Projects as Principal Investigator

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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Martin, Ivan BIOengineered grafts for Cartilage Healing In Patients  Bereich Operative Fächer (Klinik) / Tissue Engineering (Martin) Completed 3241446
Martin, Ivan Advanced co-cultures of human mesenchymal stem cells and chondrocytes for tissue repair in articular cartilage pathologies  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201779
Martin, Ivan Cartilage Tissue engineering using chondrocytes screened with quality control markers  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201778
Banfi, Andrea, Martin, Ivan Novel biofunctional highly porous polymer scaffolds and techniques controlling angiogenesis for the regeneration and repair of the degenerated intervertebral disc  Departement Biomedizin / Cell and Gene Therapy (Banfi/Heberer),
Bereich Operative Fächer (Klinik) / Tissue Engineering (Martin)
Completed 1201774
Martin, Ivan stem cell isolation from adipose tissue  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201610
Martin, Ivan Porous shape-memory-scaffolds as mechanically active bone implants  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201476
Martin, Ivan Nano- and micro-scaled porous surfaces of titanium implants pro-duced by spark-assisted anodizing  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201398
Martin, Ivan Composite phenotypic triggers for bone and cartilage repair  Departement Biomedizin / Tissue Engineering (Martin),
Bereich Operative Fächer (Klinik) / Tissue Engineering (Martin)
Completed 1201397
Martin, Ivan IsoCart: High yield cartilage cell isolation for commercially viable, sinle surgery knee cartilage repair.?  Tissue Engineering (Martin) Completed 1201293
Martin, Ivan Generation of a mesenchymal niche - Importance of CD34  Tissue Engineering (Martin) Completed 1201292
Martin, Ivan Developmental engineering of endochondral ossification from mesenchymal stem cells  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201291
Martin, Ivan Bioreactor-based, clinically oriented manufacturing of engineered tissues  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201289
Martin, Ivan Osteogenicity of freshly harvested human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells at an orthotopic site  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201249
Martin, Ivan Scaffold-based control of chondrocytes phenotype: towards engineering of intervertebral disk tissue  Tissue Engineering (Martin/Heberer) Completed 1201248
Martin, Ivan Training Multidisciplinary scientists for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine  Universität Basel Completed 1201247
Martin, Ivan Engineering of large size grafts capable to generate bone tissue by endochondral ossification  Bereich Operative Fächer (Klinik) / Tissue Engineering (Martin) Completed 1201119
Showing records 1 - 16 (of 16)

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