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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3342233  Fotso Kuate, Apollin; Hanna, Rachid; Tindo, Maurice; Doumptsop, Armand; Nagel, Peter 2015 How plants and honeydew-producing hemipteran insects affect ant species richness and structure in a tropical forest zone Insectes sociaux
2848951  Hertach, Thomas; Trilar, Tomi; Wade, Elizabeth J.; Simon, Chris; Nagel, Peter 2015 Songs, genetics and morphology : revealing the taxonomic units in the European Cicadetta cerdaniensis cicada group with a description of new taxa (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) Zoological journal of the Linnean Society
3342050  Schmidlin, Lara; von Fumetti, Stefanie; Nagel, Peter 2015 Temperature effects on the feeding and electron transport system (ETS) activity of Gammarus fossarum Aquatic ecology
3342229  Hanna, R.; Kuate, A. Fotso; Nanga, S. Nanga; Tindo, M.; Nagel, P. 2015 Boric acid for the suppression of the ant Anoplolepis tenella and effects on an associated scale insect pest Stictococcus vayssierei in cassava fields in the Congo Basin Crop protection
3342052  Schmidlin, Lara; von Fumetti, Stefanie; Nagel, Peter 2015 Copper sulphate reduces the metabolic activity of Gammarus fossarum in laboratory and field experiments Aquatic toxicology
3342051  Schmidlin, Lara; von Fumetti, Stefanie; Nagel, Peter 2015 Effects of increased temperatures on Gammarus fossarum under the influence of copper sulphate Ecotoxicology
3495077  Barloggio, Guendalina; Tamm, Lucius; Oberhänsli, Thomas; Nagel, Peter; Luka, Henryk 2015 The egg parasitoid Telenomus sp. as a novel biocontrol agent to prevent the cabbage moth Acta Fytotechnica et Zootechnica
2747076  Bwong, Beryl A.; Malonza, Patrick K.; Wasonga, Dominick V.; Nyamache, Joash O.; Nagel, Peter; Loader, Simon P.; 2014 At a Biogeographical Crossroads : Amphibian Paradise in Shimba Hills of Kenya Froglog
2820081  Belz, Elodie; Geneau, Celine E.; Fuerst, Moritz; Balmer, Oliver; Andermatt, Pius; Pfifner, Lukas; Westerd, Leon; Luka, Henryk 2014 Rearing of Microplitis mediator (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and its host Mamestra brassicae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) European journal of entomology
2820193  Storck, Florian Rüdiger; Schütz, K; Wülser, R; Nagel, P; Alewell, C 2014 Künstliche Grundwasseranreicherung für die Trinkwassergewinnung : Untersuchungen zur Nachhaltigkeit der Reinigungsleistung bei der Bodenpassage am Standort "Lange Erlen" (Basel) Regio Basiliensis
2512905  Liedtke, H. Christoph; Müller, Hendrik; Hafner, Julian; Nagel, Peter; Loader, Simon P. 2014 Interspecific patterns for egg and clutch sizes of African Bufonidae (Amphibia: Anura) Zoologischer Anzeiger
2670643  Nagel, Peter; Schmidlin, Lara 2014 Silbermann’s "Revue entomologique": Publication Dates for Nomenclatural Purposes and Bibliographic Notes (Insecta, mainly Coleoptera) Zootaxa
2363064  Barej, Michael F; Rödel, Mark-Oliver; Loader, Simon P; Menegon, Michele; Gonwouo, Nono L; Penner, Johannes; Gvoždík, Václav; Günther, Rainer; Bell, Rayna C; Nagel, Peter; Schmitz, Andreas 2014 Light shines through the spindrift - Phylogeny of African torrent frogs (Amphibia, Anura, Petropedetidae) Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
2381220  Mengistu, AA; Nagel, P; Getahun, A; Saber, SA; Loader, SP; 2013 Updated review of amphibian diversity, distribution and conservation in Ethiopia Ethiopian journal of biological sciences
2281008  Ballesteros-Mejia, Liliana; Kitching, Ian J.; Jetz, Walter; Nagel, Peter; Beck, Jan 2013 Mapping the biodiversity of tropical insects : species richness and inventory completeness of African sphingid moths Global ecology and biogeography
2281005  Beck, Jan; Ballesteros-Mejia, Liliana; Nagel, Peter; Kitching, Ian J. 2013 Online solutions and the "Wallacean shortfall" : what does GBIF contribute to our knowledge of species' ranges? Diversity & distributions
2290331  Hertach, Thomas; Nagel, Peter 2013 Cicadas in Switzerland : a scientific overview of the historic and current knowledge of a popular taxon (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) Revue suisse de zoologie
2280999  Ditner, Nadine; Balmer, Oliver; Beck, Jan; Blick, Theo; Nagel, Peter; Luka, Henryk 2013 Effects of experimentally planting non-crop flowers into cabbage fields on the abundance and diversity of predators Biodiversity and conservation
2280992  Müller, Hendrik; Liedtke, Hans Christoph; Menegon, Michele; Beck, Jan; Ballesteros-Mejia, Liliana; Nagel, Peter; Loader, Simon Paul 2013 Forests as promoters of terrestrial life-history strategies in East African amphibians Biology Letters
2290349  Luka, Henryk; Germann, Christoph; Marggi, Werner; Nagel, Peter; Luka, Agata; Lenzin, Heiner; Ochsenbein, Andreas; Durrer, Heinz 2013 Käfer des Naturschutzgebietes "Petite Camargue Alsacienne", Saint-Louis, Haut-Rhin, Frankreich (Carabidae, Staphylinidae, Curculionoidea) : kommentierte Artenlisten, Stand 2012. Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaften beider Basel
Showing records 41 - 60 (of 98)

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