-Mielke, Renate; Brach, Michael; Wilm, Stefan; Platen, Petra; Mai, Anna 2016 Home-Based Exercise Supported by General Practitioner Practices: Ineffective in a Sample of Chronically Ill, Mobility-Limited Older Adults (the HOMEfit Randomized Controlled Trial) Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
4479534  Hinrichs, Timo; Bücker, Bettina; Wilm, Stefan; Klaaßen-Mielke, Renate; Brach, Michael; Platen, Petra; Moschny, Anna 2015 Adverse Events in Mobility‐Limited and Chronically Ill Elderly Adults Participating in an Exercise Intervention Study Supported by General Practitioner Practices Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
4479750  Hinrichs, Timo; Chae, Eun-Heui; Lehmann, Reiner; Allolio, Bruno; Platen, Petra 2010 Bone mineral density in athletes of different disciplines: a cross-sectional study The Open Sports Sciences Journal
4479565  Hinrichs, Timo; Franke, Julia; Voss, Sven; Bloch, Wilhelm; Schänzer, Wilhelm; Platen, Petra 2010 Total hemoglobin mass, iron status, and endurance capacity in elite field hockey players Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
4499935  Hinrichs, Timo; Keskinen, Kirsi E.; Pavelka, Béla; Eronen, Johanna; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Rantanen, Taina; Portegijs, Erja 2019 Perception of parks and trails as mobility facilitators and transportation walking in older adults: a study using digital geographical maps Aging clinical and experimental research
4479532  Hinrichs, Timo; Lay, Veronika; Arnet, Ursina; Eriks-Hoogland, Inge; Koch, Hans Georg; Rantanen, Taina; Reinhardt, Jan D.; Brinkhof, Martin W. G.; SwiSCI study group, 2016 Age-related variation in mobility independence among wheelchair users with spinal cord injury: A cross-sectional study The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine
4479552  Hinrichs, Timo; Moschny, Anna; Brach, Michael; Wilm, Stefan; Klaaßen-Mielke, Renate; Trampisch, Matthias; Platen, Petra 2011 Effects of an exercise programme for chronically ill and mobility-restricted elderly with structured support by the general practitioner's practice (HOMEfit) - study protocol of a randomised controlled trial Trials
4479558  Hinrichs, Timo; Moschny, Anna; Klaassen-Mielke, Renate; Trampisch, Ulrike; Thiem, Ulrich; Platen, Petra 2011 General practitioner advice on physical activity: analyses in a cohort of older primary health care patients (getABI) BMC Family Practice
4647930  Hinrichs, Timo; Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Infanger, Denis; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Karavirta, Laura 2022 Association between arterial stiffness and walking capacity in older adults. Experimental Gerontology
4697922  Hinrichs, Timo; Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Infanger, Denis; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Karavirta, Laura 2022 Association between arterial stiffness and walking capacity in older adults. Experimental gerontology
3698242  Hinrichs, Timo; Prodinger, Birgit; Brinkhof, Martin W. G.; Gemperli, Armin; SwiSCI study group, 2016 Subgroups in epidemiological studies on spinal cord injury: Evaluation of international recommendations in the Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Cohort Study Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
4697912  Hinrichs, Timo; Rössler, Roland; Infanger, Denis; Weibel, Robert; Schär, Janine; Peters, Eva-Maria; Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Engelter, Stefan T; Peters, Nils 2023 Self-reported life-space mobility in the first year after ischemic stroke: longitudinal findings from the MOBITEC-Stroke project. Journal of neurology
4479752  Hinrichs, Timo; Trampisch, Ulrike 2010 Körperliche Aktivität bei multimorbiden Patienten Public Health Forum
4479572  Hinrichs, Timo; Trampisch, Ulrike; Burghaus, Ina; Endres, Heinz G.; Klaassen-Mielke, Renate; Moschny, Anna; Platen, Petra 2010 Correlates of sport participation among community-dwelling elderly people in Germany: a cross-sectional study European Review of Aging and Physical Activity
4607436  Hinrichs, Timo; Zanda, Adriana; Fillekes, Michelle P.; Bereuter, Pia; Portegijs, Erja; Rantanen, Taina; Schmidt-Trucksäss, Arno; Zeller, Andreas W.; Weibel, Robert 2020 Map-based assessment of older adults' life space: validity and reliability European Review of Aging and Physical Activity
4479538  Hinrichs, Timo; von Bonsdorff, Mikaela B.; Törmäkangas, Timo; von Bonsdorff, Monika E.; Kulmala, Jenni; Seitsamo, Jorma; Nygård, Clas-Håkan; Ilmarinen, Juhani; Rantanen, Taina 2014 Inverse effects of midlife occupational and leisure time physical activity on mobility limitation in old age--a 28-year prospective follow-up study Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 113)

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