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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Hamburger, Matthias Herbal safety in the pregnancy – Treatment options for nonpsychotic mental diseases  Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Active 4108177
Hamburger, Matthias Hunting for natural products targeting aberrant proliferative signaling in melanoma  Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Active 3949254
Hamburger, Matthias GABAA receptor modulators inspired by natural products  Faculty of Science,
Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger)
Completed 3394883
Hamburger, Matthias hERGscreen - hERG related risk assessment of botanicals  Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 1215055
Hamburger, Matthias; Detmar, Michael Discovery of small molecule modulators of lymphangiogenesis  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 1017963
Hamburger, Matthias; Verspohl, Eugen Antidiabetic properties of Sophora japonica - characterization of extracts and active metabolites  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 1017895
Hamburger, Matthias; Fürst, Robert HPLC-based activity profiling for Ca-channel blocking constituents in Crataegus extract  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 1017867
Hamburger, Matthias; Tamm, Luzius Plant protecting agents of natural origin - library-based screening for activity against fungal and bacterial plant pathogens  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 1017865
Hamburger, Matthias; Imanidis, Georgios Surfactants of natural origin for the formulation and delivery of poorly water soluble drugs  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 1017861
Hamburger, Matthias Bioactive natural products - linking chemical and biological information for lead discovery, preliminary SAR and assessment of undesired pharmacological properties  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 533544
Hamburger, Matthias; Meijer, Laurent Identification of kinase inhibitors of biogenic origin  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 470271
Hamburger, Matthias; Klimkait, Thomas Natural product based identification of new scaffolds for drug development against HIV  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 470257
Hamburger, Matthias; Moroni, Christoph Antiproliferative properties: search for natural products with pathway selective and synergistic effects  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger),
Growth and Development (Moroni)
Completed 470249
Hamburger, Matthias; Hering, Steffen Search for new GABAA receptor modulators and hERG channel blockers of biogenic origin  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 470242
Hamburger, Matthias From Biodiversity to Chemodiversity: Novel Plant Produced Compounds with Agrochemical and Cosmetic Interest  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 362012
Hamburger, Matthias Valorizing the Potential of South African Medicinal Plants-Discovery of new Natural Products Scaffolds as Leads against Neglected Tropical Diseases  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 172638
Hamburger, Matthias Library based discovery of natural product leads - a miniaturized approach  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 5778
Hamburger, Matthias Natural product lead discovery at the microgram scale - an integrated approach  Pharmazeutische Biologie (Hamburger) Completed 5477
Showing records 1 - 18 (of 18)

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