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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1197054  Kurth, Elisabeth; Spichiger, Elisabeth; Cignacco, Eva; Kennedy, Holly Powell; Glanzmann, René; Schmid, Monika; Staehelin, Katharina; Schindler, Christian; Stutz, Elisabeth Zemp 2010 Predictors of crying problems in the early postpartum period Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, & neonatal nursing
3483939  Kurth, Elisabeth; Krähenbühl, Katrin; Eicher, Manuela; Rodmann, Susanne; Fölmli, Luzia; Conzelmann, Cornelia; Zemp, Elisabeth 2016 Safe start at home : what parents of newborns need after early discharge from hospital - a focus group study BMC health services research
2609690  Kurth, Elisabeth; Kennedy, Holly Powell; Zemp Stutz, Elisabeth; Kesselring, Annemarie; Fornaro, Isabel; Spichiger, Elisabeth 2014 Responding to a crying infant - you do not learn it overnight : a phenomenological study Midwifery
1193411  Kurth, Elisabeth; Jaeger, Fabienne N; Zemp, Elisabeth; Tschudin, Sibil; Bischoff, Alexander 2010 Reproductive health care for asylum-seeking women - a challenge for health professionals BMC public health
1022868  Kurth, E.; Kennedy, H. P.; Spichiger, E.; Hosli, I.; Zemp Stutz E., 2011 Crying babies, tired mothers : what do we know : a systematic review Midwifery
3433379  Jung, C.; Otte, I.; Bally, K.; Zemp, E.; Gudat, H. 2015 General practice and palliative care - the Swiss approach BAOJ Palliative medicine
3846285  Jeong, Ayoung; Imboden, Medea; Hansen, Sofie; Zemp, Elisabeth; Bridevaux, Pierre-Olivier; Lovison, Gianfranco; Schindler, Christian; Probst-Hensch, Nicole 2017 Heterogeneity of obesity-asthma association disentangled by latent class analysis, the SAPALDIA cohort Respiratory medicine
3321974  Hansen, Sofie; Probst-Hensch, Nicole; Keidel, Dirk; Dratva, Julia; Bettschart, Robert; Pons, Marco; Burdet, Luc; Bridevaux, Pierre-Olivier; Schikowski, Tamara; Schindler, Christian; Rochat, Thierry; Zemp, Elisabeth 2015 Gender differences in adult-onset asthma: results from the Swiss SAPALDIA cohort study The European respiratory journal
4498849  Hansen, S.; Zemp, E.; Bettschart, R.; Pons, M.; Rochat, T.; Jeong, Ayoung; Keidel, Dirk; Schindler, Christian; Probst-Hensch, N. 2019 Gender differences in the association between life history of body silhouettes and asthma incidence : results from the SAPALDIA cohort study Respiratory Medicine: X
3831078  Hansen, S.; Probst-Hensch, N.; Bettschart, R.; Pons, M.; Leynaert, B.; Gomez Real, F.; Rochat, T.; Dratva, J.; Schneider, C.; Keidel, D.; Schindler, C.; Zemp, E. 2017 Early menarche and new onset of asthma : results from the SAPALDIA cohort study Maturitas
4652501  Haag, M.; Zemp, E.; Hersberger, K. E.; Arnet, I. 2020 Who is best to test? A systematic review of chlamydia infections in Switzerland International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2017069  Gross, Karin; Schindler, Christian; Grize, Leticia; Späth, Anna; Schwind, Bettina; Zemp, Elisabeth 2013 Patient-physician concordance and discordance in gynecology : do physicians identify patients' reasons for visit and do patients understand physicians' actions? Patient education and counseling
3121476  Gross, Karin; Hartmann, Karin; Zemp, Elisabeth; Merten, Sonja 2015 'I know it has worked for millions of years' : the role of the 'natural' in parental reasoning against child immunization in a qualitative study in Switzerland BMC public health
3768442  Giezendanner, Stéphanie; Jung, Corinna; Banderet, Hans-Ruedi; Otte, Ina Carola; Gudat, Heike; Haller, Dagmar M.; Elger, Bernice S.; Zemp, Elisabeth; Bally, Klaus 2017 General practitioners' attitudes towards essential competencies in end-of-life care : a cross-sectional survey PLoS ONE
4486138  Giezendanner, Stéphanie; Bally, Klaus; Haller, Dagmar M.; Jung, Corinna; Otte, Ina C.; Banderet, Hans-Ruedi; Elger, Bernice S.; Zemp, Elisabeth; Gudat, Heike 2018 Reasons for and frequency of end-of-life hospital admissions : GPs perspective on reducing end-of-life hospital referrals Journal of Palliative Medicine
2420091  Gerbase, M W; Dratva, J; Germond, M; Tschopp, J M; Pépin, J L; Carballo, D; Künzli, N; Probst-Hensch, N M; Adam, M; Zemp Stutz, E; Roche, F; Rochat, T 2014 Sleep fragmentation and sleep-disordered breathing in individuals living close to main roads : results from a population-based study Sleep medicine
1023094  Forrester-Knauss, Christine; Zemp Stutz, Elisabeth; Weiss, Carine; Tschudin, Sibil 2011 The interrelation between premenstrual syndrome and major depression : results from a population-based sample BMC public health
1634807  Forrester-Knauss, Christine; Zemp Stutz, Elisabeth 2012 Gender differences in disordered eating and weight dissatisfaction in Swiss adults : which factors matter? BMC public health
2227260  Forrester-Knauss, Christine; Merten, Sonja; Weiss, Carine; Ackermann-Liebrich, Ursula; Zemp Stutz, Elisabeth 2013 The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Switzerland : trends over a 9-Year Period Journal of human lactation : official journal of the International Lactation Consultant Association
2730150  Dratva, Julia; Zemp, Elisabeth; Staedele, Patricia; Schindler, Christian; Constanza, Michael C; Constanza, Michael; Gerbase, Margaret; Probst-Hensch, Nicole; Rochat, Thierry; Ackermann-Liebrich, Ursula; SAPALDIA-Team 2007 Variability of reproductive history across the Swiss SAPALDIA cohort : patterns and main determinants Annals of human biology
Showing records 41 - 60 (of 96)

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