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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3750850  Mondada, Lorenza 2015 The facilitator's task of formulating citizens' proposals in political meetings: Orchestrating multiple embodied orientations to recipients Gesprächsforschung - Online-Zeitschrift zur verbalen Interaktion
3750851  Mondada, Lorenza; Oloff, Florence 2015 «hetero oder homo ?» La performance d’un coming out hétérosexuel à la radio Langage et Société
3791139  Mondada, Lorenza 2015 Ouverture et préouverture de réunions visiophoniques Réseaux
3787919  Mondada, Lorenza 2016 Challenges of multimodality: Language and the body in social interaction Journal of Sociolinguistics
3787916  Mondada, Lorenza; Sorjonen, Marja-Leena 2016 Making multiple requests in French and Finnish convenience stores Language in society
4482861  Mondada, Lorenza; Svinhufvud, Kimmo 2016 Writing-in-interaction. Studying writing as a multimodal phenomenon in social interaction Language and dialogue
3787920  Mondada, Lorenza 2016 Going to write: Embodied trajectories of writing of collective proposals in grassroots democracy meetings Language and dialogue
3787634  Mondada, Lorenza 2017 Nouveaux défis pour l’analyse conversationnelle: l’organisation située et systématique de l’interaction sociale Langage et Société
3787615  Mondada, Lorenza 2017 Freine et braque (.) Langue Française
3787622  Mondada, Lorenza 2017 The micro-politics of sequential organization. Contributions from conversation analysis and ethnomethodology Journal of Language and Politics
3787616  Mondada, Lorenza 2017 Walking and talking together: Questions/answers and mobile participation in guided visits Social Science Information
3787626  Mondada, Lorenza; Svensson, Hanna; van Schepen, Nynke 2017 A table-based turn-taking system and its political consequences: Managing participation, building opinion groups, and fostering consensus Journal of Language and Politics
4491598  Deppermann, Arnulf; Laurier, Eric; Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Overtaking as an interactional achievement : video analyses of participants' practices in traffic Gesprächsforschung
4491751  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Greetings as a device to find out and establish the language of service encounters in multilingual settings Journal of pragmatics
4491684  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 The multimodal interactional organization of tasting: Practices of tasting cheese in gourmet shops Discourse Studies
4491749  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Multiple Temporalities of Language and Body Interaction: Challenges for Transcribing Multimodality Research on Language and Social Interaction
4491750  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Driving instruction at high speed on a race circuit: Issues in action formation and sequence organization International Journal of Applied Linguistics
4491596  Mondada, Lorenza; De Stefani, Elwys 2018 Encounters in public space: How acquainted versus unacquainted persons establish social and spatial arrangements Research on Language and Social Interaction
4491680  Harjunpää, Katariina; Mondada, Lorenza; Svinhufvud, Kimmo 2018 The coordinated entry into service encounters in food shops: Managing interactional space, availability, and service during openings Research on Language and Social Interaction
4488855  Merlino, Sara; Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Crossing the street: how pedestrians interact with cars Language & Communication
Showing records 361 - 380 (of 409)

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