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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4607146  Winkler, Eva C.; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Lange-Riess, Dorothee; Schmahl-Menges, Nina; Hiddemann, Wolfgang 2009 Patient involvement in decisions to limit treatment: the crucial role of agreement between physician and patient Journal of Clinical Oncology
3403666  Wasserman, Danuta; Hoven, Christina W.; Wasserman, Camilla; Wall, Melanie; Eisenberg, Ruth; Hadlaczky, Gergö; Kelleher, Ian; Sarchiapone, Marco; Apter, Alan; Balazs, Judit; Bobes, Julio; Brunner, Romuald; Corcoran, Paul; Cosman, Doina; Guillemin, Francis; Haring, Christian; Iosue, Miriam; Kaess, Michael; Kahn, Jean-Pierre; Keeley, Helen; Musa, George; Nemes, Bogdan; Postuvan, Vita; Saiz, Pilar; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Varnik, Airi; Varnik, Peeter; Carli, Vladimir 2015 School-based Suicide Preventive Programs: the SEYLE cluster-randomised, controlled trial Lancet
1194304  Wasserman, Danuta; Carli, Vladimir; Wasserman, Camilla; Apter, Alan; Balazs, Judit; Bobes, Julia; Bracale, Renata; Brunner, Romuald; Bursztein-Lipsicas, Cendrine; Corcoran, Paul; Cosman, Doina; Durkee, Tony; Feldman, Dana; Gadoros, Julia; Guillemin, Francis; Haring, Christian; Kahn, Jean-Pierre; Kaess, Michael; Keeley, Helen; Marusic, Dragan; Nemes, Bogdan; Postuvan, Vita; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Resch, Franz; Sáiz, Pilar; Sarchiapone, Marco; Sisask, Merike; Varnik, Airi; Hoven, Christina W 2010 Saving and empowering young lives in Europe (SEYLE) : a randomized controlled trial BMC public health
1533788  Ulmer, S.; Stippich, C.; v. Kummer, R.; Fesl, G.; Reiter-Theil, S.; Jansen, O. 2012 Management von Zufallsbefunden in Neuroimaging-Studien Nervenheilkunde
2310119  Stutzki, Ralf; Weber, Markus; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Simmen, Urs; Borasio, Gian Domenico; Jox, Ralf J. 2014 Attitudes towards hastened death in ALS : a prospective study of patients and family caregivers Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis & frontotemporal degeneration
2310122  Stutzki, Ralf; Weber, Markus; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2013 Finding their voices again : a media project offers a floor for vulnerable patients, clients and the socially deprived Medicine, health care and philosophy
1533655  Stutzki, Ralf; Schneider, Ursula; Reiter-Theil, Stella; Weber, Markus 2012 Attitudes Toward Assisted Suicide and Life-Prolonging Measures in Swiss ALS Patients and Their Caregivers Frontiers in psychology
4526921  Schürmann, Jan; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2019 Blick hinter die Kulissen. Die Themen in der Ethikkonsultation Swiss Med Forum
4526905  Schürmann, Jan; Jähne, Sebastian; Wetterauer, Charlotte; Reiter-Theil, Stella 2019 Ethikberatung in der Behandlung von Abhängigkeitserkrankungen Sucht
4607139  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Wetterauer, Charlotte; Frei, Irena Anna 2018 Taking One's Own Life in Hospital? Patients and Health Care Professionals Vis-à-Vis the Tension between Assisted Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Switzerland International journal of environmental research and public health
4607144  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Schürmann, Jan; Schmeck, Klaus 2014 Klinische Ethik in der Psychiatrie: State of the Art Psychiatrsche Praxis
3706523  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Schürmann, Jan 2016 The ‘Big Five’ in 100 Clinical Ethics Consultation Cases. Evaluating three years of ethics support in the Basel University Hospitals Bioethica Forum
1555817  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Mertz, Marcel; Schürmann, Jan; Stingelin Giles, Nicola; Meyer-Zehnder, Barbara 2011 Evidence - competence - discourse: the theoretical framework of the multi-centre clinical ethics support project METAP Bioethics
4607147  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Mertz, Marcel; Meyer-Zehnder, Barbara 2007 The complex roles of relatives in end-of-life decision-making: an ethical analysis HEC forum
1195944  Reiter-Theil, Stella; Agich, George J 2008 Research on clinical ethics and consultation. Introduction to the theme Medicine, health care and philosophy
1194369  Reiter-Theil, Stella 2009 Dealing with the normative dimension in clinical ethics consultation Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics
1533657  Reiter-Theil, Stella 2012 What does empirical research contribute to medical ethics? A methodological discussion using exemplary studies. Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics
1195573  Reiter-Theil, Stella 2008 [Clinical ethics consultation - an integrative model for practice and reflection] Therapeutische Umschau
3706520  Reiter-Theil, Stella 2016 Initiating and Maintaining Clinical Ethics Support in Psychiatry. Ten Tasks and Challenges – and How to Meet Them Clinical Ethics
2613247  Reiter-Theil, S; Meyer-Zehnder, B; Mertz, M; Albisser, H; Kressig RW; Pargger H 2014 Klinische Ethik als Partnerschaft - oder wie eine ethische Leitlinie für den patientengerechten Einsatz von Ressourcen entwickelt und implementiert werden kann Hessisches Ärzteblatt
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 95)

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