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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
354204  Bergman, Manfred Max 2010 On concepts and paradigms in mixed methods research Journal of Mixed Methods Research
1091090  Bergman, Manfred Max 2011 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Mixed Methods Research and Design Journal of Mixed Methods Research
604872  Bergman, Manfred Max 2011 The politics, fashions, and conventions of research methods Journal of Mixed Methods Research
3344582  Bergman, Zinette; Bergman, Manfred Max; Liu, Baocheng; Zhang, Jiaqi 2015 The Roots of Corporate Philanthropy in China Journal of International Business Ethics
1179596  Bergman, Manfred Max; Scott, Jacqueline 2001 Young adolescents' wellbeing and health-risk behaviours: Gender and socio-economic differences Journal of Adolescence
3344663  Keller, Anita C.; Bergman, Manfred Max; Heinzmann, Claudia; Todorov, Atanas; Weber, Heidemarie; Heberer, Michael 2014 The relationship between hospital patients' ratings of quality of care and communication International journal for quality in health care
1179574  Kaufmann, Vincent; Bergman, Manfred Max; Joye, Dominique 2004 Motility: Mobility as capital International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
774525  Lampert, P.; Tan, K. L. L.; Prandy, K.; Gayle, V.; Bergman, Manfred Max 2008 The Importance of Specificity in Occupation-Based Social classifications International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
899370  Kleiner, Brian; Heinzmann, Claudia; Eberle, Thomas S.; Bergman, Manfred Max 2011 Qualitative Data Archiving in Switzerland IASSIST quarterly
4528451  Bergman, Zinette; Bergman, Manfred Max; Thatcher, Andrew 2019 Agency and Bandura's Model o f Triadic Reciprocal Causation: An Exploratory Mobility Study Among Metrorail Commuters in the Western Cape, South Africa Frontiers in Psychology
3380021  Eberle, Thomas S.; Bergman, Manfred Max 2005 Introduction [14 paragraphs] Forum: qualitative social research = Forum qualitative Sozialforschung : FQS
3379926  Slayton, J; Llosa, L 2005 The quality in qualitative methods Forum: qualitative social research = Forum qualitative Sozialforschung : FQS
4528585  Bergman, Manfred Max 2019 Sozialwissenschaftliche Sichtweisen auf Gesundheits- und Krankheitstrends in der Schweiz Forschungskonzept Gesundheit 2021-2024
1984979  Barker, D; Barker-Ruchti, N; Gerber, M; Gerlach, E; Sattler, S; Bergman, M; Pühse, U 2013 Swiss youths, migration and integrative sport : a critical-constructive reading of popular discourse European journal for sport and society
1062320  Bergman, Manfred Max; Bergman, Zinette 2012 Perspectives of learners and teachers on school dysfunctions in South Africa Education as Change
774517  Heberer, M.; Depner, C.; Prengel, A.; Absahagen, C.; Bergman, M. 2009 Patientenzufriedenheit im QMR Kontext: Modell, Methode und Ergebnisse Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
4528465  Bergman, Zinette; Teschemacher, Yael; Arora, Bimal; Sengupta, Rijit; Leisinger, Klaus Michael; Bergman, Manfred Max 2019 Developing the business-society nexus through corporate responsibility expectations in India Critical Perspectives on International Business
1179595  Bergman, Manfred Max; Joye, Dominique 2005 Comparing social stratification schemata: CAMSIS, CSP-CH, Goldthorpe, ISCO-88, Treiman, and Wright Cambridge Studies in Social Research
3173171  Bergman, Max Manfred; Leisinger, Klaus M.; Bergman, Zinette; Berger, Lena 2015 An Analysis of the Conceptual Landscape of Corporate Responsibility in Academia Business and Professional Ethics Journal
4626705  Arnaiz, Patricia; Adams, Larissa; Müller, Ivan; Gerber, Markus; Walter, Cheryl; du Randt, Rosa; Steinmann, Peter; Bergman, Manfred Max; Seelig, Harald; van Greunen, Darelle; Utzinger, Jürg; Pühse, Uwe 2021 Sustainability of a school-based health intervention for prevention of non-communicable diseases in marginalised communities: protocol for a mixed-methods cohort study BMJ Open
Showing records 81 - 100 (of 132)

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