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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1197875  Kobert,K; Pfäfflin,M; Reiter-Theil,S 2008 Evaluation des klinischen Ethik-Beratungsdienstes : Hintergrund, Konzepte und Strategie im Ev. Krankenhaus Bielefeld Ethik in der Medizin
3403672  Kazemian, Ali; Berg, Isabelle; Finkel, Christina; Yazdani, Shahram; Zeilhofer, Hans-Florian; Juergens, Philipp; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2015 How Much Dentists are Ethically Concerned about Overtreatment; a Vignette-Based Survey in Switzerland BMC medical ethics
1194096  Jox, Ralf J; Krebs, Mirjam; Fegg, Martin; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Frey, Lorenz; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Borasio, Gian Domenico 2010 Limiting life-sustaining treatment in German intensive care units: a multiprofessional survey Journal of critical care
1196053  Jox, R; Reiter-Theil, S 2010 Vom Hirntod zum Hirnchip : Brauchen wir eine Neuroethik? Schweizer Archiv für Neurologie und Psychiatrie
4526918  Jensen, Jana S.; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Celio, Diana A.; Jakob, Marcel; Vach, Werner; Saxer, Franziska J. 2019 Handling of informed consent and patient inclusion in research with geriatric trauma patients - a matter of protection or disrespect? Clinical Interventions in Aging
1197961  Hurst,S; Reiter-Theil,S; Baumann-Hölzle,R; Foppa,C; Malacrida,R; Bosshard,G; Salathé,M; Mauron,A 2008 Growth of clinical ethics in a multilinqual country : challenges and opportunities Bioethica-Forum
4607148  Hurst, Samia A.; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Perrier, Arnaud; Forde, Reidun; Slowther, Anne-Marie; Pegoraro, Renzo; Danis, Marion 2007 Physicians' access to ethics support services in four European countries Health care analysis
4607149  Hurst, Samia A.; Forde, Reidun; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Slowther, Anne-Marie; Perrier, Arnaud; Pegoraro, Renzo; Danis, Marion 2007 Physicians' views on resource availability and equity in four European health care systems BMC Health Services Research
1195027  Hurst, S A; Reiter-Theil, S; Slowther, A-M; Pegoraro, R; Forde, R; Danis, M 2008 Should ethics consultants help clinicians face scarcity in their practice? Journal of medical ethics
3403670  Hollwich, Sebastian; Franke, Irina; Riecher-Rössler, Anita; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2015 Therapist-client sex in psychotherapy: attitudes of professionals and students towards ethical arguments Swiss medical weekly
2461679  Hiriscau, Ioana E.; Stingelin-Giles, Nicola; Stadler, Christina; Schmeck, Klaus; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2014 A right to confidentiality or a duty to disclose? Ethical guidance for conducting prevention research with children and adolescents European child and adolescent psychiatry
2363526  Hiriscau, Ioana E.; Stingelin-Giles, Nicola; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2013 Minors Ethical issues in research with minors : orientation by codes and many open questions Revista Romana de bioetica
3706515  Hiriscau, Elisabeta Ioana; Stingelin-Giles, Nicola; Wasserman, Danuta; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2016 Identifying Ethical Issues in Mental Health Research with Minors Adolescents: Results of a Delphi Study International journal of environmental research and public health
1192629  Hentschel, Roland; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2008 Treatment of preterm infants at the lower margin of viability : a comparison of guidelines in German speaking countries Deutsches Ärzteblatt International
1161817  Hauke, D; Reiter-Theil, S; Hoster, E; Hiddemann, W; Winkler, E C 2011 The role of relatives in decisions concerning life-prolonging treatment in patients with end-stage malignant disorders : informants, advocates or surrogate decision-makers? Annals of oncology
1537027  Gesang, Bernward; Mertz, Marcel; Meyer-Zehnder, Barbara; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2012 Starke und schwache Autonomie – eine hilfreiche Unterscheidung für die Vorbeugung von Unter- und Überbehandlung Ethik in der Medizin
1161815  Dörries, Andrea; Boitte, Pierre; Borovecki, Ana; Cobbaut, Jean-Philippe; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Slowther, Anne-Marie 2011 Institutional challenges for clinical ethics committees HEC forum
1196495  De Geyter, Christian; Boehler, Brigitta; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2010 Differences and similarities in the attitudes of paediatricians, gynaecologists and experienced parents to criteria delineating potential risks for the welfare of children to be conceived with assisted reproduction Swiss medical weekly
2310121  Carli, Vladimir; Wasserman, Camilla; Wasserman, Danuta; Sarchiapone, Marco; Apter, Alan; Balazs, Judit; Bobes, Julio; Brunner, Romuald; Corcoran, Paul; Cosman, Doina; Guillemin, Francis; Haring, Christian; Kaess, Michael; Kahn, Jean Pierre; Keeley, Helen; Keresztény, Agnes; Iosue, Miriam; Mars, Ursa; Musa, George; Nemes, Bogdan; Postuvan, Vita; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Saiz, Pilar; Varnik, Peeter; Varnik, Airi; Hoven, Christina W 2013 The saving and empowering young lives in Europe (SEYLE) randomized controlled trial (RCT) : methodological issues and participant characteristics BMC public health
1161821  Carli, Vladimir; Hadlaczky, Gergö; Wasserman, Camilla; Stingelin-Giles, Nicola; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Wasserman, Danuta 2012 Maintaining confidentiality in prospective studies: anonymous repeated measurements via email (ARME) procedure Journal of medical ethics
Showing records 61 - 80 (of 95)

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