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Publication: Thesis (Dissertationen, Habilitationen)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4627660  Wasescha, Alesch 2016 Expression of MMP-9 (Matrix Metalloproteinase-9) University of Basel
4627654  Heinzer, Julia 2016 Role of HNF4α in regulation of cell proliferation and drug response University of Basel
4627657  Schuler, Eveline 2016 Establishment and Characterization of in vitro transporter models University of Basel
4627659  Issa, Ali 2016 LST 3TM12 a genetic relict or a real transporter? University of Basel
4627651  Meyer, Ramona 2016 Studies on the transcriptional regulation of the scaffolding protein PDZK1 University of Basel
4627658  Foletti, Annalise 2016 Humanization of Rat Oatp2b1 to Identify the Estrone-3-Sulfate Binding Sites University of Basel
4627653  Stern, Melanie 2016 OATP2B1 – Localisation and Influence of PDZK1 University of Basel
4627884  Vonwyl, Celina 2019 Quantitative mRNA expression analysis of membrane bound uptake and efflux transporters in rodent tissues University of Basel
4631176  Müller, Vanessa 2020 Studies on the human and rat OATP2B1 with coproporphyrin III University of Basel
Showing records 101 - 109 (of 109)

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