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Projects as Co-Investigator

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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Elger, Bernice Simone NCCR Automation: A Proactive Ethical Approach to Responsible Automation (PEpp)  Ethik / Institut für Bio- und Medizinethik,
Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger)
Active 4641710
Elger, Bernice Simone Genetic Testing: Factors Influencing Public Interest and Attitudes  Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Biopharmazie (Meyer zu Schwabedissen),
Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger)
Completed 3993118
Elger, Bernice Simone Public Health Ethics  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Completed 3697239
Elger, Bernice Simone Challenging our intuitions about the moral status of non-human animals with experimental philosophy  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Completed 2288748
Showing records 1 - 4 (of 4)

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