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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4652899  Insa Koné, Insa; Rumetsch, Virgilia; Elger, Bernice; Gaab, Jens 2022 Einsatz von Placebos im ärztlichen Alltag Swiss Medial Forum
4652307  Locher, Cosima; Buergler, Sarah; Heimgartner, Nadja; Koechlin, Helen; Gerger, Heike; Gaab, Jens; Büchi, Stefan 2022 Greater than the sum of the parts: a qualitative content analysis of what constitutes a good treatment in the inpatient setting BMC health services research
4652370  Ooi, Yoon Phaik; Reed, Marnie; Marchal-Jones, Emma; Meyer, Andrea Hans; Gaab, Jens 2022 Sociocultural Adjustment and Well-being Among Third Culture Kids and Their Families: Protocol for a Longitudinal Study JMIR Research Protocols
4653089  Bäumer, Anna-Valeska; Fürer, Lukas; Birkenberger, Carolin; Wyssen, Andrea; Steppan, Martin; Zimmermann, Ronan; Gaab, Jens; Kaess, Michael; Schmeck, Klaus 2022 The impact of outcome expectancy on therapy outcome in adolescents with borderline personality disorder Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation
4652369  Jones, Emma Marchal; Gaab, Jens; Reed, Marnie; Ooi, Yoon Phaik 2022 Adjustment in third culture kids: A systematic review of literature Frontiers in Psychology
4637062  Evers Andrea W.M.; Colloca Luana; Blease, Charlotte; Gaab, Jens; Jensen, Karin B.; Atlas Lauen Y.; Beedie, Chris J.; Benedetti, Fabrizio; Bingel, Ulrike; Büchel, Christian; Bussemaker, Jet; Colagiuri, Ben; Crum, Alia J.; Finniss Damien G.; Geers Andrew L.; Howick Jeremy; Klinger Regine; Meeuwis, Stefanie H.; Meissner, Karin; Napadow, Vitaly; Petrie, Keith J.; Rief, Winfried; Smeets, Ionica; Wager, Tor D.; Wanigasekera, Vishvarani; Vase, Lene; Kelley John M; Kirsch, Irving 2021 "Consensus on Placebo and Nocebo Effects Connects Science with Practice:" Reply to "Questioning the Consensus on Placebo and Nocebo Effects" Psychotherapy and psychosomatics
4636953  Vincent, Alessia; Beck, Katharina; Becker, Christoph; Zumbrunn, Samuel; Ramin-Wright, Maja; Urben, Tabita; Quinto, Adrian; Schaefert, Rainer; Meinlschmidt, Gunther; Gaab, Jens; Reinhardt, Thomas; Bassetti, Stefano; Schuetz, Philip; Hunziker, Sabrina 2021 Psychological burden in patients with COVID-19 and their relatives 90 days after hospitalization: A prospective observational cohort study Journal of psychosomatic research
4635944  Wagner, Cora; Gaab, Jens; Locher, Cosima; Hediger, Karin 2021 Lack of effects of the presence of a dog on pain perception in healthy participants - a randomized controlled trial Frontiers in Pain Research
4636951  Eberle, Klara; grosse Holtforth, Martin; Inderbinen, Marc; Gaab, Jens; Nestoriuc, Yvonne; Trachsel, Manuel 2021 Informed consent in psychotherapy: a survey on attitudes among psychotherapists in Switzerland BMC medical ethics
4636956  Gerger, Heike; Werner, Christoph Patrick; Gaab, Jens; Cuijpers, Pim 2021 Comparative efficacy and acceptability of expressive writing treatments compared with psychotherapy, other writing treatments, and waiting list control for adult trauma survivors: a systematic review and network meta-analysis Psychological medicine
4636952  Ehrbar, Verena; Roos, Salomé; Denzinger, Anna; Bingisser, Martina B.; Scherer, Sandra; Gaab, Jens; Vetter, Marcus; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola; Urech, Corinne 2021 Managing Cancer as a Family Disease - Feasibility, Satisfaction and Family Functioning after Short-Time Counselling for Families with Parental Cancer The family journal
4636947  Blease, Charlotte; Kharko, Anna; Annoni, Marco; Gaab, Jens; Locher, Cosima 2021 Machine Learning in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Education: A Mixed Methods Pilot Survey of Postgraduate Students at a Swiss University Frontiers in Public Health
4610759  Evers, Andrea W M; Colloca, Luana; Blease, Charlotte; Gaab, Jens; Jensen, Karin B; Atlas, Lauren Y; Beedie, Chris J; Benedetti, Fabrizio; Bingel, Ulrike; Büchel, Christian; Bussemaker, Jet; Colagiuri, Ben; Crum, Alia J; Finniss, Damien G; Geers, Andrew L; Howick, Jeremy; Klinger, Regine; Meeuwis, Stefanie H; Meissner, Karin; Napadow, Vitaly; Petrie, Keith J; Rief, Winfried; Smeets, Ionica; Wager, Tor D; Wanigasekera, Vishvarani; Vase, Lene; Kelley, John M; Kirsch, Irving; Consortium of Placebo Experts, 2021 What Should Clinicians Tell Patients about Placebo and Nocebo Effects? Practical Considerations Based on Expert Consensus. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics
4620670  Heimgartner, Nadja; Meier, Sibylle; Grolimund, Stefanie; Ponti, Svetlana; Arpagaus, Silvana; Kappeler, Flurina; Gaab, Jens 2021 Randomized controlled evaluation of the psychophysiological effects of social support stress management in healthy women PloS one
4636943  Koechlin, Helen; Kossowsky, Joe; Lam, Thanh Lan; Barthel, Johannes; Gaab, Jens; Berde, Charles B.; Schwarzer, Guido; Linde, Klaus; Meissner, Karin; Locher, Cosima 2021 Nonpharmacological Interventions for Pediatric Migraine: A Network Meta-analysis Pediatrics
4636955  Inderbinen, Marc; Schaefer, Kristin; Schneeberger, Andres; Gaab, Jens; Garcia Nuñez, David; 2021 Relationship of Internalized Transnegativity and Protective Factors With Depression, Anxiety, Non-suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Tendency in Trans Populations: A Systematic Review Frontiers in Psychiatry
4636954  Vincent, Alessia; Urben, Tabita; Becker, Christoph; Beck, Katharina; Daetwyler, Christof; Wilde, Michael; Gaab, Jens; Langewitz, Wolf; Hunziker, Sabina 2021 Breaking bad news: A randomized controlled trial to test a novel interactive course for medical students using blended learning Patient education and counseling
4635793  Locher, Cosima; Buergler, Sarah; Frey Nascimento, Antje; Kost, Linda; Blease, Charlotte; Gaab, Jens 2021 Lay perspectives of the open-label placebo rationale: a qualitative study of participants in an experimental trial BMJ Open
4636948  Werner, Christoph Patrick; Birkhaeuer, Johanna; Locher, Cosima; Gerger, Heike; Heimgartner, Nadja; Colagiuri, Ben; Gaab, Jens 2021 Price information influences the subjective experience of wine: A framed field experiment Food quality and preference
4610761  Blease, Charlotte R.; Arnott, Tim; Kelley, John M.; Proctor, Gillian; Kube, Tobias; Gaab, Jens; Locher, Cosima 2020 Attitudes About Informed Consent: An Exploratory Qualitative Analysis of UK Psychotherapy Trainees Frontiers in Psychiatry
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 136)

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