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Publication: Discussion paper / Internet publication

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3351520  Slotwinski, Michaela; Stutzer, Alois 2015 The deterrent effect of voting against minarets: identity utility and foreigners' location choice Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit
4611547  Schmid, Christian P. R.; Schreiner, Nicolas; Stutzer, Alois 2020 Transfer Payment Systems and Financial Distress: Insights from Health Insurance Premium Subsidies Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)
4485433  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2018 Tobacco Control Policies and Smoking Behavior in Europe: More Than Trends? WWZ
4098629  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2017 Subjective Well-Being and Public Policy IZA Institute of Labor Economics
4611555  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2020 Does the Dream of Home Ownership Rest upon Biased Beliefs? A Test Based on Predicted and Realized Life Satisfaction IZA - Institute of Labor Economics
2172146  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2013 Smoking Bans, Cigarette Prices and Life Satisfaction IZA
4442173  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2013 Smoking bans, cigarette prices and life satisfaction WWZ
3351568  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2015 (Mis-)predicted subjective well-being following life events Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit
4098674  Odermatt, Reto; Powdthavee, Nattavudh; Stutzer, Alois 2017 Overoptimistic Entrepreneurs: Predicting Wellbeing Consequences of Self-Employment IZA Institute of Labor Economics
4522271  Meier, Armando N.; Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2019 Tobacco Sales Prohibition and Teen Smoking IZA
4512411  Meier, Amando N.; Schmid, Lukas; Stutzer, Alois 2019 Rain, Emotions and Voting for the Status Quo WWZ
2172152  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2013 Do Lawyer-Legislators Protect Their Business? Evidence from Voting Behavior on Tort Reforms WWZ
3157794  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2015 Politico-economic determinants of tort reforms in medical malpractice WWZ
3699883  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2016 Does Public Attention Reduce the Influence of Interest Groups? Policy Positions on SOPA/PIPA before and after the Internet Blackout Berkman Klein Center
4376898  Luechinger, Simon; Rosinger, Myra; Stutzer, Alois 2006 The Impact of Postal Voting on Participation: evidence for Switzerland WWZ, University of Basel
61731  Luechinger, Simon; Meier, Stephan; Stutzer, Alois 2008 Why does unemployment hurt the employed? Evidence from the life satisfaction gap between the public and the privat sector WWZ
4266160  Lalive, Rafael; Stutzer, Alois 2007 Approval of Equal Rights and Gender - Differences in Well-Being WWZ, University of Basel
4491665  Kalbfuss, Jörg; Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2018 Medical Marijuana Laws and Mental Health in the United States Centre for Economic Performance / LSE
1443316  Hodler, Roland; Luechinger, Simon; Stutzer, Alois 2012 The effects of voting costs on the democratic process and public finances WWZ
4611554  Hansen, Kerstin F.; Stutzer, Alois 2020 Parental Unemployment, Social Insurance and Child Well-Being across Countries IZA - Institute of Labor Economics
Showing records 101 - 120 (of 148)

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