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ID Author Year Title Publisher
2789935  Mondada, Lorenza 2014 Requesting immediate action in the surgical operating room : time, embodied resources and praxeological embeddedness Benjamins
2789956  Mondada, Lorenza 2014 The temporal orders of multiactivity : operating and demonstrating in the surgical theatre Benjamins
4491273  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Turn - initial voilà in closings: reaffirming epistemic authority over the sequence Benjamins
1517206  Mondada, Lorenza 2012 The conversation analytic approach to data collection Blackwell-Wiley
4491267  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Transcription in linguistics Bloomsbury
1516940  Mondada, Lorenza 1997 Relazioni di viaggio e scrittura del sapere Brigati
1517153  Mondada, Lorenza 2011 The management of knowledge discrepancies and of epistemic changes in institutional interactions Cambridge University Press
1517149  Mondada, Lorenza 2011 The organization of concurrent courses of action in surgical demonstrations Cambridge University Press
3791158  Mondada, Lorenza 2017 An interactionist perspective on the ecology of linguistic practices: The situated and embodied production of talk Cambridge Universty Press
1517204  Mondada, Lorenza 2011 Projections, organisation syntaxique, séquentielle et multimodale : le tour comme construction émergente dans l’interaction De Boeck
3763455  Mondada, Lorenza 2015 Introduction de nouveaux référents et gestion de l’attention conjointe: Les apports de l’analyse interactionnelle multimodale De Boeck supérieur
2477301  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Conversation analysis: talk and bodily resources for the organization of social interaction De Gruyter
2477276  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Coordinating mobile action in real time: the timely organization of directives in video games De Gruyter
1517207  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Deixis: an integrated interactional multimodal analysis De Gruyter
2780450  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Multimodal interaction De Gruyter
3762910  Mondada, Lorenza 2015 Social interaction De Gruyter
2477308  Mondada, Lorenza 2013 Video as a tool in sociology and anthropology De Gruyter
4491279  Mondada, Lorenza 2018 Bricolage linguistique et dissolution des frontières linguistiques - à la douane ENS Editions
2780380  Mondada, Lorenza 2014 Corps en interaction : une approche séquentielle et multimodale du langage en interaction ENS Editions
1516977  Mondada, Lorenza 2000 La compétence de catégorisation: procédés situés de catégorisation des ressources linguistiques ENS Editions
Showing records 61 - 80 (of 393)

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