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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4647165  Wohlgemuth, Lena; Rautio, Pasi; Ahrends, Bernd; Russ, Alexander; Vesterdal, Lars; Waldner, Peter; Timmermann, Volkmar; Eickenscheidt, Nadine; Fuerst, Alfred; Greve, Martin; Roskams, Peter; Thimonier, Anne; Nicolas, Manuel; Kowalska, Anna; Ingerslev, Morten; Merila, Paivi; Benham, Sue; Iacoban, Carmen; Hoch, Guenter; Alewell, Christine; Jiskra, Martin 2022 Physiological and climate controls on foliar mercury uptake by European tree species BIOGEOSCIENCES
86896  Wright, RF; Alewell, C; Cullen, JM; Evans, CD; Marchetto, A; Moldan, F; Prechtel, A; Rogora, M 2001 Trends in nitrogen deposition and leaching in acid-sensitive streams in Europe Hydrology and earth system sciences
1479664  Xia, Y.; Conen, F.; Alewell, C. 2013 Total bacterial number concentration in free tropospheric air above the Alps Aerobiologia
4220960  Yao, Si Qi; Groffman, Peter M.; Alewell, Christine; Ballantine, Kate 2017 Soil amendments promote denitrification in restored wetlands Restoration Ecology
3641297  Zollinger, B.; Alewell, C.; Kneisel, C.; Brandova, D.; Petrillo, M.; Plötze, M.; Christl, M.; Egli, M. 2016 Soil formation and weathering in a permafrost environment of the Swiss Alps: a multi-parameter and non-steady-state approach Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
2644703  Zollinger, Barbara; Alewell, Christine; Kneisel, Christof; Meusburger, Katrin; Brandová, Dagmar; Kubik, Peter; Schaller, Mirjam; Ketterer, Michael E.; Egli, Markus 2015 The effect of permafrost on time-split soil erosion using radionuclides (137Cs, 239+240Pu, meteoric 10Be) and stable isotopes (13C) in the Eastern Swiss Alps Journal of soils and sediments
2047070  Zollinger, Barbara; Alewell, Christine; Kneisel, Christof; Meusburger, Katrin; Gärtner, Holger; Brandová, Dagmar; Ivy-Ochs, Susan; Schmidt, Michael W. I.; Egli, Markus 2013 Effect of permafrost on the formation of soil organic carbon pools and their physical–chemical properties in the Eastern Swiss Alps Catena
4522452  Zweifel, Lauren; Meusburger, Katrin; Alewell, Christine 2019 Spatio-temporal pattern of soil degradation in a Swiss Alpine grassland catchment Remote sensing of environment
4631500  Zweifel, Lauren; Samarin, Maxim; Meusburger, Katrin; Alewell, Christine 2021 Investigating Causal Factors of Shallow Landslides in Grassland Regions of Switzerland Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS)

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2828902  Mabit, L.; Benmansour, M.; Abril, J. M.; Walling, D. E.; Meusburger, K.; Iurian, A. R.; Bernard, C.; Tarjan, S.; Owens, P. N.; Blake, W. H.; Alewell, C. 2014 Fallout Pb-210 as a soil and sediment tracer in catchment sediment budget investigations : a review Earth-science reviews
3238836  Panagos, Panos; Meusburger, Katrin; Ballabio, Cristiano; Borrelli, Pasquale; Beguería, Santiago; Klik, Andreas; Rymszewicz, Anna; Michaelides, Silas; Olsen, Preben; Tadić, Melita Perčec; Aalto, Juha; Lakatos, Mónika; Dumitrescu, Alexandru; Rousseva, Svetla; Montanarella, Luca; Alewell, Christine 2015 Reply to the comment on "Rainfall erosivity in Europe" by Auerswald et al. The science of the total environment

Publication: ConferencePaper (Artikel, die in Tagungsbänden erschienen sind)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3434796  Alaoui, Abdallah; Müller, Matthias; Alewell, Christine; Lagger, Susanne; Weingartner, Rolf 2011 Impact of land use changes on soil hydrology in the Ursern Valley, Switzerland Geophysical Research Abstracts
3434797  Meusburger, Katrin; Leitinger, Georg; Mabit, Lionel; Mueller, Matthias Heidulf; Alewell, Christine 2014 The interaction of soil, vegetation and snow - results of a case study in the Central Swiss Alps EGU General Assembly, Geophysical Research Abstracts
3434798  Mueller, Matthias Heidulf; Alewell, Christine 2011 Investigating land use effects on soil hydrology in alpine ecosystems by stable isotopes Geophysical Research Abstracts
1532707  Mueller, Matthias Heidulf; Alewell, Christine 2012 Verweilzeit und Hydrochemie in vier alpinen Einzugsgebieten (Urserntal, Schweiz) Wasser ohne Grenzen : Beiträge zum Tag der Hydrologie am 22./23. März 2012 an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
1793619  Mueller, Matthias Heidulf; Alewell, Christine 2013 Versickerung und Speicherung von Niederschlag in subalpinen Einzugsgebieten im Urserntal, Schweiz Wasserressourcen im globalen Wandel : hydrologische Grundlagen - von der Messung zur Anwendung : Beiträge zum Tag der Hydrologie, 4. bis 6. April 2013 an der Universität Bern
3434799  Mueller, Matthias Heidulf; Weingartner, Rolf; Alewell, Christine 2012 Relating stable isotope and geochemical data to conclude on water residence times in four small alpine headwater catchments with differing vegetation cover Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions (HESSD)
3434800  Müller, Matthias; Alewell, Christine; Hagedorn, Frank 2009 Effective retention of litter-derived dissolved organic carbon in organic layers Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Publication: Discussion paper / Internet publication

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1026698  Konz, N.; Bänninger, D.; Nearing, M.; Alewell, C. 2009 Does WEPP meet the specificity of soil erosion in steep mountain regions? Copernicus Publications
3694007  Stopelli, Emiliano; Conen, Franz; Guilbaud, Caroline; Zopfi, Jakob; Alewell, Christine; Morris, Cindy 2017 Ice nucleators have shorter persistence in the atmosphere than other airborne bacteria Copernicus
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