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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

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4612834  Bonk, Sarah; Hertel, Johannes; Zacharias, Helena U.; Terock, Jan; Janowitz, Deborah; Homuth, Georg; Nauck, Matthias; Völzke, Henry; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette; Van der Auwera, Sandra; Grabe, Hans Jörgen 2020 Vitamin D moderates the interaction between 5-HTTLPR and childhood abuse in depressive disorders Scientific reports
4602107  Schäfer, Anima M; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Bien-Möller, Sandra; Hubeny, Andrea; Vogelgesang, Silke; Oswald, Stefan; Grube, Markus 2020 OATP1A2 and OATP2B1 Are Interacting with Dopamine-Receptor Agonists and Antagonists. Molecular pharmaceutics
4601494  Brecht, Karin; Schäfer, Anima Magdalena; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2020 Uptake Transporters of the SLC21, SLC22A, and SLC15A Families in Anticancer Therapy - Modulators of Cellular Entry or Pharmacokinetics? Cancers
4605309  Ehrsam, Daniel; Sieber, Sandro; Oufir, Mouhssin; Porta, Fabiola; Hamburger, Matthias; Huwyler, Jörg; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2020 Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Paclitaxel Formulation Activated by Extracellular MMP9 Bioconjugate Chemistry
4605311  Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Seibert, Isabell; Grube, Markus; Alter, Claudio L; Siegmund, Werner; Hussner, Janine 2020 Genetic variants of SLCO1B7 are of relevance for the transport function of OATP1B3-1B7. Pharmacological research
4523061  Nicolussi, Simon; Drewe, Jürgen; Butterweck, Veronika; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E 2020 Clinical relevance of St. John's wort drug interactions revisited. British journal of pharmacology
4602109  Huynh, Christine; Dingemanse, Jasper; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Sidharta, Patricia N 2020 Relevance of the CXCR4/CXCR7-CXCL12 axis and its effect in pathophysiological conditions. Pharmacological research
4606993  Stäuble, Céline K; Lampert, Markus L; Mikoteit, Thorsten; Hatzinger, Martin; Hersberger, Kurt E; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E 2020 Nonresponse to high-dose bupropion for depression in a patient carrying; CYP2B6; *6 and; CYP2C19; *17 variants: a case report. Pharmacogenomics
4510222  Witzigmann, Dominik; Uhl, Philipp; Sieber, Sandro; Kaufman, Christina; Einfalt, Tomaz; Schöneweis, Katrin; Grossen, Philip; Buck, Jonas; Ni, Yi; Schenk, Susanne H.; Hussner, Janine; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E.; Québatte, Gabriela; Mier, Walter; Urban, Stephan; Huwyler, Jörg 2019 Optimization-by-design of hepatotropic lipid nanoparticles targeting the sodium-taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide eLife
4510236  Malagnino, Vanessa; Duthaler, Urs; Seibert, Isabell; Krähenbühl, Stephan; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2019 OATP1B3-1B7 (LST-3TM12) Is a Drug Transporter That Affects Endoplasmic Reticulum Access and the Metabolism of Ezetimibe Molecular Pharmacology
4513252  Ehrsam, Daniel; Porta, Fabiola; Hussner, Janine; Seibert, Isabell; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2019 PDMS-PMOXA-Nanoparticles Featuring a Cathepsin B-Triggered Release Mechanism Materials
4499151  Vizeli, Patrick; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E.; Liechti, Matthias E. 2019 Role of serotonin transporter and receptor gene variations in the acute effects of MDMA in healthy subjects ACS chemical neuroscience
4515762  Malagnino, Vanessa; Hussner, Janine; Issa, Ali; Midzic, Angela; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2019 OATP1B3-1B7 a novel Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide is modulated by FXR ligands and transports bile acids American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology
4510234  Ferreira, Celio; Meyer, Ramona; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2019 The nuclear receptors PXR and LXR are regulators of the scaffold protein PDZK1 Biochimica et biophysica acta. Gene regulatory mechanisms
4510230  Schäfer, Anima M.; Potterat, Olivier; Seibert, Isabell; Fertig, Orlando; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2019 Hyperforin-Induced Activation of the Pregnane X Receptor Is Influenced by the Organic Anion-Transporting Polypeptide 2B1 Molecular Pharmacology
4499155  Leuppi-Taegtmeyer, Anne; Duthaler, Urs; Hammann, Felix; Schmid, Yasmin; Dickenmann, Michael; Amico, Patricia; Jehle, Andreas W.; Kalbermatter, Stefan; Lenherr, Christoph; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E.; Haschke, Manuel; Liechti, Matthias E.; Krähenbühl, Stephan 2019 Pharmacokinetics of oxycodone/naloxone and its metabolites in patients with end-stage renal disease during and between haemodialysis sessions Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
4510266  Ehrsam, Daniel; Porta, Fabiola; Mori, Matteo; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E.; Dalla Via, Lisa; Garcia-Argaez, Aìda Nelly; Basile, Livia; Meneghetti, Fiorella; Villa, Stefania; Gelain, Arianna 2019 Unravelling the Antiproliferative Activity of 1,2,5-oxadiazole Derivatives Anticancer Research
4198008  Terock, Jan; Van der Auwera, Sandra; Janowitz, Deborah; Homuth, Georg; Hannemann, Anke; Schmidt, Carsten Oliver; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette; Freyberger, Harald J.; Grabe, Hans Jörgen 2018 Childhood Trauma and Functional Variants of 5-HTTLPR Are Independently Associated with Alexithymia in 5,283 Subjects from the General Population Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
4486048  Porta, Fabiola; Ehrsam, Daniel; Lengerke, Claudia; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2018 Synthesis and characterization of a PDMS-PMOXA based polymersomes sensitive to MMP-9 for application in breast cancer Molecular pharmaceutics
4105974  Ferreira, Celio; Prestin, Katharina; Hussner, Janine; Zimmermann, Uwe; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E. 2018 PDZ domain containing protein 1 (PDZK1), a modulator of membrane proteins, is regulated by the nuclear receptor THRβ Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
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