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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4613084  Körner, Christian 2020 Experiments by Nature: Strength in Realism Cambridge University Press
4523353  Körner, Christian 2020 Plant Adaptations to Alpine Environments Elsevier
4613145  Körner, Christian 2020 Tools shape paradigms of plant-environment interactions Springer
4523352  Körner, Christian 2020 Climatic Controls of the Global High Elevation Treelines Elsevier
2117957  Körner, C. 2013 Alpine ecosystems Elsevier
2117938  Körner, C. 2013 A mature forest canopy in a CO2 -rich future : an experiment at the Swiss Canopy Crane Research Site Springer NY
1521705  Haberl, H.; Körner, Ch; Lauk, C.; Schmid-Staiger, U.; Smetacek, V.; Schulze, E. D.; Thauer, R. K.; Weiland, P.; Wilson, K. 2012 The availability and sustainability of biomass as an energy source German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
66805  Asshoff, Roman; Keel, Sonja G.; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Körner, Christian 2008 Tracing arthropod movement in a deciduous forest canopy using stable isotopes Bioform
4657932  Andreu-Hayles, Laia; Levesque, Mathieu; Guerrieri, Rossella; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Körner, Christian 2022 Limits and strengths of tree-ring stable isotopes Springer

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4190069  van den Bergh, Thijs; Körner, Christian; Hiltbrunner, Erika 2018 Alnus shrub expansion increases evapotranspiration in the Swiss Alps Regional Environmental Change
2348869  van den Bergh, Thijs; Inauen, Nicole; Hiltbrunner, Erika; Koerner, Christian 2013 Climate and plant cover co-determine the elevational reduction in evapotranspiration in the Swiss Alps Journal of hydrology
51912  Zotz, G; Pepin, S; Körner, C 2005 No down-regulation of leaf photosynthesis in mature forest trees after three years of exposure to elevated CO2 Plant Biology
55104  Zimmer, W; Steinbrecher, R; Korner, C; Schnitzler, JP 2003 The process-based SIM-BIM model : towards more realistic prediction of isoprene emissions from adult Quercus petraea forest trees Atmospheric environment
3329837  Yang, Yang; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Körner, Christian 2015 Species specific and environment induced variation of delta-13C and delta-15N in alpine plants Frontiers in Plant Science
83689  Yang, Y.; Körner, Christian; Sun, H. 2008 The ecological significance of pubescence in Saussurea medusa, a high-elevation Himalayan "woolly plant" Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
52503  Würth, Mirjam K R; Peláez-Riedl, Susanna; Wright, S Joseph; Körner, Christian 2005 Non-structural carbohydrate pools in a tropical forest Oecologia
4638407  Wang, Song-Wei; He, Xiao-Fang; Chen, Jian-Guo; Sun, Hang; Körner, Christian; Yang, Yang 2021 Elevation-specific responses of phenology in evergreen oaks from their low-dry to their extreme high-cold range limits in the SE Himalaya Alpine botany
4613147  Walker, Anthony P.; De Kauwe, Martin G.; Bastos, Ana; Belmecheri, Soumaya; Georgiou, Katerina; Keeling, Ralph F.; McMahon, Sean M.; Medlyn, Belinda E.; Moore, David J. P.; Norby, Richard J.; Zaehle, Sönke; Anderson‐Teixeira, Kristina J.; Battipaglia, Giovanna; Brienen, Roel J. W.; Cabugao, Kristine G.; Cailleret, Maxime; Campbell, Elliott; Canadell, Josep G.; Ciais, Philippe; Craig, Matthew E.; Ellsworth, David S.; Farquhar, Graham D.; Fatichi, Simone; Fisher, Joshua B.; Frank, David C.; Graven, Heather; Gu, Lianhong; Haverd, Vanessa; Heilman, Kelly; Heimann, Martin; Hungate, Bruce A.; Iversen, Colleen M.; Joos, Fortunat; Jiang, Mingkai; Keenan, Trevor F.; Knauer, Jürgen; Körner, Christian; Leshyk, Victor O.; Leuzinger, Sebastian; Liu, Yao; MacBean, Natasha; Malhi, Yadvinder; McVicar, Tim R.; Penuelas, Josep; Pongratz, Julia; Powell, A. Shafer; Riutta, Terhi; Sabot, Manon E. B.; Schleucher, Juergen; Sitch, Stephen; Smith, William K.; Sulman, Benjamin; Taylor, Benton; Terrer, César; Torn, Margaret S.; Treseder, Kathleen K.; Trugman, Anna T.; Trumbore, Susan E.; Mantgem, Phillip J.; Voelker, Steve L.; Whelan, Mary E.; Zuidema, Pieter A. 2021 Integrating the evidence for a terrestrial carbon sink caused by increasing atmospheric CO 2 New Phytologist
4618964  Vorkauf, Maria; Kahmen, Ansgar; Körner, Christian; Hiltbrunner, Erika 2021 Flowering phenology in alpine grassland strongly responds to shifts in snowmelt but weakly to summer drought Alpine Botany
3329834  Voelker, Steven L.; Brooks, J. Renee; Meinzer, Frederick C.; Anderson, Rebecca; Bader, Martin K. -F.; Battipaglia, Giovanna; Becklin, Katie M.; Beerling, David; Bert, Didier; Betancourt, Julio L.; Dawson, Todd E.; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Guyette, Richard P.; Koerner, Christian; Leavitt, Steven W.; Linder, Sune; Marshall, John D.; Mildner, Manuel; Ogee, Jerome; Panyushkina, Irina; Plumpton, Heather J.; Pregitzer, Kurt S.; Saurer, Matthias; Smith, Andrew R.; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Stambaugh, Michael C.; Talhelm, Alan F.; Tardif, Jacques C.; Van de Water, Peter K.; Ward, Joy K.; Wingate, Lisa 2016 A dynamic leaf gas-exchange strategy is conserved in woody plants under changing ambient CO2 : evidence from carbon isotope discrimination in paleo and CO2 enrichment studies Global change biology
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 261)

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