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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2362370  Ruhe Katharina M; Badarau, Domnita O; Elger, Bernice S; Wangmo, Tenzin 2014 End-of-life decision making in pediatrics: literature review on children's and adolescents' participation AJOB empirical bioethics
3659206  Wangmo, T.; De Clercq, E.; Ruhe, K.; Beck-Popovic, M.; Rischewski, J.; Angst, R.; Ansari, M.; Elger, BS. 2016 Better to know than to imagine: Including children in their health care AJOB Empirical Bioethics
3659213  Badarau, D. O.; Ruhe, KM.; Kühne, T.; De Clercq, E.; Anca, C.; Elger, BS.; Wangmo, T. 2016 Decision making in pediatric oncology: Views of parents and physicians in two European countries AJOB Empirical Bioethics
4040638  Barlevy, Dorit; Elger, Bernice S.; Wangmo, Tenzin; Ravitsky, Vardit 2017 Adolescent oncofertility discussions: Recommendations from a systematic literature review AJOB Empirical Bioethics
4515243  Zimmermann, Bettina; Elger, Bernice; Shaw, David 2019 Media Coverage of Ethical Issues in Predictive Genetic Testing: A Qualitative Analysis AJOB Empirical Bioethics
4655833  Starke, Georg; Schmidt, Benedikt; De Clercq, Eva; Elger, Bernice 2022 Explainability as fig leaf? An exploration of experts’ ethical expectations towards machine learning in psychiatry AI and Ethics

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4527786  Elger, Bernice 2017 Review of A. Ruster: Patentschutz für menschliche Stammzellen. Geistiges Eigentum und Wettbewerbsrecht, Band 109, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2015, 534 pages sic! Zeitschrift für Immaterialgüter-, Informations- und Wettbewerbsrecht
2289546  Shaw, David; Elger, Bernice 2013 Radiation disasters: an international biobank plan is vital The lancet oncology
4487017  Rost, Michael; De Clercq, Eva; Elger, Bernice 2018 Arno Gruen's understanding of autonomy in children: Experiencing and integrating one's own feelings and needs Swiss medical weekly
4610505  Starke, Georg; De Clercq, Eva; Borgwardt, Stefan; Elger, Bernice Simone 2021 Why educating for clinical machine learning still requires attention to history: a rejoinder to Gauld; et al Psychological medicine
1002547  Elger, Bernice S. 2002 Ethik im klinischen Alltag: das Beispiel der Prognoseaufklärung Medizinische Klinik
4527783  Elger, Bernice 2008 Review of Häyry, M., Chadwick, R., Vilhjálmur, A. and Arnason, G. (eds): The Ethics and Governance of Human Genetic Databases. European Perspectives. Cambridge, 2007 Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy
3401838  Shaw, David M.; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice S. 2014 Conducting ethics research in prison: why, who, and what? Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
2288852  Shaw, David; Elger, Bernice 2013 The role of persuasion-reply JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association
4606943  Merkt, Helene; Haesen, Sophie; Meyer, Leila; Kressig, Reto W.; Elger, Bernice S.; Wangmo, Tenzin 2020 Defining an age cut-off for older offenders: a systematic review of literature International Journal of Prisoner Health
4225549  Ward, Claire Leonie; Shaw, David; Sprumont, Dominique; Sankoh, Osman; Tanner, Marcel; Elger, Bernice 2018 Good collaborative practice: reforming capacity building governance of international health research partnerships Globalization and Health
4527784  Elger, Bernice 2009 Review of Böhme, G., La Fleur, W.R., Shimazono, S. (Eds.): Fragwürdige Medizin. Unmoralische Forschung in Deutschland, Japan und den USA im 20. Jahrhundert. Frankfurt, 2008 Gesnerus
4527781  Elger, Bernice 2003 Review of Kolb S, Medizin und Gewissen. Wenn Würde ein Wert würde... Eine Dokumentation über den internationalen IPPNW-Kongress, Erlangen 24.-27. Mai 2001 Gesnerus
4527782  Elger, Bernice 2007 Review of Roelcke, V. and Maio, G. (eds.): Twentieth century ethics of human subjects research: historical perspectives on values, practices, and regulations. Stuttgart, 2004 Gesnerus
4527785  Elger, Bernice 2010 Review of Steinmann, M., Sykora, P. and Wiesing, U. (Eds.): Altruism Reconsidered: Exploring New Approaches to Property in Human Tissue. London, 2009 Asian Bioethics Review
Showing records 381 - 400 (of 418)

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