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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1517044  Akrich, M.; Hennion, A.; Rabeharisoa, V.; Mondada, L. 2004 Vom Objekt zur Interaktion und zurück ZBBS
3787616  Mondada, Lorenza 2017 Walking and talking together: Questions/answers and mobile participation in guided visits Social Science Information
2496388  Broth, M.; Mondada, L. 2013 Walking away. The embodied achievement of activity closings in mobile interactions Journal of pragmatics
4657010  Merlino, Sara; Mondada, Lorenza; Söderström, O 2022 Walking through the city soundscape : an audio-visual analysis of sensory experience for people with psychosis. Visual Communications
1517020  Mondada, L. 2003 Working with video: how surgeons produce video records of their actions Visual Studies
4482861  Mondada, Lorenza; Svinhufvud, Kimmo 2016 Writing-in-interaction. Studying writing as a multimodal phenomenon in social interaction Language and dialogue
3750851  Mondada, Lorenza; Oloff, Florence 2015 «hetero oder homo ?» La performance d’un coming out hétérosexuel à la radio Langage et Société

Publication: ConferencePaper (Artikel, die in Tagungsbänden erschienen sind)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2477154  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Commentary: Being mobile, talking on the move : conceptual, analytical and methodological challenges of mobility Space in language and linguistics : geographical, interactional, and cognitive perspectives
2477128  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Interactional space and the study of embodied talk-ininteraction Space in language and linguistics : geographical, interactional, and cognitive perspectives
Showing records 401 - 409 (of 409)

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