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ID Author Year Title Publisher
86877  Fritsche, J.; Obrist, D.; Zeeman, M. J.; Conen, F.; Eugster, W.; Alewell, C. 2008 Elemental mercury fluxes over a sub-alpine grassland determined with two micrometeorological methods Atmospheric environment
2739484  Obrist, D; Conen, F; Vogt, R; Siegwolf, R; Alewell, C 2006 Estimation of Hg⁰ exchange between ecosystems and the atmosphere using ²²²RN and Hg⁰ concentration changes in the stable nocturnal boundary layer Atmospheric environment
2349754  Stopelli, E.; Conen, F.; Zimmermann, L.; Alewell, C.; Morris, C. E. 2014 Freezing nucleation apparatus puts new slant on study of biological ice nucleators in precipitation Atmospheric measurement techniques
964463  Conen, F.; Henne, S.; Morris, C. E.; Alewell, C. 2012 Atmospheric ice nucleators active ≥ −12 °C may be quantified on PM10 filters Atmospheric measurement techniques
3344048  Krüger, Jan Paul; Leifeld, Jens; Glatzel, Stephan; Alewell, Christine 2015 Soil carbon loss from managed peatlands along a land use gradient - a comparison of three different methods BGS Bulletin
4484889  Schmidt, Simon; Alewell, Christine; Panagos, Panagos; Meusburger, Katrin 2017 Saisonale und räumliche Variabilität der Niederschlagserosivität in der Schweiz BGS Bulletin
4647165  Wohlgemuth, Lena; Rautio, Pasi; Ahrends, Bernd; Russ, Alexander; Vesterdal, Lars; Waldner, Peter; Timmermann, Volkmar; Eickenscheidt, Nadine; Fuerst, Alfred; Greve, Martin; Roskams, Peter; Thimonier, Anne; Nicolas, Manuel; Kowalska, Anna; Ingerslev, Morten; Merila, Paivi; Benham, Sue; Iacoban, Carmen; Hoch, Guenter; Alewell, Christine; Jiskra, Martin 2022 Physiological and climate controls on foliar mercury uptake by European tree species BIOGEOSCIENCES
412362  Martin, Cyrill; Pohl, Mandy; Alewell, Christine; Körner, Christian; Rixen, Christian 2010 Interrill erosion at disturbed alpine sites: Effects of plant functional diversity and vegetation cover Basic and Applied Ecology
86894  Likens, GE; Driscoll, CT; Buso, DC; Mitchell, MJ; Lovett, GM; Bailey, SW; Siccama, TG; Reiners, WA; Alewell, C 2002 The biogeochemistry of sulfur at Hubbard Brook Biogeochemistry
2828899  Jung, Byung-Joon; Jeanneau, Laurent; Alewell, Christine; Kim, Bomchul; Park, Ji-Hyung 2014 Downstream alteration of the composition and biodegradability of particulate organic carbon in a mountainous, mixed land-use watershed Biogeochemistry
86912  Alewell, C; Gehre, M 1999 Patterns of stable S isotopes in a forested catchment as indicators for biological S turnover Biogeochemistry
86892  Alewell, C; Lischeid, G; Hell, U; Manderscheid, B 2004 High temporal resolution of ion fluxes in semi-natural ecosystems : gain of information or waste of resources? Biogeochemistry
86911  Alewell, C; Mitchell, MJ; Likens, GE; Krouse, HR 1999 Sources of stream sulfate at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest : long-term analyses using stable isotopes Biogeochemistry
4600452  Hirave, Pranav; Wiesenberg, Guido L. B.; Birkholz, Axel; Alewell, Christine 2020 Understanding the effects of early degradation on isotopic tracers: implications for sediment source attribution using compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA) Biogeosciences
3629805  Alewell, C.; Birkholz, A.; Meusburger, K.; Wildhaber, Y. S.; Mabit, L. 2016 Quantitative sediment source attribution with compound-specific isotope analysis in a C3 plant-dominated catchment (central Switzerland) Biogeosciences
4190976  Stopelli, Emiliano; Conen, Franz; Guilbaud, Caroline; Zopfi, Jakob; Alewell, Christine; Morris, Cindy E. 2017 Ice nucleators, bacterial cells and Pseudomonas syringae in precipitation at Jungfraujoch Biogeosciences
69379  Conen, F.; Zimmermann, M.; Leifeld, J.; Seth, B.; Alewell, C. 2008 Relative stability of soil carbon revealed by shifts in delta N-15 and C:N ratio Biogeosciences
3120906  Krueger, J. P.; Leifeld, J.; Glatzel, S.; Szidat, S.; Alewell, C. 2015 Biogeochemical indicators of peatland degradation - a case study of a temperate bog in northern Germany Biogeosciences
2622241  Krueger, J. P.; Leifeld, J.; Alewell, C. 2014 Degradation changes stable carbon isotope depth profiles in palsa peatlands Biogeosciences
694006  Alewell, C.; Giesler, R.; Klaminder, J.; Leifeld, J.; Rollog, M. 2011 Stable carbon isotopes as indicators for environmental change in palsa peats Biogeosciences
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