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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
961811  Hupka-Brunner, Sandra; Gaupp, Nora; Geier, Boris; Lex, Tilly; Stalder, Barbara Elisabeth 2011 Chancen bildungsbenachteiligter Jugendlicher: Bildungsverläufe in der Schweiz und in Deutschland Zeitschrift für Soziologie der Erziehung und Sozialisation (ZSE)
802071  Heinzmann, Claudia; Bergman, Manfred Max; Läubli-Loud, Marlene 2008 Klassifikationsmodelle in der Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen für die Konzeption und Evaluation von Projekten und Programmen Zeitschrift für Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung
3434263  Bergman, Manfred Max; Bergman, Zinette 2015 The imaginary of the train of the future in South Africa: From public access to social exclusion World Transport Policy and Practice
1179572  Laoubaou, A. N.; Wyss, K.; Schwärzler, P.; Obrist, B.; Bergman, Manfred Max 2006 Communication socioculturelle comme outil de prévention des maladies sexuellement transmissibles et le VIH chez les adolescents au Tchad VertigO
829399  Bergman, Manfred Max 2007 Der Transfer von Vorteilen und Kapital Uni nova
829398  Bergman, Manfred Max 2007 Armut und Ausschluss im Blick Behalten Uni Nova
3378905  Bergman, Manfred Max; Berger, Lena; Leisinger, Klaus; Zhang, Jiaqi; Liu, Baocheng; Bergman, Zinette 2015 How well do Chinese corporate responsibility expectations map onto an international corporate responsibility scale? Umweltwirtschaftsforum = uwf
158086  Marquis, Lionel; Bergman, Manfred Max 2009 Development and consequences of referendum campaigns in Switzerland Swiss political science review
3694301  Bergman, Manfred Max 2016 Mixed methods research and designs Swiss Sociological Association Bulletin
1179631  Bergman, Manfred Max 1998 A theoretical note on the differences between attitudes, opinions, and values Swiss Political Science Review
961826  Samuel, Robin; Hupka-Brunner, Sandra; Stalder , Barbara Elisabeth; Bergman, Manfred Max 2011 Successful and Unsuccessful Intergenerational Transfer of Educational Attainment on Wellbeing in the Swiss Youth Cohort TREE Swiss Journal of Sociology
1179581  Bergman, Manfred Max; Joye, Dominique; Fux, Beat 2002 Social change, mobility, and inequality in Switzerland in the 1990s Swiss Journal of Sociology
4528447  Bergman, Manfred Max; Bergman, Zinette; Teschemacher, Yael; Arora, Bimal; Jyoti, Divya; Sengupta, Rijit 2019 Corporate Responsibility in India: Academic Perspectives on the Companies Act 2013 Sustainability
4528448  Lau, Cubie L. L.; Bergman, Zinette; Bergman, Manfred Max 2019 Environmental Protection and Corporate Responsibility: The Perspectives of Senior Managers and CxOs in China Sustainability
4528449  Bergman, Zinette; Bergman, Manfred Max 2019 A Case Study of the Sustainable Mobility Problem-Solution Paradox: Motility and Access of Metrorail Commuters in the Western Cape Sustainability
4528452  Bergman, Zinette; Bergman, Manfred Max; Fernandes, Kiran; Grossrieder, Daphne; Schneider, Lea 2018 The Contribution of UNESCO Chairs toward Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals Sustainability
3827221  Bergman, Manfred Max; Bergman, Zinette; Berger, Lena 2017 An Empirical Exploration, Typology, and Definition of Corporate Sustainability Sustainability
1179580  Bergman, Manfred Max 2002 Reliability and validity in interpretive research during the conceptualization of the research topic and data collection Sozialer Sinn
1446634  Keller, Anita; Bergman, Manfred Max 2012 Self-esteem among children in Grade R in an urban South African school South African journal of childhood education
1572387  Samuel, Robin; Bergman, Max Manfred; Hupka-Brunner, Sandra 2013 The Interplay between Educational Achievement, Occupational Success, and Well-Being Social indicators research
Showing records 41 - 60 (of 132)

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