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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
417913  Stutzer, Alois; Zehnder, Michael 2010 Herausforderungen bei der Evaluation von Kameraüberwachung als Präventionsinstrument – eine ökonomische Perspektive Schulthess
396430  Luechinger, Simon; Stutzer, Alois; Winkelmann, Rainer 2010 Self-selection models for public and private sector job satisfaction Emerald
61724  Frey, Bruno S.; Stutzer, Alois 2009 Should national happiness be maximized? Edward Elgar
61725  Stutzer, Alois 2009 Happiness when temptation overwhelms willpower Edward Elgar
61722  Frey, Bruno S.; Stutzer, Alois 2008 Environmental Morale and Motivation Cambridge University Press
61723  Frey, Bruno S.; Stutzer, Alois 2008 Das Glück aus ökonomischer Sicht Hanser
61721  Stutzer, Alois; Frey, Bruno S. 2007 What happiness research can tell us about self-control problems and utility misprediction MIT Press

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4661675  Slotwinski, Michaela; Stutzer, Alois 2023 Women Leaving the Playpen: The Emancipating Role of Female Suffrage The Economic Journal
4658861  Hansen, Kerstin F.; Stutzer, Alois 2022 Parental enemployment, social insurance and child well-being across countries Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
4658881  Zimmermann, Severin; Stutzer, Alois 2022 The consequences of hosting asylum seekers for citizens' policy preferences European Journal of Political Economy
4658866  Schmid, Christian P. R.; Schreiner, Nicolas; Stutzer, Alois 2022 Transfer Payment Systems and Financial Distress: Insights from Health Insurance Premium Subsidies Journal of the European Economic Association
4658878  Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2022 Does the Dream of Home Ownership Rest upon Biased Beliefs? A Test Based on Predicted and Realized Life Satisfaction Journal of Happiness Studies
4636284  Knechtl, Valentin; Stutzer, Alois 2021 Swiss Municipal Data Merger Tool: Open-source Software for the Compilation of Longitudinal Municipal-level Data Swiss Political Science Review
4611515  Stutzer, Alois; Slotwinski, Michaela 2021 Power sharing at the local level: Evidence on opting-in for non-citizen voting rights Constitutional Political Economy
4636226  Odermatt, Reto; Powdthavee, Nattavudh; Stutzer, Alois 2021 Are newly self-employed overly optimistic about their future well-being? Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
4636229  Meier, Armando N.; Odermatt, Reto; Stutzer, Alois 2021 Tobacco sales prohibition and teen smoking Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
4611505  Stutzer, Alois 2020 Happiness and public policy: A procedural perspective Behavioural Public Policy
4611519  Goette, Lorenz; Stutzer, Alois 2020 Blood donations and incentives: Evidence from a field experiment Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
4522268  Meier, Armando N.; Schmid, Lukas; Stutzer, Alois 2019 Rain, Emotions and Voting for the Status Quo European Economic Review
4522267  Slotwinski, Michaela; Stutzer, Alois 2019 The deterrent effect of an anti-minaret vote on foreigners' location choices Journal of Population Economics
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