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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4221007  Arata, Laura; Meusburger, Katrin; Frenkel, Elena; A'Campo-Neuen, Annette; Iurian, Andra-Rada; Ketterer, Michael E.; Mabit, Lionel; Alewell, Christine 2017 Unique Conversion Model for Assessing Soil Redistribution Magnitudes from Fallout Radionuclides Inventories: MODERN Soils Newsletter
4220995  Meusburger, Karin; Mabit, Lionel; Ketterer, Michael; Park, Ji-Hyung; Tarjan, Sandor; Porto, Paolo; Alewell, Christine 2017 239+240Pu to 137Cs activity ratio: a proxy for comparing vertical and lateral radionuclide mobility Soils Newsletter
86906  Manderscheid, B; Jungnickel, C; Alewell, C 2000 Spatial variability of sulfate isotherms in forest soils at different scales and its implications for the modeling of soil sulfate fluxes Soil science
69377  Conen, Franz; Karhu, Kristiina; Leifeld, Jens; Seth, Barbara; Vanhala, Pekka; Liski, Jari; Alewell, Christine 2008 Temperature sensitivity of young and old soil carbon : same soil, slight differences in 13C natural abundance method, inconsistent results Soil biology & biochemistry
2349466  Park, Ji-Hyung; Meusburger, Katrin; Jang, Inyoung; Kang, Hojeong; Alewell, Christine 2014 Erosion-induced changes in soil biogeochemical and microbiological properties in Swiss Alpine grasslands Soil biology & biochemistry
86886  Alewell, C. 2006 Reduction processes in forest wetlands : tracking down heterogeneity of source/sink functions with a combination of methods Soil biology & biochemistry
2364136  Panagos, Panos; Meusburger, Katrin; Van Liedekerke, Marc; Alewell, Christine; Hiederer, Roland; Montanarella, Luca 2014 Assessing soil erosion in Europe based on data collected through a European Network Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
86891  Jandl, R; Alewell, C; Prietzel, J 2004 Calcium loss in central european forest soils Soil Science Society of America Journal
86905  Manderscheid, B; Schweisser, T; Lischeid, G; Alewell, C; Matzner, E 2000 Sulfate pools in the weathered substrata of a forested catchment Soil Science Society of America
1532714  Müller, Matthias; Alewell, Christine; Hagedorn, Frank 2009 Effective retention of litter-derived dissolved organic carbon in organic layers Soil Biology and Biochemistry
89239  Lischeid, G.; Moritz, K.; Bittersohl, J.; Alewell, C.; Matzner, E. 2000 Sinks of anthropogenic nitrogen and sulphate in the Lehstenbach catchment (Fichtelgebirge): lessons learned concerning reversibility Silva Gabreta
4193929  Huang, Jen-How; Paul, Sonja; Mayer, Silke; Moradpour, Eloise; Hasselbach, Ralf; Gieré, Reto; Alewell, Christine 2017 Metal biogeochemistry in constructed wetlands based on fluviatile sand and zeolite- and clinopyroxene-dominated lava sand Scientific Reports
4612322  Meusburger, Katrin; Evrard, Olivier; Alewell, Christine; Borrelli, Pasquale; Cinelli, Giorgia; Ketterer, Michael; Mabit, Lionel; Panagos, Panos; van Oost, Kristof; Ballabio, Cristiano 2020 Plutonium aided reconstruction of caesium atmospheric fallout in European topsoils Scientific Reports
3289568  Stopelli, Emiliano; Conen, Franz; Morris, Cindy E.; Herrmann, Erik; Bukowiecki, Nicolas; Alewell, Christine 2015 Ice nucleation active particles are efficiently removed by precipitating clouds Scientific Reports
4044613  Osterwalder, Stefan; Bishop, Kevin; Alewell, Christine; Fritsche, Johannes; Laudon, Hjalmar; Åkerblom, Staffan; Nilsson, Mats B. 2017 Mercury evasion from a boreal peatland shortens the timeline for recovery from legacy pollution Scientific Reports
2392725  Panagos, Panos; Meusburger, Katrin; Ballabio, Cristiano; Borrelli, Pasqualle; Alewell, Christine 2014 Soil erodibility in Europe: a high-resolution dataset based on LUCAS Science of the total environment
4612333  Hirave, Pranav; Glendell, Miriam; Birkholz, Axel; Alewell, Christine 2021 Compound-specific isotope analysis with nested sampling approach detects spatial and temporal variability in the sources of suspended sediments in a Scottish mesoscale catchment Science of the Total Environment
4660235  Groß-Schmölders, Miriam; Klein, Jennifer Kristin; Emsens, Willem-Jan; van Diggelen, Rudy; Aggenbach, Camiel J. S.; Liczner, Yvonne; Frouz, Jan; Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine 2022 Stable isotopes (d(13)C, d(15)N) and biomarkers as indicators of the hydrological regime of fens in a European east-west transect Science of the Total Environment
3703915  Ballabio, Cristiano; Borrelli, Pasquale; Spinoni, Jonathan; Meusburger, Katrin; Michaelides, Silas; Beguería, Santiago; Klik, Andreas; Petan, Sašo; Janeček, Miloslav; Olsen, Preben; Aalto, Juha; Lakatos, Mónika; Rymszewicz, Anna; Dumitrescu, Alexandru; Tadić, Melita Perčec; Diodato, Nazzareno; Kostalova, Julia; Rousseva, Svetla; Banasik, Kazimierz; Alewell, Christine; Panagos, Panos 2017 Mapping monthly rainfall erosivity in Europe Science of the Total Environment
2828885  Panagos, Panos; Ballabio, Cristiano; Borrelli, Pasquale; Meusburger, Katrin; Klik, Andreas; Rousseva, Svetla; Tadic, Melita Percec; Michaelides, Silas; Hrabalikova, Michaela; Olsen, Preben; Aalto, Juha; Lakatos, Monika; Rymszewicz, Anna; Dumitrescu, Alexandru; Begueria, Santiago; Alewell, Christine 2015 Rainfall Erosivity in Europe Science of the Total Environment
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 237)

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