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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2363526  Hiriscau, Ioana E.; Stingelin-Giles, Nicola; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2013 Minors Ethical issues in research with minors : orientation by codes and many open questions Revista Romana de bioetica
4607146  Winkler, Eva C.; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Lange-Riess, Dorothee; Schmahl-Menges, Nina; Hiddemann, Wolfgang 2009 Patient involvement in decisions to limit treatment: the crucial role of agreement between physician and patient Journal of Clinical Oncology
4607148  Hurst, Samia A.; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Perrier, Arnaud; Forde, Reidun; Slowther, Anne-Marie; Pegoraro, Renzo; Danis, Marion 2007 Physicians' access to ethics support services in four European countries Health care analysis
4607149  Hurst, Samia A.; Forde, Reidun; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Slowther, Anne-Marie; Perrier, Arnaud; Pegoraro, Renzo; Danis, Marion 2007 Physicians' views on resource availability and equity in four European health care systems BMC Health Services Research
4607143  Rabenschlag, Franziska; Steinauer, Regine; Heimann, Regine; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2014 Pilotstudie: Wahrnehmung ethischer Aspekte in der psychiatrischen Patientenversorgung Psychiatrsche Praxis
2310137  Mertz, Marcel; Albisser Schleger, Heidi; Meyer-Zehnder, Barbara; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2014 Prinzipien und Diskurs – Ein Ansatz theoretischer Rechtfertigung der ethischen Fallbesprechung und Ethikkonsultation Ethik in der Medizin
4526904  Montaguti, Elena; Schürmann, Jan; Wetterauer, Charlotte; Picozzi, Mario; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2019 Reflecting on the Reasons Pros and Cons Coercive Measures for Patients in Psychiatric and Somatic Care: The Role of Clinical Ethics Consultation. A Pilot Study Frontiers in psychiatry
1195944  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Agich, George J 2008 Research on clinical ethics and consultation. Introduction to the theme Medicine, health care and philosophy
1194304  Wasserman, Danuta; Carli, Vladimir; Wasserman, Camilla; Apter, Alan; Balazs, Judit; Bobes, Julia; Bracale, Renata; Brunner, Romuald; Bursztein-Lipsicas, Cendrine; Corcoran, Paul; Cosman, Doina; Durkee, Tony; Feldman, Dana; Gadoros, Julia; Guillemin, Francis; Haring, Christian; Kahn, Jean-Pierre; Kaess, Michael; Keeley, Helen; Marusic, Dragan; Nemes, Bogdan; Postuvan, Vita; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Resch, Franz; Sáiz, Pilar; Sarchiapone, Marco; Sisask, Merike; Varnik, Airi; Hoven, Christina W 2010 Saving and empowering young lives in Europe (SEYLE) : a randomized controlled trial BMC public health
3403666  Wasserman, Danuta; Hoven, Christina W.; Wasserman, Camilla; Wall, Melanie; Eisenberg, Ruth; Hadlaczky, Gergö; Kelleher, Ian; Sarchiapone, Marco; Apter, Alan; Balazs, Judit; Bobes, Julio; Brunner, Romuald; Corcoran, Paul; Cosman, Doina; Guillemin, Francis; Haring, Christian; Iosue, Miriam; Kaess, Michael; Kahn, Jean-Pierre; Keeley, Helen; Musa, George; Nemes, Bogdan; Postuvan, Vita; Saiz, Pilar; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Varnik, Airi; Varnik, Peeter; Carli, Vladimir 2015 School-based Suicide Preventive Programs: the SEYLE cluster-randomised, controlled trial Lancet
4526920  Muggli, Mirella; De Geyter, Christian; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2019 Shall parent / patient wishes be fulfilled in any case? A series of 32 ethics consultations: from reproductive medicine to neonatology BMC Medical Ethics
1195027  Hurst, S A; Reiter-Theil, S; Slowther, A-M; Pegoraro, R; Forde, R; Danis, M 2008 Should ethics consultants help clinicians face scarcity in their practice? Journal of medical ethics
1537027  Gesang, Bernward; Mertz, Marcel; Meyer-Zehnder, Barbara; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2012 Starke und schwache Autonomie – eine hilfreiche Unterscheidung für die Vorbeugung von Unter- und Überbehandlung Ethik in der Medizin
4607139  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Wetterauer, Charlotte; Frei, Irena Anna 2018 Taking One's Own Life in Hospital? Patients and Health Care Professionals Vis-à-Vis the Tension between Assisted Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Switzerland International journal of environmental research and public health
3706523  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Schürmann, Jan 2016 The ‘Big Five’ in 100 Clinical Ethics Consultation Cases. Evaluating three years of ethics support in the Basel University Hospitals Bioethica Forum
4607147  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Mertz, Marcel; Meyer-Zehnder, Barbara 2007 The complex roles of relatives in end-of-life decision-making: an ethical analysis HEC forum
1161817  Hauke, D; Reiter-Theil, S; Hoster, E; Hiddemann, W; Winkler, E C 2011 The role of relatives in decisions concerning life-prolonging treatment in patients with end-stage malignant disorders : informants, advocates or surrogate decision-makers? Annals of oncology
2310121  Carli, Vladimir; Wasserman, Camilla; Wasserman, Danuta; Sarchiapone, Marco; Apter, Alan; Balazs, Judit; Bobes, Julio; Brunner, Romuald; Corcoran, Paul; Cosman, Doina; Guillemin, Francis; Haring, Christian; Kaess, Michael; Kahn, Jean Pierre; Keeley, Helen; Keresztény, Agnes; Iosue, Miriam; Mars, Ursa; Musa, George; Nemes, Bogdan; Postuvan, Vita; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Saiz, Pilar; Varnik, Peeter; Varnik, Airi; Hoven, Christina W 2013 The saving and empowering young lives in Europe (SEYLE) randomized controlled trial (RCT) : methodological issues and participant characteristics BMC public health
4607141  Laryionava, Katsiaryna; Pfeil, Timo A.; Dietrich, Mareike; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Winkler, Eva C. 2018 The second patient? Family members of cancer patients and their role in end-of-life decision making BMC palliative care
4607138  Würth, Kristina Maria; Langewitz, Wolf; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Schuster, Sylvie 2018 Their view: difficulties and challenges of patients and physicians in cross-cultural encounters and a medical ethics perspective BMC medical ethics
Showing records 61 - 80 (of 95)

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