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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4610681  Mondada, Lorenza; Harjunpää, Katariina 2019 Multimodaalinen Litterointi Keskustelunanalyysissä Puhe ja kieli
4517933  Broth, Matthias; Mondada, Lorenza 2019 Delaying moving away: Place, mobility, and the multimodal organization of activities Journal of Pragmatics
4517934  Heath, Christian; Mondada, Lorenza 2019 Transparency and Embodied Action: Turn Organisation & Fairness Social psychology quarterly
4610676  Mondada, Lorenza 2019 Participants' orientations to material and sensorial features of objects: looking, touching, smelling and tasting while requesting products in shops Gesprächsforschung - Online-Zeitschrift zur verbalen Interaktion
4519848  Mondada, Lorenza 2019 Transcribing silent actions: a multimodal approach of sequence organization Social Interaction. Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality
4519850  Mondada, Lorenza 2019 Contemporary issues in Conversation Analysis. Embodiment and materiality, multimodality and multisensoriality in social interaction Journal of Pragmatics
4610430  Mondada, Lorenza; Bänninger, Julia; Bouaouina, Sofian; Gauthier, Guillaume; Hänggi, Philipp; Koda, Mizuki; Svensson, Hanna; Tekin, Burak S. 2020 Changing social practices. Covid-19 and new forms of sociality Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa
4610432  Mondada, Lorenza; Bänninger, Julia; Bouaouina, Sofian A.; Gauthier, Guillaume; Hänggi, Philipp; Koda, Mizuki; Svensson, Hanna; Tekin, Burak S. 2020 Doing paying during the Covid-19 pandemic Discourse Studies
4610429  Mondada, Lorenza 2020 Audible Sniffs: Smelling-in-Interaction Research on Language and Social Interaction
4610428  Mondada, Lorenza; Tekin, Burak 2020 Arranging bodies for photographs: Professional touch in the photography studio Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality
4610431  Mondada, Lorenza; Bänninger, Julia; Bouaouina, Sofian A.; Camus, Laurent; Gauthier, Guillaume; Hänggi, Philipp; Koda, Mizuki; Svensson, Hanna; Tekin, Burak S. 2020 Human sociality in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic: A systematic examination of change in greetings Journal of Sociolinguistics
4635864  Greco, L.; Mondada, Lorenza 2021 Charles Goodwin, le langagier, le corporel et la socialité en interaction. Introduction au numéro spécial sur Charles Goodwin Langage et Société
4635865  Mondada, Lorenza 2021 Organisation multimodale de la participation au sein du couple : corporéité, matérialité et sensorialité dans l’interaction sociale. Langage et Société
4635868  Mondada, Lorenza; Fele, G. 2021 Descrittori visivi per l’assaggio professionale: lessico, sensorialità e standardizzazione. Rivista Italiana di Linguistica Applicata
4635867  Mondada, Lorenza 2021 Te:mos o serra cura::do, temos o ni:sa, temos o serpa do:p. Suggesting products to buy, shaping materiality and multisensoriality in shop encounters Calidoscopio
4635815  Camus, Laurent ; Mondada, Lorenza 2021 L'anaphore à distance : enjeux multimodaux, épistémiques et normatifs en interaction Langue française
4635866  Mondada, Lorenza 2021 How early can embodied responses be? Issues in time and sequentiality Discourse Processes
4610425  Mondada, Lorenza 2021 Orchestrating Multi-sensoriality in Tasting Sessions: Sensing Bodies, Normativity, and Language Symbolic Interaction
4635862  Mondada, Lorenza 2021 Language and the sensing body. How sensoriality permeates syntax in interaction. Frontiers Communication
4635863  Mondada, Lorenza; Bouaouina, S.A.; Camus, L.; Gauthier, G.; Svensson, H.; Tekin, B 2021 The local and filmed accountability of sensorial practices. The intersubjectivity of touch as an interactional accomplishment. Social Interaction. Social Interaction
Showing records 381 - 400 (of 409)

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