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Publication: Authored Book (Verfasser eines eigenständigen Buches)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4601277  Locher, Miriam A.; Jucker, Andreas H. 2021 The Pragmatics of Fiction. Literature, Stage and Screen Discourse Edinburgh University Press
3691596  Locher, Miriam A. 2017 Reflective Writing in Medical Practice. A Linguistic Perspective Multilingual Matters
4653024  Dayter, Daria; Locher, Miriam A.; Messerli, Thomas C. 2023 Pragmatics in Translation: Mediality, participation and relational work Cambridge University Press
69423  Locher, Miriam A. 2004 Power and politeness in action : disagreements in oral communication Mouton de Gruyter
4662372  Thurnherr, Franziska 2021 Interpersonal pragmatics and the therapeutic alliance : the collaborative work in email counseling NIHIN
4653026  Locher, Miriam A.; Jucker, Andreas H.; Landert, Daniela; Messerli, Thomas C. 2023 Fiction and Pragmatics Cambridge University Press
4653022  Landert, Daniela; Dayter, Daria; Messerli, Thomas C.; Locher, Miriam A. 2023 Corpus Pragmatics Cambridge University Press
69426  Locher, Miriam A. 2006 Advice online : advice-giving in an American Internet health column John Benjamins Publishing Company

Publication: Edited Book (Herausgeber eines eigenständigen Buches)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4619127  Locher, Miriam A.; Sidiropoulou, Maria 2021 [Special issue on the] Pragmatics of Translation Elsevier
290356  Duchêne, Alexandre; Locher, Miriam A. 2009 Travaux de jeunes chercheurs-e-s en linguistique appliquée VALS-ASLA
3032137  Pizziconi, Barbara; Locher, Miriam A. 2015 Teaching and Learning (Im)politeness Mouton de Gruyter
69436  Locher, Miriam A.; Strässler, Jürg 2008 Standards and norms in the English language Mouton de Gruyter
2434606  Locher, Miriam A.; Bolander, Brook; Höhn, Nicole 2015 Relational Work in Facebook and Discussion Boards/Fora John Benjamins Publishing Company
3590509  Locher, Miriam A; Jucker, Andreas H 2017 Pragmatics of Fiction De Gruyter Mouton
4699594  Locher, Miriam A.; Dayter, Daria; Messerli, Thomas C. 2023 Pragmatics and Translation John Benjamins
4516181  Locher, Miriam A.; Larina, Tatiana V. 2019 Politeness and impolitness Research in Global Contexts RUDN
111245  Locher, Miriam A. 2010 Politeness and impoliteness in computer-mediated communication Mouton de Gruyter
2765951  Gygax, Franziska; Locher, Miriam A. 2015 Narrative matters in medical contexts across disciplines John Benjamins
4136503  Locher, Miriam A; Thurnherr, Franziska 2017 Language and Health Online Universität Bern
111244  Locher, Miriam A.; Graham, Sage L. 2010 Interpersonal pragmatics De Gruyter Mouton
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 102)

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