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Publication: Other Publications (Forschungsberichte o. ä.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1180015  Bergman, Manfred Max; Hupka-Brunner, Sandra; Meyer, Thomas; Stalder, Barbara E. 2008 TREE project documentation 2000-2008
3379856  Lambert, Paul; Bergman, Manfred Max; Prandy, Kenneth 2005 Leisurely moments or lifetimes? Contexts and the study of leisure, consumption, and stratification
1180063  Bergman, Manfred Max 2004 Systematic Qualitative Analysis of Interview Data Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Logic and Methodology
1180069  Joye, D.; Schöbi, N.; Bergman, Manfred Max 2004 Response propensity and acquiescence: Effects on data quality. Report from Switzerland to the European Social Survey (ESS) project
961999  Meyer, Thomas 2003 Verlaufsprozesse im Berufsbildungssystem Berufsbildung als System und Verlaufsprozesse / Übergänge im System. Gutachten im Auftrag der Kommission Technologie und Innovation (KTI)
1425590  Joye, Dominique; Bergman, Manfred Max; Budowski, Monica 2002 Technical report of the Swiss Household Panel : recodifications of variables for five social stratification schemas
1180072  Prandy, K.; Lambert, P.; Bergman, Manfred Max 2002 National contexts and cross-national comparisons of structures of social stratification Proceedings: XVth ISA World Congress of Sociology, Research Committee 20. Brisbane, Australia
1180094  Bergman, Manfred Max; Cattacin, Sandro; Läubli-Loud, Marlene 2001 Can the internet respond to evaluators' needs? The web as a training tool and information resource Swiss Forum for Migration Studies
1180143  Bergman, Manfred Max; Cattacin, Sandro; Läubli-Loud, Marlène 1998 Evaluators Evaluating Evaluators: Peer-assessments and training opportunities of evaluators in Switzerland Working Paper
1180178  Bergman, Manfred Max; Cattacin, Sandro; Lucas, Boris; Wernli, Boris 1997 Libéraliser, réduire les risques, soigner ou réprimer? L'opinion de la population suisse à l'égard de la politique en matière de drogue Travaux et communications du département de science politique
1180157  Wisler, Dominique; Marquis, Lionel; Bergman, Manfred Max 1997 Analyse des votations fédérales du 28 septembre 1997 VOX
3441511  Wisler, Dominique; Marquis, Lionel; Bergman, Max 1997 Analyse der eidgenössischen Abstimmung vom 28.September 1997 VOX
Showing records 121 - 132 (of 132)

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