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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
290359  Locher, Miriam A.; Graham, Sage L. 2010 Introduction to interpersonal pragmatics Mouton de Gruyter
1124315  Locher, Miriam A.; Limberg, Holger 2012 Introduction to advice in discourse John Benjamins
69434  Locher, Miriam A.; Bousfield, Derek 2008 Introduction : impoliteness and power in language Mouton de Gruyter
3032141  Pizziconi, Barbara; Locher, Miriam A. 2015 Introducing the ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ of (im)politeness de Gruyter
3590508  Jucker, Andreas H.; Locher, Miriam A. 2017 Introducing Pragmatics of Fiction: Approaches, trends and developments De Gruyter
4699595  Locher, Miriam A.; Dayter, Daria; Messerli, Thomas C. 2023 Interpreting, translating, transferring: Introducing the collection Pragmatics and Translation John Benjamins
3884101  Locher, Miriam A. 2017 Interpersonale Pragmatik und (Un)Höflichkeitsforschung Narr Francke Attempto
3884104  Angouri, Jo; Locher, Miriam A. 2017 Interpersonal pragmatics and workplace interaction Victoria University Press
4601404  Locher, Miriam A.; Graham, Sage L. 2021 Interpersonal Pragmatics Cambridge University Press
2434621  Locher, Miriam A. 2013 Internet advice De Gruyter
2765915  Locher, Miriam A.; Bolander, Brook 2015 Humour in microblogging : exploiting linguistic humour strategies for identity construction in two Facebook focus groups John Benjamins
3640481  Locher, Miriam A.; Bolander, Brook 2017 Facework and identity de Gruyter Mouton
817367  Locher, Miriam A. 2011 Englisch als Weltsprache Schwabe
2434588  Locher, Miriam A. 2014 Electronic discourse De Gruyter
3884106  Locher, Miriam A.; Luginbühl, Martin 2019 Discussions on Swiss and German Politeness in Online Sources Cambrdige University Press
4699596  Messerli, Thomas C.; Locher, Miriam A. 2023 Contrastive analysis of English fan and professional subtitles of Korean TV Drama John Benjamins
437576  Bolander, Brook; Locher, Miriam A. 2010 Constructing identity on Facebook : report on a pilot study Narr Verlag
3590513  Bolander, Brook; Locher, Miriam A. 2017 Consensual and conflictual disagreement de Gruyter Mouton
2765955  Locher, Miriam A.; Koenig, Regula; Meier, Janine 2015 A genre analysis of reflective writing texts by English medical students : what role does narrative play? John Benjamins
3692067  Locher, Miriam A.; Schnurr, Stephanie 2017 (Im)politeness in health settings Palgrave
Showing records 41 - 60 (of 102)

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