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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2289551  Shaw, David; Elger, Bernice 2014 Persuading bereaved families to permit organ donation. Intensive care medicine
3401832  Shaw, David; Elger, Bernice 2014 Putting patients on research ethics committees Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
2582095  Shaw, David; Dondorp, Wybo; de Wert, Guido 2014 Using non-human primates to benefit humans : research and organ transplantation Medicine, health care and philosophy
2582088  Andorno, Roberto; Shaw, David M; Elger, Bernice 2014 Protecting prisoners’ autonomy with advance directives : ethical dilemmas and policy issues Medicine, health care and philosophy
2461668  Shaw, David 2014 Provision of complementary and alternative medicine in Swiss hospitals: neither increasing nor evidence-based Swiss medical weekly
2117628  Shaw, David 2014 Neuroenhancing public health Journal of medical ethics
2561331  Shaw, David 2014 Organ donation after assisted suicide: : a potential solution to the organ scarcity problem Transplantation
2461671  Shaw, David 2014 Creating chimeras for organs is legal in Switzerland Bioethica-Forum
2743244  Colledge, Flora; Persson, Kirsten; Elger, Bernice; Shaw, David 2014 Sample and data sharing barriers in biobanking : consent, committees and compromises Annals of diagnostic pathology
2288839  Shaw, D M; Elger, B S; Colledge, F 2014 What is a biobank? : Differing definitions among biobank stakeholders Clinical genetics
2582092  Shaw, David M. 2014 Creating my personalised organ donation directive Intensive care medicine
3289174  Satalkar , Priya; Elger, Bernice Simone; Shaw, David 2015 Prioritizing Healthcare Workers For Ebola Treatment: Treating Those At Greatest Risk To Confer Greatest Benefit Developing World Bioethics
3401524  Shaw, David 2015 Hospitals are Wrong to Ban E-Cigarette Use BMJ-British Medical Journal
3401525  Shaw, David 2015 Should GPs be paid to reduce unnecessary referrals? BMJ-British Medical Journal
3401523  Shaw, David 2015 Blinded by the light EMBO Reports
3401538  Shaw, David 2015 Organ donation is the right decision: a delicate truth Intensive Care Medicine
3401551  Shaw, David 2015 Ethical Aspects of the Glasgow Effect Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
3401547  Shaw, David M.; Erren, Thomas C. 2015 Ten Simple Rules for Protecting Research Integrity PLOS Computational Biology
3401552  Shaw, David M.; Rich, Leigh E. 2015 Intergenerational Global Heath Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
3401553  Shaw, David; Gardiner, Dale 2015 Moral Distance and Distributive Justice: How the Increase in Organ Donation is Helping Us Make Better Ethical Decisions Anaesthesia
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 174)

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