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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4522265  Slotwinski, Michaela; Stutzer, Alois; Uhlig, Roman 2019 Are asylum seekers more likely to work with more inclusive labor market access regulations? Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
4522260  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2019 (Mis-)Predicted Subjective Well-Being Following Life Events Journal of the European Economic Association
4522263  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2019 Does public attention reduce the influence of moneyed interests? Policy positions on SOPA/PIPA before and after the internet blackout Economic Inquiry
4522264  Stutzer, Alois; Baltensperger, Michael; Meier, Armando N. 2019 Overstrained citizens? The number of ballot propositions and the quality of the decision process in direct democracy European Journal of Political Economy
4336640  Braendle, Thomas; Stutzer, Alois 2016 Selection of public servants into politics Journal of Comparative Economics
3699866  Stutzer, Alois; Meier, Armando N. 2016 Limited Self-control, Obesity, and the Loss of Happiness Health Economics
3699863  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2016 The role of party politics in medical malpractice tort reforms European Journal of Political Economy
3157782  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2015 The role of lawyer-legislators in shaping the law: evidence from voting behavior on tort reforms Journal of Law and Economics
3157775  Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois 2015 pvsR: An Open Source Interface to Big Data on the American Political Sphere PLoS ONE
3373485  Hodler, Roland; Luechinger, Simon; Stutzer, Alois 2015 The effect of voting costs on the democratic process and public finances American economic journal: economic policy
3346037  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2015 Smoking bans, cigarette prices and life satisfaction Journal of Health Economics
2739086  Stutzer, Alois; Reggiani, Tommaso 2014 On the Many Accounts of Public Happiness International Review of Economics
2172072  Frey, Bruno S.; Stutzer, Alois 2014 Economic Consequences of Mispredicting Utility Journal of Happiness Studies
2172068  Luechinger, Simon; Schelker, Mark; Stutzer, Alois 2014 Governance, bureaucratic rents, and well-being differentials across US states Oxford economic papers
2172065  Braendle, Thomas; Stutzer, Alois 2013 Political Selection of Public Servants and Parliamentary Oversight Economics of Governance
1430073  Stutzer, Alois; Zehnder, Michael 2013 Is Camera Surveillance an Effective Measure of Counterterrorism? Defence and peace economics
1443305  Frey, Bruno S.; Stutzer, Alois 2012 The Use of Happiness Research for Public Policy Social choice and welfare
1462929  Hsee, Christopher K.; Rottenstreich, Yuval; Stutzer, Alois 2012 Suboptimal choices and the need for experienced individual well-being in economic analysis International journal of happiness and development
922890  Stutzer, Alois; Goette, Lorenz; Zehnder, Michael 2011 Active Decisions and Prosocial Behaviour: a Field Experiment on Blood Donation Economic Journal
396431  Lalive, Rafael; Stutzer, Alois 2010 Approval of equal rights and gender differences in well-being Journal of population economics
Showing records 41 - 60 (of 148)

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