Projects as Co-Investigator

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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Wienand Madelon, Isabelle Marie-Odile Challenges of Palliative Care in South Africa and Switzerland : A Comparative Study  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Completed 3529809
Picard, Jacques Narratives of Identity, Multi-sited Biographies, and Transnational Life-Modes of Highly Qualified Migrants. Two Case Studies  Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Fachbereich Kulturanthropologie,
Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Jüdische Geschichte und Kultur der Moderne (Picard)
Completed 3248864
Uzar, Esther Authority and Criticism in the Mineworkers’ Unions in Zambia  Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Fachbereich Soziologie,
Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Afrikastudien (Macamo)
Completed 1825410
Förster, Till Exploring the Public - A Comparative Ethnography of Public Spaces in Maputo and Johannesburg (Dissertation Barbara Heer)  Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Visuelle und politische Ethnologie (Förster) Completed 1017864
Showing records 1 - 4 (of 4)

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