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ID Author Year Title Publisher
2562354  Henrich, Paul B.; Valmaggia, Christophe; Lang, Corina; Cattin, Philippe C. 2014 The price for reduced light toxicity: Do endoilluminator spectral filters decrease color contrast during Brilliant Blue G–assisted chromovitrectomy? Graefe's archive for clinical and experimental ophthalmology
2582133  Preiswerk, Frank; De Luca, Valeria; Arnold, Patrik; Celicanin, Zarko; Petrusca, Lorena; Tanner, Christine; Bieri, Oliver; Salomir, Rares; Cattin, Philippe C 2014 Model-guided respiratory organ motion prediction of the liver from 2D ultrasound Medical image analysis
2562350  Cattin, Philippe C.; Schneider, Adrian; Griessen, Mathias; Baumberger, Christian; Mueller, Bert 2013 Computer-basierte, bild-gefuehrte chirurgische Eingriffe Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum
2562348  Damirovic, Damir; Serifovic Trbalic, Amira; Cattin, Philippe 2013 Bilateral filter regularized accelerated demons for better discontinuities registration. Computer assisted radiology and surgery
2562349  Weier, K.; Pezold, S.; Andelova, M.; Amann, M.; Magon, S.; Naegelin, Y.; Radue, E. W.; Stippich, C.; Gass, A.; Kappos, L.; Cattin, Ph.; Sprenger, T. 2013 Both spinal cord volume and spinal cord lesions impact physical disability in multiple sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Journal
2562360  Shahim, Kamal; Juergens, Philippe; Cattin, Philippe C.; Nolte, Lutz-P.; Reyes, Mauricio 2013 Prediction of Cranio-Maxilofacial Surgical Planning using an Inverse Soft Tissue Modelling Approach Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI
2832886  Kühl, Sebastian; Zürcher, S.; Mahid, T.; Müller-Gerbl, Magdalena; Filippi, Andreas; Cattin, Philippe Claude 2013 Accuracy of full guided vs. half-guided implant surgery Clinical oral implants research
2250148  Rares Salomir, 2013 Hybrid ultrasound/magnetic simultaneous acquisition and image fusion for motion monitoring in the upper abdomen Investigative radiology
2562355  Henrich, Paul B; Priglinger, Siegfried G; Haritoglou, Christos; Schumann, Ricarda G; Strauss, Rupert W; Schneider, Ulrike; Josifova, Tatjana; Cattin, Philippe C 2013 Quantification of contrast recognizability in sequential epiretinal membrane removal and internal limiting membrane peeling in trypan blue-assisted macular surgery Retina
2562352  Huber, Cora; Federolf, Peter; Nüesch, Corina; Cattin, Philippe C; Friederich, Niklaus F; Tscharner, Vinzenz von 2013 Heel-strike in walking : assessment of potential sources of intra- and inter-subject variability in the activation patterns of muscles stabilizing the knee joint Journal of biomechanics
2562351  Majeed, Tahir; Fundana, Ketut; Kiriyanthan, Silja; Beinemann, Jorg; Cattin, Philippe 2013 Graph cut segmentation using a constrained statistical model with non-linear and sparse shape optimization. Lecture notes in computer science
2562356  Henrich, Paul B; Valmaggia, Christophe; Lang, Corina; Cattin, Philippe C 2013 The price for reduced light toxicity: Do endoilluminator spectral filters decrease color contrast during Brilliant Blue G-assisted chromovitrectomy? Graefe's archive for clinical and experimental ophthalmology
2562357  Serifovic-Trbalic, Amira; Demirovic, Damir; Cattin, Philippe C 2013 Intensity-based hierarchical elastic registration using approximating splines Computer assisted radiology and surgery
1613299  Lüthi, Marcel; Blanc, Remi; Albrecht, Thomas; Gass, Tobias; Goksel, Orcan; Büchler, Philippe; Kistler, Michael; Bousleiman, Habib; Reyes, Mauricio; Cattin, Philippe; Vetter, Thomas 2012 Statismo - A framework for PCA based statistical models The Insight Journal
1195236  Barthelmes, Daniel; Bosch, Martina M.; Merz, Tobias M.; Petrig, Benno L.; Truffer, Frederic; Bloch, Konrad E.; Holmes, Timothy A.; Cattin, Philippe; Hefti, Urs; Sellner, Miriam; Sutter, Florian K. P.; Maggiorini, Marco; Landau, Klara 2011 Delayed appearance of high altitude retinal hemorrhages PLoS ONE
1196353  Olgac, Ufuk; Knight, Joseph; Poulikakos, Dimos; Saur, Stefan C; Alkadhi, Hatem; Desbiolles, Lotus M; Cattin, Philippe C; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan 2011 Computed high concentrations of low-density lipoprotein correlate with plaque locations in human coronary arteries Journal of biomechanics
1196352  Huber, Cora; Nüesch, Corina; Göpfert, Beat; Cattin, Philippe C; von Tscharner, Vinzenz 2011 Muscular timing and inter-muscular coordination in healthy females while walking Journal of neuroscience methods
1193161  Henrich, Paul B; Priglinger, Siegfried G; Haritoglou, Christos; Josifova, Tatjana; Ferreira, Paulo R; Strauss, Rupert W; Flammer, Josef; Cattin, Philippe C 2011 Quantification of Contrast Recognizability during Brilliant Blue G- and Indocyanine Green-Assisted Chromovitrectomy Investigative ophthalmology & visual science
1194988  Knight, Joseph; Olgac, Ufuk; Saur, Stefan C; Poulikakos, Dimos; Marshall, William; Cattin, Philippe C; Alkadhi, Hatem; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan 2010 Choosing the optimal wall shear parameter for the prediction of plaque location-A patient-specific computational study in human right coronary arteries Atherosclerosis
1195547  Lee, Sangyeol; Reinhardt, Joseph M; Cattin, Philippe C; Abràmoff, Michael D 2010 Objective and expert-independent validation of retinal image registration algorithms by a projective imaging distortion model Medical image analysis
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