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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1193290  Buehlmann, M.; Frei, R.; Fenner, L.; Dangel, M.; Fluckiger, U.; Widmer, A. F. 2008 Highly effective regimen for decolonization of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus carriers Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
1194011  Khanna, Nina; Widmer, Andreas F; Decker, Michael; Steffen, Ingrid; Halter, Jörg; Heim, Dominik; Weisser, Maja; Gratwohl, Alois; Fluckiger, Ursula; Hirsch, Hans H 2008 Respiratory syncytial virus infection in patients with hematological diseases: single-center study and review of the literature Clinical infectious diseases
1195353  Khanlari, B.; Bodmer, M.; Terracciano, L.; Heim, M. H.; Fluckiger, U.; Weisser, M. 2008 Hepatitis with fibrin-ring granulomas Infection

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1197697  Mertz, Dominik; Viktorin, Nina; Wolbers, Marcel; Flückiger, Ursula; Battegay, Manuel 2009 Impact of HIV status on outcome of infectious complications in intravenous drug users JAIDS: journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes
1197376  Battegay, Manuel; Fehr, Jan; Flückiger, Ursula; Elzi, Luigia 2008 Antiretroviral therapy of late presenters with advanced HIV disease Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
Showing records 21 - 25 (of 25)

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