Projects as Co-Investigator

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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Thorsten, Mikoteit Neurobiological, cognitive and psychosocial stress parameters for prediction of therapy outcome of a cognitive-behavioural group therapy for postpartum depression  Klinische Stress- und Traumaforschung (Holsboer-Trachsler),
Erwachsenenpsychiatrie (Riecher-Rössler)
Completed 187249
Riecher-Rössler, Anita Change in neuropsychological functioning in first episode patients and at-risk mental state individuals - a longitudinal study  Bereich Psychiatrie (Klinik) / Erwachsenenpsychiatrie (Riecher-Rössler) Completed 180274
Showing records 1 - 2 (of 2)

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