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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3324193  Locher, Miriam A. 2015 Interpersonal Pragmatics and its link to (im)politeness research Journal of pragmatics
3324206  Locher, Miriam A.; Jucker, Andreas H.; Berger, Manuel 2015 Negotiation of space in Second Life newbie interaction Discourse, context & media
2434599  Bolander, Brook; Locher, Miriam A. 2015 “Peter is a dumb nut”: Status updates and reactions to them as 'acts of positioning' in Facebook Pragmatics
2434602  Locher, Miriam A.; Bolander, Brook; Höhn, Nicole 2015 Introducing relational work in Facebook, discussion boards and New Media events Pragmatics
2983000  Locher, Miriam A. 2015 Language and Communication in Computer-Mediated Contexts: A Rich and Challenging Research Field Anglistik. Special issue: Focus on Twenty-First Century Literature
3557540  Berger, Manuel; Jucker, Andreas H.; Locher, Miriam A. 2016 Interaction and space in the virtual world of Second Life Journal of pragmatics
3580587  Thurnherr, Franziska; Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérčse; Locher, Miriam A. 2016 The functions of narrative passages in three written online health contexts Open Linguistics
4136522  Locher, Miriam A.; Thurnherr, Franziska 2017 Typing yourself healthy: Introduction to the special issue on language and health online Linguistics Online
4516180  Locher, Miriam A.; Larina, Tatiana V. 2019 Introduction to politeness and impoliteness research in global contexts Russian Journal of Linguistics
4506797  Locher, Miriam A.; Bolander, Brook 2019 Ethics in Pragmatics Journal of pragmatics
4599726  Locher, Miriam A.; Messerli, Thomas C. 2020 Translating the other: Communal TV watching of Korean TV drama Journal of Pragmatics
4528598  Bolander, Brook; Locher, Miriam A. 2020 Beyond the online offline distinction: Entry points to digital discourse Discourse, context & media
4601276  Locher, Miriam A. 2020 Moments of relational work in English fan translations of Korean TV drama Journal of pragmatics
4618483  Locher, Miriam A.; Sidiropoulou, Maria 2021 Introducing the special issue on the pragmatics of translation Journal of Pragmatics
4618484  Messerli, Thomas C.; Locher, Miriam A. 2021 Humour support and emotive stance in comments on Korean TV Drama Journal of Pragmatics
4664061  Locher, Miriam A.; Messerli, Thomas C. 2023 "This is not the place to bother people about BTS": Pseudo-synchronicity and interaction in timed comments by Hallyu fans on the video streaming platform Viki Discourse, Context and Media

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1713591  Locher, Miriam A. 2004 Janet Holmes and Maria Stubbe. Power and Politeness in the Workplace (Real Language Series). London: Longman. 2003 Journal of Sociolinguistics
111417  Locher, Miriam A. 2010 [Rezension von:] Guy Ramsay, Shaping minds : a discourse analysis of Chinese-language community mental health literature Multilingua
855840  Locher, Miriam A. 2012 Review of: Jonathan Culpeper and Dániel Z. Kádár (eds.). Historical (Im)Politeness. (Linguistic Insights 65.) 2010. Bern: Peter Lang. ISBN: 978-3-03911-496-2. 300 pp. Journal of Historical Pragmatics
1590681  Locher, Miriam A. 2013 [Rezension von] Cyberpragmatics, Internet-Mediated Communication in Context, Francisco Yus, Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, Volume 213 : John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2011 Journal of pragmatics
Showing records 81 - 100 (of 102)

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