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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4508283  Huber, Cora; Federolf, Peter; Nüesch, Corina; Cattin, Philippe C.; Friederich, Niklaus F.; von Tscharner, Vinzenz 2013 Heel-strike in walking: assessment of potential sources of intra- and inter-subject variability in the activation patterns of muscles stabilizing the knee joint Journal of biomechanics
1194887  Saur, Stefan C; Alkadhi, Hatem; Desbiolles, Lotus; Fuchs, Thomas J; Székely, Gábor; Cattin, Philippe C 2009 Guided review by frequent itemset mining - additional evidence for plaque detection International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
2846052  Buscema, Marzia; Holme, Margaret N.; Deyhle, Hans; Schulz, Georg; Schmitz, Ruediger; Thalmann, Peter; Hieber, Simone E.; Chicherova, Natalia; Cattin, Philippe C.; Beckmann, Felix; Herzen, Julia; Weitkamp, Timm; Saxer, Till; Mueller, Bert 2014 Grating Interferometry-based Phase MicrotomogMicro of Atherosclerotic Human Arteries Proceedings of SPIE
2562351  Majeed, Tahir; Fundana, Ketut; Kiriyanthan, Silja; Beinemann, Jorg; Cattin, Philippe 2013 Graph cut segmentation using a constrained statistical model with non-linear and sparse shape optimization. Lecture notes in computer science
3787807  Wagner, Joerg; Goldblum, David; Cattin, Philippe C. 2017 Golden Angle Based Scanning for Robust Corneal Topography with OCT Biomedical Optics Express
4413093  Wyder, Stephan; Cattin, Philippe Claude 2017 Eye Tracker Accuracy: Quantitative Evaluation of the Invisible Eye Center Location International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
1194025  Wengert, Christian; Bossard, Lukas; Baur, Charles; Székely, Gábor; Cattin, Philippe C 2008 Endoscopic naviagion for minimally invasive suturing Computer aided surgery
1192875  Saur, Stefan C.; Alkadhi, Hatem; Stolzmann, Paul; Baumüller, Stephan; Leschka, Sebastian; Scheffel, Hans; Desbiolles, Lotus; Fuchs, Thomas J.; Székely, Gábor; Cattin, Philippe C. 2010 Effect of reader experience on variability, evaluation time and accuracy of coronary plaque detection with computed tomography coronary angiography European radiology
2846051  Fundana, Ketut; Bieri, Oliver; Cattin, Philippe C. 2014 Discontinuity preserving convex image registration model for MRI of the lung Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014
3763475  Kiriyanthan, Silja; Fundana, Ketut; Majeed, Tahir; Cattin, Philippe C. 2016 Discontinuity Preserving Image Registration through Motion Segmentation: A Primal-Dual Approach Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
1195236  Barthelmes, Daniel; Bosch, Martina M.; Merz, Tobias M.; Petrig, Benno L.; Truffer, Frederic; Bloch, Konrad E.; Holmes, Timothy A.; Cattin, Philippe; Hefti, Urs; Sellner, Miriam; Sutter, Florian K. P.; Maggiorini, Marco; Landau, Klara 2011 Delayed appearance of high altitude retinal hemorrhages PLoS ONE
69720  Husmann, Lars; Leschka, Sebastian; Desbiolles, Lotus; Schepis, Tiziano; Gaemperli, Oliver; Seifert, Burkhardt; Cattin, Philippe; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Flohr, Thomas G; Marincek, Borut; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Alkadhi, Hatem 2007 Coronary Artery Motion and Cardiac Phases : Dependency on Heart Rate Implications for CT Image Reconstruction Radiology
2562350  Cattin, Philippe C.; Schneider, Adrian; Griessen, Mathias; Baumberger, Christian; Mueller, Bert 2013 Computer-basierte, bild-gefuehrte chirurgische Eingriffe Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum
1196353  Olgac, Ufuk; Knight, Joseph; Poulikakos, Dimos; Saur, Stefan C; Alkadhi, Hatem; Desbiolles, Lotus M; Cattin, Philippe C; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan 2011 Computed high concentrations of low-density lipoprotein correlate with plaque locations in human coronary arteries Journal of biomechanics
4596760  Abbasi, Hamed; Beltrán Bernal, Lina M.; Hamidi, Arsham; Droneau, Antoine; Canbaz, Ferda; Guzman, Raphael; Jacques, Steven L.; Cattin, Philippe C.; Zam, Azhar 2020 Combined Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers for real-time closed-loop tissue-specific laser osteotomy Biomedical Optics Express
4478993  Schlee, Markus; Schad, Till; Koch, Jan H.; Cattin, Philippe C.; Rathe, Florian 2017 Clinical performance of self-assembling peptide {P11-4} in treatment of initial proximal carious lesions, a practice based case series Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry
3287679  Baek, K.-W.; Deibel, W.; Marinov, D.; Griessen, Mathias; Bruno, A.; Zeilhofer, Hans-Florian; Cattin, Philippe C.; Juergens, Philipp 2015 Clinical applicability of robot-guided contact-free laser osteotomy in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery: in-vitro simulation and in-vivo surgery in minipig mandibles British journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery
1194988  Knight, Joseph; Olgac, Ufuk; Saur, Stefan C; Poulikakos, Dimos; Marshall, William; Cattin, Philippe C; Alkadhi, Hatem; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan 2010 Choosing the optimal wall shear parameter for the prediction of plaque location-A patient-specific computational study in human right coronary arteries Atherosclerosis
2562349  Weier, K.; Pezold, S.; Andelova, M.; Amann, M.; Magon, S.; Naegelin, Y.; Radue, E. W.; Stippich, C.; Gass, A.; Kappos, L.; Cattin, Ph.; Sprenger, T. 2013 Both spinal cord volume and spinal cord lesions impact physical disability in multiple sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Journal
2562348  Damirovic, Damir; Serifovic Trbalic, Amira; Cattin, Philippe 2013 Bilateral filter regularized accelerated demons for better discontinuities registration. Computer assisted radiology and surgery
Showing records 41 - 60 (of 145)

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