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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
54182  Grunzweig, JM; Korner, C 2003 Differential phosphorus and nitrogen effects drive species and community responses to elevated CO2 in semi-arid grassland Functional ecology
54492  Körner, Christian 2003 Ecological impacts of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on terrestrial ecosystems Philosophical transactions. Mathematical, physical & engineering sciences
54330  Spinnler, D; Egli, P; Korner, C 2003 Provenance effects and allometry in beech and spruce under elevated CO₂ and nitrogen on two different forest soils Basic and applied ecology
54788  Thürig, B.; Körner, Christian; Stöcklin, Jürg 2003 Seed production and seed quality in a calcareous grassland in elevated CO2 Global Change Biology
54420  Keller, F.; Körner, Christian 2003 The role of photoperiodism in alpine plant development Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
54989  Hoch, Günter; Körner, Christian 2003 The carbon charging of pines at the climatic treeline : a global comparison Oecologia
54717  Hoch, G; Richter, A; Korner, C 2003 Non-structural carbon compounds in temperate forest trees Plant, cell & environment
2251523  Ozanne, C. M. P.; Anhuf, D.; Boulter, S. L.; Keller, M.; Kitching, R. L.; Körner, Christian; Meinzer, F. C.; Mitchell, A. W.; Nakashizuka, T.; Dias, P. L. S.; Stork, N. E.; Wright, S. J.; Yoshimura, M. 2003 Biodiversity meets the atmosphere: A global view of forest canopies Science
55104  Zimmer, W; Steinbrecher, R; Korner, C; Schnitzler, JP 2003 The process-based SIM-BIM model : towards more realistic prediction of isoprene emissions from adult Quercus petraea forest trees Atmospheric environment
54460  Cech, Patrick G; Pepin, Steeve; Körner, Christian 2003 Elevated CO2 reduces sap flux in mature deciduous forest trees Oecologia
66832  Körner, Christian 2002 Source/sink removal affects mobile carbohydrates in Pinus cembra at the Swiss treeline Trees
66831  Li, MH; Hoch, G; Korner, C 2001 Spatial variability of mobile carbohydrates within Pinus cembra trees at the alpine treeline Phyton
97811  Stocklin, J; Korner, C 1999 Interactive effects of elevated CO2, P availability and legume presence on calcareous grassland : results of a glasshouse experiment Functional ecology
97814  Stöcklin, Jürg; Schweizer, K.; Körner, Christian 1998 Effects of elevated CO2 and phosphorus addition on productivity and community composition of intact monoliths from calcareous grassland Oecologia
97815  Niklaus, Pascal A.; Leadley, P. W.; Stöcklin, Jürg; Körner, Christian 1998 Nutrient relations in calcareous grassland under elevated CO2 Oecologia
97817  Stöcklin, Jürg; Leadley, P. W.; Körner, Christian 1997 Community and species level responses to elevate CO2 in designed calcareous grassland communities Acta Oecologica. Oecologia Plantarum
2277781  KORNER, C; PELAEZRIEDL, S; VANBEL, AJE 1995 CO2 responsiveness of plants : a possible link to phloem loading Plant, cell & environment
2277798  Körner, Christian; Neumayer, M.; Peláez Menendez-Riedl, Susanna; Smeets-Scheel, A. 1989 Functional morphology of mountain plants Flora

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4613085  Körner, Christian 2020 Trees at the limit KIOES Opinions, Austrian Academy of Sciences
4613087  Körner, Christian 2020 Biodiversität, Kohlenstoffkreislauf und Klimawirkungen sind im Wald eng verknüpft Forum für Wissen - WSL
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