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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4649203  Ludyga, Sebastian; Mücke, Manuel; Leuenberger, Rahel; Bruggisser, Fabienne; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus; Capone-Mori, Andrea; Keutler, Clemens; Brotzmann, Mark; Weber, Peter 2022 Behavioral and neurocognitive effects of judo training on working memory capacity in children with ADHD: A randomized controlled trial NeuroImage: Clinical
4393391  Gerber, Markus; Holsboer-Trachsler, Edith; Pühse, Uwe; Brand, Serge 2016 Author's reply to the Letter to the Editor "Exercise is medicine for depression: Even if the "pill" is small" of Hallgren, Stubbs and Vancampfort Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment
4694272  Taylor, A.; Kong, C.; Zhang, Z.; Herold, F., Ludyga, S.; Healy, S.; Gerber, M.; Cheval, B.; Pontifex, M.; Kramer, A.F.; Chen, S.; Zhang, Y.; Müller, N.; Tremblay, M.S.; Zou, L. 2023 Associations of meeting 24-h movement behavior guidelines with cognitive difficulty and social relationships in children and adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactive disorder Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health
4626505  Long, Kurt Z.; Beckmann, Johanna; Lang, Christin; Seelig, Harald; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; Probst-Hensch, Nicole; Müller, Ivan; Pühse, Uwe; Steinmann, Peter; du Randt, Rosa; Walter, Cheryl; Utzinger, Jürg; Gerber, Markus 2021 Associations of growth impairment and body composition among South African school-aged children enrolled in the KaziAfya project Nutrients
3846275  Gall, Stefanie; Müller, Ivan; Walter, Cheryl; Seelig, Harald; Steenkamp, Liana; Pühse, Uwe; du Randt, Rosa; Smith, Danielle; Adams, Larissa; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; Yap, Peiling; Ludyga, Sebastian; Steinmann, Peter; Utzinger, Jürg; Gerber, Markus 2017 Associations between selective attention and soil-transmitted helminth infections, socioeconomic status, and physical fitness in disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa: an observational study PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
4622982  Mücke, Manuel; Ludyga, Sebastian; Andrä, Christian; Gerber, Markus; Herrmann, Christian 2021 Associations between physical activity, basic motor competencies and automatic evaluations of exercise Journal of Sports Sciences
4622029  Gerber, Markus; Lang, Christin; Beckmann, Johanna; Degen, Jan; du Randt, Rosa; Gall, Stefanie; Long, Kurt Z.; Müller, Ivan; Nienaber, Madeleine; Steinmann, Peter; Pühse, Uwe; Utzinger, Jürg; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; Walter, Cheryl 2021 Associations Between Household Socioeconomic Status, Car Ownership, Physical Activity, and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in South African Primary Schoolchildren Living in Marginalized Communities Journal of Physical Activity and Health
4602141  Mücke, Manuel; Ludyga, Sebastian; Brand, Serge; Colledge, Flora; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2021 Associations Between Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Endocrine, Autonomous and Psychological Stress Reactivity in Male Adolescents Journal of Psychophysiology
4601705  Gerber, Markus; Börjesson, Mats; Jonsdottir, Ingibjörg H.; Lindwall, Magnus 2020 Association of change in physical activity associated with change in sleep complaints: results from a six-year longitudinal study with Swedish health care workers Sleep medicine
4699755  Arnaiz, Patricia; Guntlisbergen, Felix; Infanger, Denis; Gerber, Markus; Adams, Larissa; Dolley, Danielle; Joubert, Nandi; Nienaber, Madeleine; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; du Randt, Rosa; Steinmann, Peter; Utzinger, Jürg; Walter, Cheryl; Pühse, Uwe; Müller, Ivan 2023 Association of accelerometry-based and self-reported physical activity with cardiovascular risk in South African children South African Journal of Science
4606266  Mücke, Manuel; Ludyga, Sebastian; Colledge, Flora; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2020 Association of Exercise with Inhibitory Control and Prefrontal Brain Activity Under Acute Psychosocial Stress Brain Sciences
4652546  Müller, I.; Walter, C.; Du Randt, R.; Aerts, A.; Adams, L.; Degen, J.; Gall, S.; Joubert, N.; Nqweniso, S.; Des Rosiers, S.; Smith, D.; Seelig, H.; Steinmann, P.; Wadhwani, C.; Probst-Hensch, N.; Utzinger, J.; Pühse, U.; Gerber, M. 2020 Association between physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and clustered cardiovascular risk in South African children from disadvantaged communities: results from a cross-sectional study BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine
4424350  Htun, Nan Shwe Nwe; Odermatt, Peter; Müller, Ivan; Yap, Peiling; Steinmann, Peter; Schindler, Christian; Gerber, Markus; Du Randt, Rosa; Walter, Cheryl; Pühse, Uwe; Utzinger, Jürg; Probst-Hensch, Nicole 2018 Association between gastrointestinal tract infections and glycated hemoglobin in school children of poor neighborhoods in Port Elizabeth, South Africa PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
4694226  Kreppke, J.-N.; Cody, R.; Gerber, M.; Faude, O. 2023 Association between depression severity and fitness in in-patients with major depressive disorders. Current Issues in Sport Science
4598796  Ludyga, Sebastian; Schilling, René; Colledge, Flora; Brand, Serge; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2020 Association between cardiorespiratory fitness and social cognition in healthy adults Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports
4640083  Brandt, Oliver; Wegenstein, Benjamin; Müller, Ivan; Smith, Danielle; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; Adams, Larissa; Müller, Simon; du Randt, Rosa; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus; Navarini, Alexander A.; Utzinger, Jürg; Labhardt, Niklaus Daniel; Schindler, Christian; Walter, Cheryl 2022 Association between allergic sensitization and intestinal parasite infection in schoolchildren in Gqeberha, South Africa Clinical & Experimental Allergy
4602142  Nigg, Claudio R.; Fuchs, Reinhard; Gerber, Markus; Jekauc, Darko; Koch, Theresa; Krell-Roesch, Janina; Lippke, Sonia; Mnich, Carina; Novak, Bernhard; Ju, Qianqian; Sattler, Matteo C.; Schmidt, Steffen C. E.; van Poppel, Mireille; Reimers, Anne K.; Wagner, Petra; Woods, Catherine; Woll, Alexander 2020 Assessing physical activity through questionnaires - A consensus of best practices and future directions Psychology of Sport and Exercise
4611917  Rosenbaum, S.; Morell, R.; Abdel-Baki, A.; Ahmadpanah, M.; Anilkumar, T. V.; Baie, L.; Bauman, A.; Bender, S.; Boyan Han, J.; Brand, S.; Bratland-Sanda, S.; Bueno-Antequera, J.; Camaz Deslandes, A.; Carneiro, L.; Carraro, A.; Castañeda, C. P.; Castro Monteiro, F.; Chapman, J.; Chau, J. Y.; Chen, L. J.; Chvatalova, B.; Chwastiak, L.; Corretti, G.; Dillon, M.; Douglas, C.; Egger, S. T.; Gaughran, F.; Gerber, M.; Gobbi, E.; Gould, K.; Hatzinger, M.; Holsboer-Trachsler, E.; Hoodbhoy, Z.; Imboden, C.; Indu, P. S.; Iqbal, R.; Jesus-Moraleida, F. R.; Kondo, S.; Ku, P. W.; Lederman, O.; Lee, E. H. M.; Malchow, B.; Matthews, E.; Mazur, P.; Meneghelli, A.; Mian, A.; Morseth, B.; Munguia-Izquierdo, D.; Nyboe, L.; O'Donoghue, B.; Perram, A.; Richards, J.; Romain, A. J.; Romaniuk, M.; Sadeghi Bahmani, D.; Sarno, M.; Schuch, F.; Schweinfurth, N.; Stubbs, B.; Uwakwe, R.; Van Damme, T.; Van Der Stouwe, E.; Vancampfort, D.; Vetter, S.; Waterreus, A.; Ward, P. B. 2020 Assessing physical activity in people with mental illness: 23-country reliability and validity of the simple physical activity questionnaire (SIMPAQ) BMC Psychiatry
1537292  Gerber, Markus; Kalak, Nadeem; Lemola, Sakari; Clough, Peter J; Perry, John L; Pühse, Uwe; Elliot, Catherine; Holsboer-Trachsler, Edith; Brand, Serge 2013 Are adolescents with high mental toughness levels more resilient against stress? Stress & health
4601565  Colledge, Flora; Gerber, Markus; Pühse, Uwe; Ludyga, Sebastian 2018 Anaerobic Exercise Training in the Therapy of Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review Frontiers in psychiatry
Showing records 281 - 300 (of 330)

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