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ID Author Year Title Publisher
86940  Alewell, C.; Schaub, M.; Conen, F. 2009 A method to detect soil carbon degradation during soil erosion Biogeosciences
86902  Alewell, C; Armbruster, M; Bittersohl, J; Evans, CD; Meesenburg, H; Moritz, K; Prechtel, A 2001 Are there signs of acidification reversal in freshwaters of the low mountain ranges in Germany? Hydrology and earth system sciences
86916  Alewell, C; Bredemeier, M; Matzner, E; Blanck, K 1997 Soil solution response to experimentally reduced acid deposition in a forest ecosystem Journal of environmental quality
86912  Alewell, C; Gehre, M 1999 Patterns of stable S isotopes in a forested catchment as indicators for biological S turnover Biogeochemistry
86892  Alewell, C; Lischeid, G; Hell, U; Manderscheid, B 2004 High temporal resolution of ion fluxes in semi-natural ecosystems : gain of information or waste of resources? Biogeochemistry
86914  Alewell, C; Manderscheid, B 1998 Use of objective criteria for the assessment of biogeochemical ecosystem models Ecological modelling
86910  Alewell, C; Manderscheid, B; Gerstberger, P; Matzner, E 2000 Effects of reduced atmospheric deposition on soil solution chemistry and elemental contents of spruce needles in NE-Bavaria, Germany Journal of plant nutrition and soil science
86920  Alewell, C; Manderscheid, B; Lukewille, A; Koeppe, P; Prenzel, J 1995 Describing soil SO42- dynamics in the Solling roof project with 4 two different modelling approaches Water, air and soil pollution
86917  Alewell, C; Matzner, E 1996 Water, NaHCO3-, NaH2PO4- and NaCl-extractable SO42- in acid forest soils Journal of plant nutrition and soil science
86911  Alewell, C; Mitchell, MJ; Likens, GE; Krouse, HR 1999 Sources of stream sulfate at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest : long-term analyses using stable isotopes Biogeochemistry
86908  Alewell, C; Mitchell, MJ; Likens, GE; Krouse, R 2000 Assessing the origin of sulfate deposition at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest Journal of environmental quality
86901  Alewell, C; Novak, M 2001 Spotting zones of dissimilatory sulfate reduction in a forested catchment : the S-34-S-35 approach Environmental pollution
86881  Alewell, C; Paul, S; Lischeid, G; Storck, F R 2008 Co-regulation of redox processes in freshwater wetlands as a function of organic matter availability? The science of the total environment
4522477  Alewell, Christine; Borrelli, Pasquale; Meusburger, Katrin; Panagos, Panos 2019 Using the USLE: Chances, challenges and limitations of soil erosion modelling International Soil and Water Conservation Research
2644716  Alewell, Christine; Egli, Markus; Meusburger, Katrin 2015 An attempt to estimate tolerable soil erosion rates by matching soil formation with denudation in Alpine grasslands Journal of soils and sediments
4620320  Alewell, Christine; Huang, Jen-How; McLaren, Timothy I.; Huber, Lea; Bünemann, Else K. 2021 Phosphorus retention in constructed wetlands enhanced by zeolite- and clinopyroxene-dominated lava sand Hydrological Processes
2047085  Alewell, Christine; Meusburger, Katrin; Brodbeck, Monika; Banninger, Dominik 2008 Methods to describe and predict soil erosion in mountain regions Landscape and urban planning
86889  Alewell, Christine; Paul, Sonja; Lischeid, Gunnar; Küsel, Kirsten; Gehre, Matthias 2006 Characterizing the redox status in three different forested wetlands with geochemical data Environmental science & technology
4612327  Alewell, Christine; Ringeval, Bruno; Ballabio, Cristiano; Robinson, David A.; Panagos, Panos; Borelli, Pasquale 2020 Global phosphorus shortage will be aggravated by soil erosion Nature Communications
3641309  Arata, L.; Alewell, C.; Frenkel, E.; A’Campo-Neuen, A.; Iurian, A. -R.; Ketterer, M. E.; Mabit, L.; Meusburger, K. 2016 Modelling Deposition and Erosion rates with RadioNuclides (MODERN) – Part 2: A comparison of different models to convert 239+240Pu inventories into soil redistribution rates at unploughed sites Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
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